Accommodations for Disability

Northwest Iowa Community College is committed to ensuring equal access and opportunity to qualified students with documented disabilities.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Vocational Rehabilitation act, NCC is committed to providing an accessible environment which supports students with disabilities to reach their full potential. Accommodations are available for students who have visual, hearing, mobility, learning or other types of disabilities to insure equal access to educational opportunities. NCC employs an Accommodations Coordinator to work with students to develop and coordinate services based on individual student need. If you are a student with a disability, who requires reasonable accommodations to participate at NCC, follow the steps listed below.

Request For Services Checklist

  • Student should complete the Accommodations Application form found here.
  • Complete the Release of Confidential Information form on page three.
  • Have your medical provider fill out the indicated sections. Documentation is required before requests for accommodations can be finalized. We require documentation of the disability by a licensed professional with expertise in your specific diagnosis. Please see the documentation guidelines below for a list of acceptable provider credentials. If you have an IEP or 504 from high school, this may in some instances be used as the documentation of disability (please see the Accommodations Coordinator for more information).
  • Schedule a meeting with the Accommodations Coordinator to discuss the accommodation form process, approved accommodations, and explain how to have a conversation with instructors.
  • If approved, an accommodation award letter will be emailed to the student and their instructors through their NCC email. It is the student’s responsibility to discuss accommodations with their instructor and how they will be practically implemented in that class.
  • Returning students must submit a new Accommodations Application every semester to continue receiving accommodations. You will not need to submit new documentation from a medical provider.


Documentation Guidelines

Postsecondary institutions differ from high schools regarding the first step of providing academic accommodations. When a person with a disability needs an academic accommodation in high school, a team of people are assigned to discuss that student’s classroom instructional accommodations. This is not the case with colleges and universities. The legislation states that in order to receive services from a postsecondary institution, a person with a disability must first disclose his/her disability to the institution. In this case, you will need to work with the Student Accessibility Services Office on campus to identify the barriers created by your diagnoses and the appropriate accommodations to remove those barriers. As part of the process we require documentation of the disability by a licensed professional with expertise in your specific diagnosis. The following guidelines linked here are provided to aide in the gathering of appropriate documentation.

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Student Accessibility Statement

Northwest Iowa Community College believes that disability is a naturally occurring aspect of humanity’s diversity and is an integral part of society and the college. Northwest Iowa Community College believes in working collaboratively with students, faculty, and staff to provide accessible and equal opportunities for all students. Students with disabilities are encouraged to connect with the Student Accessibility Services Office to begin the individualized process of determining reasonable accommodations. For further information, contact the Student Accessibility Services Coordinator, Renee Franklin, at 712-324-5061 ext. 116 or Any student who believes he/she may have been unlawfully denied accommodations may report a violation to the college pursuant to the Discriminatory Harassment and Accommodations Complaint Procedures policy. The College prohibits retaliation for requesting or using disability accommodations and NCC will impose consequences up to and including termination of employment of any instructor/professor who engages in retaliation.