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Student Activities / Organizations

The NCC Business Club designed to promote personal and professional development by providing information, resources, social interaction, and networking opportunities. As a student-run organization, this unique enterprise will pave the way for you to build and/or expand your network in the industry and to learn from experienced professionals in the field.

Business Club 15-16

President - Casey Vermeer
Vice President - Chase Vermeer
Secretary - Kendra Mogler
Treasurer - Alycia Bonestroo

The highlight of the 15-16 school year was a trip to Kansas City, MO. The first educational stop included a tour of the Hallmark Visitors Center located on the southern edge of downtown Kansas City, Missouri, in the Crown Center complex. Interactive displays and fascinating exhibits gave the Business Club students a glimpse into the rich history and creative spirit of Hallmark. As shown in the accompanying photograph, the NCC contingent included 14 Business students. It was inspiring to learn about the innovation that goes into making Hallmark products. An additional travel highlight was the interactive team-building activity Breakout KC in downtown Kansas City’s River Market—a real-life escape room adventure. While our two NCC teams were locked in, it was indeed a challenging 60 minutes in which math skills, group communication dynamics, keen observations, and the occasional clue from the control room were integral in attempting to crack the codes and solve the puzzle. FYI—the “easiest” escape room has about a 30 percent success rate! On the final stretch of the Business Club excursion, the Midwest Entrepreneurship Conference hosted college students and young professionals at the KANEKO in downtown Omaha for a keynote speaker lineup featuring some of the top entrepreneurs in the nation. This event (organized by the University of Nebraska at Omaha Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Franchising) focuses on entrepreneurs under the age of 30 who have launched businesses during, or shortly after, their college careers. It was an enriching experience for all participants as the speaker panel shared their success stories and knowledge about big ideas and business ventures. Topics ranged from social entrepreneurship and sports to social media and gaming.

Business Club 14-15

A highlight of the 14-15 academic year was a trip to Chicago April 15-17 (pictured above)! Some of the highlights were: the Navy Pier, the Willis Tower/Skydeck Chicago (commonly referred to as the Sears Tower), Millennium Park, Giordano’s Restaurant (which is acclaimed as the best Chicago Style Deep-Dish Pizza), and the Chicago Cultural Center. While in the “windy” city, the trip also included a “How-To” Session on navigating the adventurous Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) rail system. On the way home, a final stop included an impressive corporate tour of the John Deere Engine Works Factory in Waterloo, Iowa.

Business Club 13-14
A highlight of the 13-14 academic year was ending the year with a trip to Minneapolis which included a tour of the Federal Reserve Bank and a behind-the-scenes tour of the Mall of America. (pictured right)

NCC Business Club Mission Statement and Bylaws

If you are interested in becoming a member of our newly formed Business Club, please contact one of the Business Department Instructors directly.

Brad Gill, Instructor - Business
Sheila Drenkow, Instructor - Business
Janet Boone, Instructor - Administrative Secretarial/Office Management