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Transfer credits to NCC
  • Our staff is available to help you transfer credits from another college to NCC. Your first step is to contact NCC's Student Services Office to request transfer information, a catalog, and application materials.
  • Be sure to have your previous college's transcripts sent to NCC for review. It's also helpful to send your high school transcripts, which is needed for the application process.
  • Complete all applications materials, housing contracts, scholarship applications and financial information.
For questions about transferring to NCC from a four-year institution:
Transfer credits from NCC
You can complete your first two years of college at NCC, and with the right planning, have your courses transfer to a four-year institution. A transfer program is a smart and economical way to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Generally, students at NCC who are interested in transferring to a four-year institution will complete an Associate of Arts degree. This degree will usually complete the general education requirements at the four-year institution. If a student completes an Associate of Science, the courses are evaluated on a course-by-course basis. It is critical to see NCC’s Transfer Advisor the first semester at NCC to help ensure a smooth transition. 

Transfer Checklist 

  • Plan ahead to ensure a smooth transfer from NCC to the 4-year institution. It is important to start early so that you can make the right choices and decisions.
  • Meet with the Transfer Advisor to discuss your interests and goals. This advisor can help you identify four-year institutions that might fit your needs.
  • Spend some time researching various colleges and select a few to visit. Pick a college that best fits you. Visit with college representatives at NCC's Career Day in the fall. It is also a good idea to do a college search on the web.
  • Once you have identified a college to transfer to, contact their Admission Office to request transfer information, catalogs, and application materials.
  • Ask the college about transfer requirements, applications deadlines, housing information and financial aid.
  • Review your program at NCC to determine what courses will meet the requirements of the transfer college's program. Plan your schedules each semester according to which ones will transfer and also complete your AA degree at NCC.
  • Make sure to complete all applications materials, housing contracts, scholarship applications and financial aid materials before the deadlines! Early applications may be dependent upon your acceptance.
  • Be sure to have your NCC transcripts sent to the transfer college. Depending on the admission requirements, you may need to also send your High School transcripts.
  • Attend the Orientation program at the transfer college that is designated for transfer students. This Orientation program is usually designed to make you aware of the resources available to you on that campus and to register you for classes.
  • Request a final transcript to be sent after completing your degree at NCC.
For questions about transferring from NCC to a four-year institution:
Four-year college search engines:
  • - Iowa's Regent universities and community colleges have joined to create this Web site dedicated to seamless transfer. Our intent is simple - to create a one-stop resource to help you plan for your future.
  • College Net - Allows students to explore colleges, careers, and scholarship information.
  • US News & World Report - Ranks colleges around the country with important facts about each college.
  • American Universities - Allows to link to various homepages of colleges and universities.
  • Peterson's Guide - Another source of finding out college information. Students will need to complete the free registration before using.
Northwest Iowa Community College has articulation agreements with the following institutions: