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April 24
Dancing with the Stars - Someday! (Cont Ed Dance Class) read more >>
April 24
Men's Soccer League
April 28
Men’s Soccer League
April 30
Citizen's Plus Annual Omelet Brunch
Monday April 17, 2017 - Dancing with the Stars - Someday! (Cont Ed Dance Class)
LLRC Aerobics Room
If you are a beginner, this is where you need to start. In four classes you will learn the 2-step, waltz and polka. The instructors' main expertise is keeping things simple and easy. Dancing is FUN - in addition it can improve your general health, combat stress, improve self-confidence, and expand your social circles. Come and join us as we prepare to Dance with the Stars! Enrolled partner required. Leather soled shoes preferred. 4 Sessions. Ron and Wanda Kooima have years of experience helping beginners maneuver the dance floor.<</html>$0 Fee: $59/couple$0 Course# 54257$0 $0 Contact$0 Phone: 712-631-5500 or 800-352-4907 x 161$0 E-Mail Continuing Education$0