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UNI Admissions Partnership Program

Award: Bachelor’s Degree for transfer students
2 Years at NCC and 2 Years at the University of Northern Iowa

The Admissions Partnership Program (APP) is intended to provide a seamless transition from NCC to UNI. NCC’s Admission Partnership Program students must meet the same criteria (e.g. course requirements, prerequisites, and grade point average) for admission to their desired UNI program as current UNI students. If a student follows the transfer plan, it may be possible to complete the bachelor’s degree within two years of full-time study after earning an AA degree from NCC.

How do I enroll?
• Enroll at NCC in an articulated program appropriate for transfer to UNI.
• Review courses taken prior to participating in the Admissions Partnership Program with NCC and UNI advisors to determine how these courses will apply to the UNI curriculum.
• Once accepted into the program, meet with an NCC advisor/counselor each semester prior to registration to select coursework that will meet the requirements as indicated in UNI’s transfer plan.
• Consult with NCC and the UNI APP advisors before altering a previously agreed upon course schedule.
• Consult with a UNI advisor each semester of enrollment in the Admissions Partnership Program, prior to transfer.
• Earn and maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA in all transferable coursework and meet major requirements. Students planning to transfer with fewer than 24 academic credits must also meet UNI freshman admissions requirements and have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA in all transferable coursework. The 2.0 cumulative GPA transfer policy does not assure acceptance into all majors, a number of which have additional requirements.
• Attend a transfer orientation to register for classes at UNI.
• Request a final, official transcript to be sent from each previous institution attended.

What’s unique about this program?

Guaranteed admission to UNI provided all requirements are met. Students with aminimum of 60 semester hours of transferable credit will enroll at UNI with junior standing.

What are the perks?

• Guaranteed admission to UNI provided all requirements are met. Students are admitted to majors on the same basis as UNI students. Students entering with a minimum of 60 semester hours of transferable credit will enroll at UNI with junior standing.
• Timely progress toward graduation. Provided students have taken appropriate coursework in their major at the community college it may be possible for a student to begin at NCC and graduate from UNI in a total of 8 semesters. Some majors are an exception.
• Academic advising at both NCC and UNI from the point of acceptance into the Admissions Partnership Program.
• Early orientation and registration for the first semester at UNI.
• Receipt of updated college materials and information about campus events and opportunities.
• Updated NCC transcripts sent to UNI automatically at the end of each semester.

You do the math... NCC is smart
Save up to $20,000 by attending NCC your first two years before transferring to complete your bachelor’s degree! (according to the Iowa College student Aid Commission Survey of Colleges and Universities)

Student Profile
• A student who desires to continue on to earn a bachelor’s degree following graduation from NCC

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Call 800-352-4907

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