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Moped Safety

Minimum age for the course is age thirteen (13). Fourteen & fifteen-year old Iowans are required by law to complete a 6 hour education course prior to being issued a license to operate a motorized bicycle (moped) on public highways. Participants need to bring a sack lunch for a short noon break. Enrollment is limited. Preregistration & prepayment are required. Instructor: Julie Horstman

S    3/18   8:30a-2:30p  328C*   $39
S   4/15   8:30a-2:30p   328C*   $39
S   5/13   8:30a-2:30p   328C*   $39
S   6/3   8:30a-2:30p   328C*   $39

*Auditorium, Bldg. C.

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