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Iowa State University Admissions Partnership Program

Award: Bachelor’s Degree for transfer students
2 Years at NCC and 2 Years at Iowa State University

Students admitted to NCC who are planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree in a programm offered at Iowa State University will be made aware of and encouraged to apply for the Admissions Partnership Program (APP). If a student follows the transfer plan provided, it may be possible to complete the bachelor’s degree at ISU within two years of full-time study after earning an AA or AS degree from Northwest Iowa Community College.

How do I enroll?
• Enroll at NCC in a program appropriate for transfer to the desired program at ISU.
• Once accepted into the program, meet with an NCC advisor each semester prior to registration to select coursework that will meet the requirements as indicated in ISU’s transfer plan.
• Consult with an ISU advisor the first semester of enrollment in the APP and as appropriate in those future semesters prior to transfer.
• Earn and maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA in all transferable coursework and meet individual college or degree program requirements.
• Complete and submit an ISU Undergraduate Application for Admission to the ISU Office of Admissions along with official transcripts from all colleges and universities at which the student attempted coursework.

What are the perks?
• Guaranteed admission to desired degree (may be pre-) program at ISU, provided all requirements are met.
• Timely progress toward graduation. With the exception of some ISU programs, participation in the APP enables students who stay on track to begin at NCC and graduate from ISU in a total of 8 semesters.
• Academic advising at both NCC and ISU from the point of acceptance into the APP.
• Guaranteed placement in ISU housing, provided the student complies with established residence policies and application procedures and deadlines.
• Access to campus and student resources at ISU. Some resources require payment of the ISU student activity and services fee.
   — ISU Card and ISU e-mail account, Academic Advising, access to career relatedprograms including career fairs and workshops, athletic and cultural event tickets(student rates)
• Receipt of updated college materials and information about campus events andopportunities.

What’s unique about this program?
Mentoring and guidance from both NCC and ISU from the time a student is accepted into the Admissions Partnership Program.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the eligibility requirements for APP?
• Students must be enrolled in transferable course work at NCC. Typically, eligible students would be enrolled in AA or AS programs; however, some applied programs may be exceptions.
• Students who have attempted community college course work must have a cumulative community college GPA of 2.0 or better.
• Current or former Iowa State University students including students enrolled in credit off-campus programs are not eligible. Students who have taken courses at Iowa State prior to high school graduation or during the summer immediately following graduation from high school are eligible for APP.
• Majors within the College of Design, including architecture, graphic design, integrated studio arts, interior design, and landscape architecture, are ineligible for the partnership program. Students interested in these majors are encouraged to contact the Iowa State University Office of Admissions.

How and when can students apply for the Admissions Partnership Program?
• Enroll at NCC as a degree-seeking student.
• Following your admission to NCC, meet with an advisor to discuss whether APP is a good fit for you.
• Obtain an APP application from your advisor. APP applications are only available from an NCC advisor.
• Complete the APP application and mail it to 100 Alumni Hall, Ames, IA 50011.
• Have your transcripts sent to Iowa State from all institutions where you have previously attempted college level course work, including course work you may have taken while still enrolled in high school. Send transcripts to 100 Alumni Hall, Ames, IA 50011.

Do students have to apply for APP when they begin at NCC or can they sign up any time?
As long as they meet the eligibility guidelines for the program, students can apply to participate in APP during their first or a subsequent semester at NCC. Of course, the earlier a student begins participation, the more beneficial the program will be for the student.

At what point can a student transfer from NCC to Iowa State? Does a student need a certain number of credits, for example?
Students are strongly encouraged to complete their program of study at NCC, but a student may choose to transfer to Iowa State University at any time. The student must meet the admissions requirements in place at the time of transfer. Students with fewer than 24 transferable semester credit hours must meet freshman admissions requirements and must have earned a 2.0 in all college course work attempted.

Why might a student be advised not to participate in the Admissions Partnership Program?
While students in many degree programs can benefit from participation in the Admissions Partnership Program, there are some Iowa State programs requiring a significant amount of course work during the first year that must be completed at ISU.

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Student Profile
• A student who desires to continue on to earn a bachelor’s degree following graduation from NCC

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