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Transportation Service

Award: Diploma
Length: Two semesters & one summer term
Fall semester entry for full-time students;part-time students may enter any term

If you know you want to enter the transportation service industry after one year or choose to continue in either the second year Automotive Service Technology or the Diesel Technology program, the Transportation Service program is for you. Areas of study include brake systems, chassis and suspension, engine service, fuel and ignition systems, electrical systems, and heating and air conditioning systems. Emphasis is placed on the use of current industry trends including the use of laptop computers to troubleshoot and diagnose on-car computer systems and the interfacing with internet auto repair databases and technical manuals.

Completing this program qualifies you for entry level employment in the undercar industry. “Undercar” includes brake and chassis repair, wheels and tire service, exhaust system service, and light engine and electrical repairs. These courses are certified by NATEF (National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation).

This program has been selected 14 times as the “Best Automotive Service Program in Iowa” and in 2005 was awarded 4th in the nation. In 2010 the program was awarded 1st place in Iowa Ford AAA Contest.

The program is certified by NATEF (National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation). All our instructors are ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified.

One year of high school algebra is recommended.

Where will I get a job?
Auto service technician-types of positions are available right after graduating. With experience there is the opportunity to become an owner, manager, or parts person.

How much $ will I make?
Average beginning salary is around $11 per hour. After refining their skills, many graduates work on a commission basis.

What kind of classes will I take?
Automotive Service focuses on 75% of time spent with hands-on projects in the lab, and 25% of time spent in classroom activities. You will work with lab equipment that is leading edge technology.

What’s unique about this program?
This program is NATEF certified and has been recognized as the best program in Iowa many times in the past 10 years. Instructors have over 75 years of work and teaching experience in the auto mechanic service and repair industry.
Student Profile
• self-starter
• good hand-eye coordination
• good reading comprehension
• basic science & math skills
• good communication skills
• computer skills also helpful

Fall Semester


Course #
Title Credits
Introduction to Automotive Technology
AUT616-C Automotive Electrical Systems
AUT168-C Automotive Engine Repair
Elective Communications*

Spring Semester


AUT861-C Brakes & Chassis System
AUT809-C Automotive Engine Performance
Elective Math*

Summer Term


AUT707-C Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning
AUT139-C Basic Welding Theory & Application

*You may select any math course with A or E suffix.


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Jim Gaard
Instructor at NCC since: 2013
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