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This two year AAS degree in agriculture provides students the opportunity to seek employment in numerous careers which include ag sales, farm management, supplies and service, and production. The required coursework will provide students with a broad foundation and yet students may target their specific area of interest through selection of their ag electives. Whether you wish to be a full-time student or to take a particular course relating to your role in agriculture, this program can meet your needs. If you have found dedicating specific times to attend classes a challenge, this program will allow extreme flexibility in the fact that all courses will be delivered via internet with the exception of the internship which will involve hours at an agricultural business of interest and convenient to your schedule.


  • Associate of Applied Science

Student Profile

  • Desire to work in Ag industry, but cannot attend class on campus
  • Meets needs of students who require a flexible schedule

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Requirements for this program

Course #TitleCredits
AGS242-AAnimal Health3
AGA114-APrinciples of Agronomy3
AGA154-AFundamentals of Soil Science3
AGS113-ASurvey of the Animal Industry3
AGB740-AFarm Records Accounts & Analysis3
CSC110-AIntroduction to Computers3
AGB336-AAgricultural Selling3
AGB330-AFarm Business Management3
AGB235-AIntroduction to Agriculture Markets3
AGC936-AOccupational Experience (Optional)3
AGB437-ACommodity Marketing3
AGP329-AIntroduction to GPS3
ElectiveHumanities/Social Science*3
AGH284-APesticide Application Certification3
AGA158-ASoil Fertility3
ElectiveGeneral Education*3
AGB331-AEntrepreneurship in Agriculture3
AGM155-AFarm Equipment Management2
AGC420-AIssues in Agriculture3
AGS319-AAnimal Nutrition3
AGA376-AIntegrated Pest Management3
AGB210-AAg Law2
AGS228-ABeef Cattle Science5
AGS270-AFoods of Animal Origin3

*You may select any course with an A or E suffix; those planning to complete a Bachelor’s degree are encouraged to take A level courses.

More Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Graduates can find jobs in areas related to Ag Sales, Farm Management, Ag Suppliers, Ag Service, and Ag Production.
Average income is $11.50 per hour in Iowa.
Core courses range from Farm Management, Soils, and Animal Health, to Ag Selling and Introduction to GPS. Students also select Ag electives from their major area of interest. Classes are all online except for Occupational Experience which is completed in the student’s local area.
This program is offered completely online except for the Occupational Experience which can be completed in the student’s local area.

Student Story Jason Grover

“I had family who came to NCC and recommended it. NCC is a friendly environment. I received a scholarship which made me feel good, and I appreciate the investment they put in me!”

Independence, IA

Agriculture - Student

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