Campus Life

General Info

In class and on campus, everyone at Northwest Iowa Community College knows your name.

Our campus clubs and organizations let you meet new friends and develop your leadership skills. And they are fun!

Live in a great residence hall. Live at home. Live in the community. 

Live and experience our campus any way you choose

NCC Campus Info

What Our Students Say

“It’s worth living on campus, because you don’t have to commute, you have study groups and you meet new people! I’ve made a lot of good friends!”

-- Jayden Reiser-Millard
Pre-Practical Nursing student Spencer, IA

“There are always things to do and activities going on. The flat screens in the break rooms are nice. There’s never a dull moment!”

-- Hunter Fiddelke
Diesel Technology student Sutherland, IA

“There are so many activities to do at NCC, like going to an NBA game or burning off energy at the Rec Center!”

-- Spencer Carstensen