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Do you have or would you like to have the essential skills for a highly-demanded field of employment? Are you interested in computers, and want to be on the cutting-edge of the industry? Do you enjoy problem solving and working with others? If so, a career in Computer Science could be right for you.

With this computer science program you can choose from one of three sought-after specialty areas: Programming, Networking, or Web Development/Programming. This program is taught through a combination of lecture and hands-on project development in the specialty area of your choice. The computing/networking classes you receive will help to ensure that you have the necessary skills to find employment in the Computer or Internet Technology industries. The core classes you receive will assure that you can seamlessly continue your studies at a four year college if you desire.

Your choice of the programming curriculum will give you a comprehensive understanding of: programming methods and technology; linear algorithms and object orientation; data structures and abstract data types; database use, structure, and programming; and networking essentials.

Your choice of the networking curriculum will give you a comprehensive understanding of: fundamentals of Information Technology (IT); essential networking concepts; administration and configuration of major user and network operating systems; network security; and how to support users and coworkers.

Your choice of the web development/programming curriculum will give you a comprehensive understanding of: the programming and scripting languages used to create basic and highly interactive web sites including client-side and server-side applications; database use, structure, and programming; and networking essentials.

In addition to your choice of computer specialty you will receive a well-rounded education in the humanities, language and communications, science, and mathematics.


  • Associate of Science Degree


  • Four Semesters
  • Fall semester entry for full-time students
  • Part-time students may enter any term

Student Profile

  • Strong reading & writing skills
  • Knowledge of basic algebra helpful
  • Ability to multi-task

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Requirements for this program

Course #TitleCredits
CSG110-AIntroduction to Computers3
ENG105-AComposition I3
MAT102-AIntermediate Algebra4
ENV111-AEnvironmental Science4
ENV115-AEnvironmental Science3
SDV108-AThe College Experience1
NET142-ENetwork Essentials3
SPC112-APublic Speaking3
ENG106-AComposition II3
ECN120-APrinciples of Macroeconomics3
MAT121-ACollege Algebra4
PHS110-AIntroduction to Physical Science3
PHS111-AIntroduction to Physical Science Lab1
MAT210-ACalculus I4
SOC110-AIntroduction to Sociology3
CSC142-EComputer Science4
CIS307-EIntroduction to Databases3
PSY111-AIntroduction to Psychology3
MAT150-ADiscrete Math3
ElectiveGeneral Education*3
CSC153-EData Structures4
CIS333-EData Base and SQL4
MAT210-ACalculus I4
SOC110-AIntroduction to Sociology3
PSY111-AIntroduction to Psychology3
NET303-EWindows Workstation Operating Systems3
NET114-EFoundation of Information Technology3
ElectiveGeneral Education*3
NET612-EFundamentals of Network Security3
NET785-EFundamentals of Desktop Support3
NET305-EIntroduction to Network Operating Systems3
MAT210-ACalculus I4
SOC110-AIntroduction to Sociology3
CIS307-EIntroduction to Databases3
CIS205-EFundamentals of web page Programming2
PSY111-AIntroduction to Psychology3
ElectiveGeneral Education*3
CIS333-EData Base and SQL4
CIS211-EWeb Development II3
CIS215-EServer Side Web Programming3

NOTE: Satisfactory assessment scores and/or prerequisites are required for some courses.
*You may select any Humanities, Communications, Science, or Math course with a suffix of A.

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  • Students will take courses from 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday—Friday.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your choice of specialization you will have the potential for employment in a wide variety of computing sub-fields including: Programmer, Software Developer, Internet Technology (IT) Specialist, Entry-Level Network Administrator, Web Site Developer, Entry-Level Database Administrator, Technical Writer, Computer/Network Security Specialist, Customer Support/Help Desks Technician, or Computer/Network Sales Associate.
Graduates can expect to earn roughly $35,000/year.
Half of your time will be spent in lecture while the other half is hands-on work.
The program has extremely strong curriculum. Many advanced classes are taught and the classes are unique to the changing environment. Group work is important.

Student Story Gian Spadafora

“I’m a computer geek and find it interesting learning about code. I know that there will be lots of different job opportunities after I graduate from this program.”

Computer Science student
Panama, South America

Computer Science - Student

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