International Society of Automation

The International Society of Automation (ISA) is a leading, global, nonprofit organization that sets the standard for automation. The Society helps over 30,000 worldwide members and associates solve difficult technical problems.

Members enhance their leadership and personal career capabilities.

Based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, the ISA:

  • Develops standards
  • Certifies industry professionals
  • Provides education and training
  • Publishes books and technical articles
  • Hosts the largest conference and exhibition for automation professionals in the Western Hemisphere

Students who join ISA can access a large career database and many free training opportunities.

Further, ISA hosts competitions in which NCC’s Instrumentation program has placed 1st in 7 of 8 years at the district level, 6-state region. NCC students have been awarded the silver medal in international competition, world-wide.

For more information, contact Russ Gaalswyk, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Instructor.