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Academic Advising

Your advisor will…

  • Help you explore your career goals and find a program that will help you accomplish those goals.
  • Help you with course registration each semester.
  • Help you stay on track with completing all degree requirements.
  • Help you utilize the various resources around you.

NCC has mandatory advising...
To help ensure that NCC students are on track academically with their program, students must…

  • Meet with their academic advisor each semester in order to register for the upcoming semester.
  • Schedule a meeting with their advisor around midterms each semester.

During your meeting time, your advisor will…

  • Review your current career goals.
  • Discuss your current course load and any concerns you might have. 
  • Review your academic progress toward completing your program.
  • Answer your questions.

To meet with an NCC Academic Advisor, please contact Student Services.