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Award: Diploma
Length: Two semesters & One Summer Term
Fall semester entry only

As a carpentry student, you will get hands-on experience in the shop as well as field experience through the frame-to-finish construction of an energy efficient two or three bedroom home. This will include job site safety; floor, wall and roof framing, door and window installation/finish, drywall installation and finishing, cabinet and countertop installation, exterior finish such as roofing, siding and soffits, along with classroom time to discuss the theory behind these concepts. An emphasis is placed on the care and use of hand and power tools, proper use and function of equipment and materials, as well as an emphasis on the ‘House as a System’ concept. ‘Green’ building concepts are discussed and utilized. Building design/estimating and CAD drawing will be taught as well as math and communication skills.

Successful students become employed in an industry with the increasing need for skilled carpenters.

Where will I get a job?
The building construction industry is one of the largest industries in America. The increased need for more housing in northwest Iowa and southeast South Dakota is expected to last for several more years. As current industries and businesses expand and other new businesses move into the area, the need for more commercial construction workers will also increase. Graduates from the Carpentry program will have various opportunities for employment.

How much $ will I make?
Entry-level range is anywhere from $13.50 to $20.00.

What kind of classes will I take?
A majority of the work will be hands-on carpentry-related lab time. There will also be lecture sessions in order to learn the theory behind the work that is being done.

What’s unique about this program?
Students will gain experience building a house on campus.
Student Profile
• Enjoy working with your hands
• Enjoy the outdoors
• Physically fit
• Team player

Fall Semester


Course #               Title
CON160-C Principles of Carpentry I
CON176-C Carpentry Lab I
Elective Math* 3

Spring Semester


Principles of Carpentry II
CON178-C Carpentry Lab II
CON164-C Design & Cost Estimating

Summer Term


CON169-C Principles of Carpentry III
CON193-C Carpentry Lab III

*You may select any math of communications course with A, C or E suffix. Students should check specific course requirements under the Construction Technology program if they are considering completing the AAS Degree option.


Ryan Cannoy

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