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Bellevue University 2 + One Plan

Award: Bachelor’s Degree for transfer students
2 Years at NCC and 1 Year with Bellevue University

If earning your bachelor’s degree is one of your goals, start the 2 + ONE plan. You can bedone a year after earning your associate’s degree. This program lets you readily apply ALL your associate’s degree to a leading-edge accelerated bachelor’s degree completion program. Because Bellevue University accepts all the credit earned at NCC, there’s no repeating courses, no transfer fees. And, because NCC is a Bellevue University community college partner, your application fee is also waived.

Students with an associate’s degree, and at least 72 semester credit hours, can begin the Bellevue University bachelor’s degree completion program immediately upon graduation, and complete their bachelor’s degree within the following calendar year. For example, students who begin their accelerated bachelor’s degree completion program in June will complete their bachelor’s degree in August of the following year.

How’s it work?
1. Enroll in Bellevue University with your associate’s degree and three years of work experience.
2. If your associate’s degree is comprised of 72 semester credit hours, you can start 2 + ONE immediately.
3. If your associate’s degree is comprised of 60 to 71 semester credit hours, you can take the additional hours needed prior to graduation from NCC.

For example:
• Take up to 6 additional credit hours online the summer between freshman and sophomore years.
• Take up to 6 additional credit hours online in both the fall and spring semesters of sophomore year.

This allows you to earn up to the 72 credit hours needed to enroll in the program AND complete your bachelor’s degree a year from your NCC graduation.

Academic Programs Eligible for the 2+ONE Plan
Behavioral Science
Business Administration of Technical Studies
Business Information Systems
Computer Information Systems & Network Administration
Corrections Administration & Management
Criminal Justice Administration
Healthcare Management
Human and Social Services Administration
Internet Systems & Software Technology
Liberal Arts & Professional Applications
Logistics Management
Management of Human Resources
Management of Information Systems
Marketing Management
Professional Communication
Security Management
Systems & Network Administration

You do the math... NCC is smart
Save up to $20,000 by attending NCC your first two years before transferring to complete your bachelor’s degree! (according to the Iowa College student Aid Commission Survey of Colleges and Universities)

Student Profile
• A student who desires to continue on to earn a bachelor’s degree following graduation from NCC

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