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Play With Vintage Paint

Finish your own small furniture or metal piece with vintage paint. You will receive one-on-one help to apply a one or two color treatment to your piece. Techniques covered will be: basic application/finish of paint, clear wax, dark wax and distressing techniques. What students need to bring to this painting workshop: One small piece to paint such as an end table, coffee table, chair, nightstand, crate, wooden box, stool, plant stand, or a frame. You must be able to carry it in by yourself, meaning no small dressers or medium/large pieces of furniture. You will jump right into painting, so make sure your piece is clean and ready to go when you arrive—remove any pieces of loose poly or flaking paint, patch holes, sand rough edges...prior to class. (Everyone else will jump right into painting and won’t appreciate someone else kicking up a lot of dust while they are painting in the same space.) It is also very important to clean your piece with a good de-greaser prior to class. The fee for this class includes $25 for all the paint and supplies needed. 1 Session.

Instructor: Deidre Welch, owner of mae B in Hartley
Welch enjoys a friendly, creative work environment that is inspirational and inviting, respects diversity, new ideas and hard work. She is determined to providing a unique and funky boost for you and your home-style. She loves what she does and wants to create a positive experience for those who enter her world. She has magic to share!

Course #56878
T   9/19   2–4p   Sutherland Library   $59

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