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Would you like to be considered one of the cream of the crop of computer and network specialists? Are you ready for an exciting, well paid, fast-paced, challenging and ever-changing career environment? If so, a career in Computer and Network Security could be right for you.

As you have certainly heard in the news countless times, today’s large and small companies, including corporations and the government, are continually being compromised by hackers and foreign entities. These miscreants are looking to damage companies by stealing their ideas, exposing personal identity and credit card data and selling this information to the black market. Because of this, the demand for professionals in the computer and networking security field is accelerating at an incredible pace.

This program will give you the fundamental knowledge that you need to begin your career protecting companies and fighting malicious hackers as a highly sought-after computer security specialist. You will learn the essentials of networking; desktop and network operating systems; and wireless and mobile implementations. In addition to gaining a good understanding of these concepts, you will learn the first principles of securing networks, desktops, network servers, wireless devices and mobile devices, including how to prevent and fight viruses, malware, and hacker intrusions. You will also acquire skills in penetration testing to help find holes in network and computer defenses.

In addition to learning about computer and network security, you will receive a well-rounded education in the humanities, language and communications, science, and mathematics. This will enable you to continue your education in the growing computer and networking security field.


  • Associate of Arts


  • Four Semesters

Program Location

  • This program may be completed fully on campus or through a combination of on campus and online courses.

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Requirements for this program

Course #TitleCredits
CSG110-AIntroduction to Computers3
MAT110-AMath for Liberal Arts3
ECN130-APrinciples of Microeconomics3
ENG105-AComposition I3
NET142-ENetwork Essentials3
SDV108-AThe College Experience1
ENG106-AComposition II3
PSY111-AIntroduction to Psychology3
ECN120-APrinciples of Macroeconomics3
MAT150-ADiscrete Math3
NET303-EWindows Workstation Operating Systems3
NET603-EWireless & Mobile Implementation3
BIO154-AHuman Biology3
BIO155-AHuman Biology Lab1
LIT101-AIntroduction to Literature3
HIS110-AWester Civ.:Ancient to Early Modern3
NET605-ENetwork Server Administration & Security3
NET606-ESecurity Analysis & Network Threat Testing3
PHI105-AIntroduction to Ethics3
NET608-EPenetration Testing Methodologies3
REL101-ASurvey of World Religions3
SPC112-APublic Speaking3
HIS111-AWestern Civ.: Early Modern to Present3

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Student Story Dillon Richter

“I have always liked computers and video games. I love how we learn something by actually doing it—it’s very hands-on. All of my instructors have been easily approachable if I have questions.”

Computer Student
Primghar, IA

Computer Science - Student

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