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Northwest Iowa Community College is committed to ensuring equal access and opportunity to qualified students with documented disabilities. The accommodations contact person will serve as a liaison and provide information, coordinate accommodation requests, referral and support.

Accommodations are based on the unique needs of each student with a disability. Accommodations may include:
  • Extended time 
  • Note taker 
  • Distraction free environment 
  • Interpreter or reader 
  • Barrier removal 
  • Audio textbooks 
  • Preferential seating 
  • Tutoring 
  • Assistive technology

These accommodations are intended to help enable students with disabilities meet the academic requirements through an alternative path, with NO reduction in standards.

It is the responsibility of the student to initiate a request for accommodations. It is extremely important for students to contact the accommodations contact person as early as possible to arrange for their needs. Students who request accommodations must complete the accommodations paperwork process. This consists of:

Schedule a time to meet with the Accommodations Coordinator to discuss coordination of these services.

If you have any questions during the process, contact:

  • Leah Murphy, Interim Director of the Learning Center, Alternative High School, and Accommodations
  • Call 712-324-5061 or 800-325-4907
  • Emailing Accommodation Services at NCC

Documentation: To secure a copy of your documentation you may present the release of information form to your school, AEA, clinic, physician, psychologist, Veteran’s Administration, Rehabilitations Counselor, psychiatrists or other entity which evaluated you and/or holds your documentation of disability.

Documentation of disability(ies) should be conducted by a qualified professional and must outline the recommended accommodations for the disability and how it impacts a major life activity (such as learning).

Completed accommodations requests are evaluated and put into place in a timely manner. Students must request accommodations every semester by meeting with the accommodations contact person. 

The NCC curriculum committee has approved the following statement to appear in each course syllabi:

  • Accommodations: In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, students with documented disabilities can pursue accommodations as needed. To assure that accommodations and/or modifications will be available when classes start, students are encouraged to make the request as soon as possible. Students who require some modifications of seating, testing or other course requirements should see NCC's Accommodations Coordinator.
  • Consultation: Faculty are encouraged to consult with the counselor related to concerns or questions they have related to accommodations.

The following are valuable services which enhance the academic success of all NCC students:

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