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Emergency Notifications

RAVE (Emergency Notification System)

In order to provide reliable and timely notifications in the event of school closings or on-campus emergencies, NCC has contracted with the RAVE emergency notification system. There is no charge and the College encourages all who are interested in campus notification to sign up.

Click here to sign up. Enter the requested information and agree to the terms of use. Note: If you are prompted to go to your email, please do so and select the link there to continue the registration process.

You can register to receive both email and cell phone text notification. For text, you will be asked to enter a 4 digit confirmation code that will be sent to you via your email. If you don't enter this confirmation, your text will not work.

Class Cancellation/Delay Start Procedures

Inclement weather, mechanical systems failure, utility problems or unforeseen circumstances may require classes to be cancelled or delayed. In the event that conditions affect Northwest Iowa Community College's operations or schedule, students, faculty, and staff will be notified. Cancellations, early closure or a delay in starting will be made through announcements using the RAVE Alert Service.

In the event that weather makes travel difficult in the morning, the College will always attempt to make a decision no later than 5:40 a.m. If classes are delayed or cancelled, the most reliable and timely sources for updated information are:

  • Instant email and text message sent through RAVE (emergency notification system...see above)
  • NCC website - Welcome section of home page
  • Recorded message on the College answering machine
    • 712-324-5061
    • 800-352-4907

NCC will also make announcements available on the following TV and radio stations, but students are reminded that these notifications may not be as timely or reliable as the options noted above:

  • KCAU TV - Sioux City
  • KTIV TV - Sioux City
  • KMEG TV - Sioux City
  • KELO TV - Sioux Falls
  • KSFY TV - Sioux Falls
  • KIWA Radio - 1150 AM, 105.3 FM - Sheldon
  • KICD Radio - 1240 AM, 107.7 FM - Spencer  

Building Evacuation Procedures

In the event that a building evacuation is necessary, remain calm but leave quickly. Use stairs and not elevators, paying close attention to your surroundings as you exit. Incidents such as Fire or Hazardous Materials Releases may require that alternate exit paths be selected.

If possible to do so safely and if desired on their part, assist wheelchair users in the evacuation process. If it is not possible to evacuate them completely, move them to a safe stairwell (farthest from the hazard) and inform responding emergency personnel of their location.

Once outside, stay clear of the building entryways to facilitate responder access to the emergency. To assist emergency personnel and for your safety, a designated evacuation gathering place should be predetermined for each department. In this area roll call should be taken so your supervisor can account for your personnel.

Do not re-enter the affected area until instructed by Physical Plant or emergency responders. Do not take it upon yourself to turn off an alarm or to instruct others to re-enter. This will be done by designated emergency personnel only.

Safety Committee

NCC has an active Safety Committee that meets regularly to discuss campus safety issues. The Committee is made up of representatives from all areas of the campus. The Committee partners with local law enforcement to discuss ways that NCC can remain as safe as possible.

The Committee has authored a comprehensive Emergency Action Plan document that addresses a wide range of on-campus events, including tornadoes, fires, active shooter, bomb threats, hazardous spills and leakages, and other emergency events.

Other Campus Communication Strategies

In addition to RAVE, the College is able to communicate with students by the following means:
  • On-campus siren which is linked with the City of Sheldon and will activate in a tornado warning. In addition, the siren is capable of communicating a voice message to a student who is outside of a campus building.
  • Campus intercom system which covers all campus instructional areas.
  • Regular campus email
  • "Nine" signs that are posted throughout campus