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Economic Development

Northwest Iowa Development operates on the premise that together our communities can achieve more. This group of professional developers has come together from cities, utilities, counties, banks and others who have an interest in the success of the area. The uniqueness of NW Iowa Development is the effort put forth by the organization to ensure a strong and healthy atmosphere for existing industry.

By ensuring that this competitive opportunity environment exists in NW Iowa, the group continues to out pace most rural sectors in business growth. The growth comes from both existing and new businesses. The Network interacts directly with the area community college (Northwest Iowa Community College) and the Iowa Department of Economic Development (IDED). This unique wholistic collaboration means more effective industry support.

Area industry has a direct line of input into Northwest Iowa Development through a local Executive Forum which meets routinely at NCC. Workforce development, area housing opportunity and other industry imperatives are also priorities of the group. By meeting frequently, these representatives within the six county area are able to respond to industry needs in a way individual communities cannot.

Financial Assistance Available
Training funds unique to Iowa, an outreach to "bring Iowans home," and an emphasis on accessible housing all combine with a rural work ethic, low wages, and famous Iowa school systems (public and private) to produce more opportunity. Combine that with the simplicity of rural living and the security for workers and family...and why would a business want to be anywhere else?

How we can help right now!

  • Job Placement for Employers and Workers: America's Job Bank 
  • Financial Assistance 
  • Technical Assistance 
  • Training Assistance 
  • Economic Trends 
  • Labor Market and Census Data

Professional Development Partners Include:

  • The 6 counties of: Cherokee, Lyon, O'Brien, Osceola, Plymouth, Sioux and their associated cities
  • Iowa Lakes Electrical Cooperative
  • Lyon Rural Electric Cooperative
  • MidAmerican Energy
  • Northwest Iowa Rural Electric Cooperatives
  • Osceola Cooperative Electric
  • Iowa Workforce Development

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