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Country School Preservation

Each year, Preservation Iowa sponsors an annual Iowa country school conference featuring speakers from across the state. This year the conference will be held in Northwest Iowa! Everyone will meet at Northwest Iowa Community College on Friday, October 6 for several educational sessions and wrap up the day with visiting the Prairie Arts Historical Park in Sheldon, then a pizza buffet and tour of the Sheldon Prairie Museum. On Saturday, tours will continue to Marcus, Cherokee and Washta. This is a perfect venue for networking with other country school enthusiasts.

Friday/Saturday, Oct. 6 & 7
Friday Meeting: Coffee, Program, Handouts and Lunch $30
Friday Evening: Pizza Buffet and Museum Tour $12
Saturday Program: Tour Program and Barbecue Lunch $12

How do I register for classes?
• To get a full agenda and registration form, email Bill Sherman:
• Registrations need to be sent to Sheila Van Engen, Northwest Iowa Community College, 603 W Park St, Sheldon, IA 51201