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Saving Your Digital Images

You will learn how to store and retrieve your digital images for the future. You will also learn the top safety tips for storing your digital images. We will look at the risks and benefits of the existing methods for filing your images, and how to create a personalized filing system for quickly finding your images where you have stored them.1 Session. 
Course #56952
T   10/10   7–9p   *Centrum Foto Studio    $19

Using Your Digital Camera in the Manual Mode

sing an interactive workshop style format will get hands-on experience using your digital camera in the manual mode. This class will provide information using the manual settings, including using F/stops, Aperture and ISO to take better photos using a digital camera in the manual mode. Bring your camera and camera manual. Level: Intermediate to experienced. 1 Session. 
Course #56953
T   10/24   7–9p *Centrum Foto Studio   $19

Using Your Camera’s Program Modes
Combining both an interactive class time and a photo workshop time, this class will be educational, will help you use your camera more effectively, and be a lot of fun. You will learn how to use your program modes, white balance, and how to catch fast family action. Bring your camera, your camera manual and your photo questions to class. Level: Noviceto experienced—You should have some knowledge of camera basics. 1 Session. 
Course #56954
T   11/14   7–9p   *Centrum Foto Studio   $19

*215 Central Avenue NE, Orange City, IA

Instructor: Ken Fry
Fry has had a passion for photography since his early teen years and was a staff photographer in high school for the yearbook and school paper. He carried his camera every day in school and developed an eye for capturing candid shots of people. Freelancing for the local paper, he shot sports, weddings, couples, and events through college and beyond and has been photographing full-time since 1999. Whether he is photographing Iowa wildflowers, a mountain meadow, Tulip Festival, a ‘57 Chevy or an individual, he seeks to glorify God in every image.

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• In person at the NCC Continuing Education Office, Bldg C Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday
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