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December 19
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Registration of student vehicles is not required, but the following regulations will apply to vehicles on campus:

  • Speed Limits: 
    • parking lots-5 mph
    • College Drive-25 mph
    • campus streets-20 mph
  • Careless, double, irregular parking, and parking on grass is prohibited.
  • Parking in restricted areas is prohibited. Vehicles parked in restricted areas will be towed and impounded. Towing and storage fees will be charged to the vehicle owner.
  • Visitor parking areas are reserved for campus visitors only.
  • Handicapped parking is reserved for students, staff, and campus guests displaying valid handicap stickers.
  • Students are required to use the parking lots assigned to the instructional division in which they are enrolled.

Parking Lot 1 Business/Arts & Sciences;
Parking Lot 2 Trade & Technology/Building C;
Parking Lot 3 Trade & Technology/Building D;
Parking Lot 4 Health/Business/Arts & Science;
Parking Lot 5 Campus Housing

  • Failure to comply with the regulations will result in a parking violation subject to a $10.00 fine per violation or towed at owner's expense. If the fine is not paid within five college days, the fine will double. Multiple violations could result in suspension from class. Vehicles left in the parking lot, for an extended period of time, due to car trouble, flat tire(s) or other reasons should get permission or notify Physical Plant Staff as soon as possible.  If no contact is made with the NCC personnel after 1 week it will be considered an abandoned vehicle, subject to a $10 fine or towed at owner's expense.