Activities on Campus

Days of Thunder

NCC’s version of Homecoming.

Come to events and competitions held throughout the week.

Past events include NCC Trivia, live entertainment, program vs. program competitions, video game tournament, student pickleball and dodgeball tournaments, laser tag, and FREE FOOD!

Des Moines Legislative Trip

Our annual trip to the Capitol helps students understand legislative issues.

Students speak to legislators about their concerns.

A Capitol tour and fun in Des Moines are included!


Midnight Donut Run

Every Friday evening, the Dutch Bakery in Orange City, IA opens at 12:00am. Get some friends together and make a trip to Orange City for freshly made donuts at midnight!




Taste of Sheldon

This annual event invites area businesses, organizations, and churches come to campus and share with our students what they are all about. Students are able to interact with community members and get a little “taste” of what Sheldon has to offer them. The students are invited to partake in a FREE lunch at this event as well.


Grocery Knockout

This is a popular activity that is played throughout the school year. It’s a fun way to win free groceries!  





All You Can Eat Sweet Corn

This seasonal event is a main attraction for our housing students. The winner this year’s sweet corn eating contest ate 20 ears of sweet corn!




And…all year you can play:

  • Pool – Tables in NCC Student Lounge in Building C, Building A Cafeteria, and O’Brien Hall Lounge.
  • Foosball – Tables in NCC Student Lounge in Building C & Osceola Hall basement.
  • Horseshoes – Pit in Front of Building C
  • Basketball  – Court located west of the Residence Halls
  • Disc Golf – Course located at Hills Park in Sheldon
  • Ping-Pong – Lyon Hall Lounge.
  • 9 Flat Screen Tv’s with Gaming Councils – Osceola Hall basement.

For more information, contact contact Jena Schouten, Coordinator – Residence Life & Student Activities.