Services to Students

Student IDs

You will receive a Northwest Iowa Community College photo identification card when you begin classes. Your ID card entitles you to special discounts at local movies, health clubs, and other selected businesses, as well as free admission to selected NCC functions. The ID card is your library card, your identification for the Business Office, TRIO Office, and Learning Center, and your key to get into the Residence Halls if you live on-campus.

Replacement cards will cost the student $10 per regular card or $25 per housing card.

College Switchboard

The College telephone switchboard is accessible during the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Dial 712-324-5061.


E-Mail Access

All NCC students are assigned a network and email account. It is the student’s responsibility to check his/her account on a regular basis and comply with established policies. Faculty and staff reach students regarding their classes, activities on campus, and other important information through this student account. Student email and other student services can be accessed from any computer via the internet through the NCC website by logging into “My Place”. If students are unsure of their user name and password, they should contact Student Services.


Public Transportation

Public bus service is available to Sheldon residents. A fee will be charged. For information, call the Regional Transit Authority at 1-800-358-5037.


Food Service

The NCC Cafeteria, located in Building A, serves breakfast, noon entrees, and short orders Monday through Friday. You may purchase a semester meal plan for breakfast, noon meal, or both. This service is available to all students, staff, families, and the general public.


Child Care

The local public licensed daycare provider is Children’s World of Sheldon. Nursery, child care and preschool services are available by calling 324-4837.


Title IX/Pregnancy Procedure

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a Federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex (including pregnancy and parental status) in educational programs and activities. If a student has any questions or concerns regarding discrimination based on sex, they are asked to contact the Equity Coordinators, Denise Truckenmiller (Director of Human Resources) or or Sarah Breems-Diekevers (Director of Student Development, Secondary Programs, and Transitions).


Missing Student Notification Policy

As an institution that provides on-campus student housing, Northwest Iowa Community College has a policy regarding missing student notification procedures for students who reside in on-campus student housing facilities pursuant to Federal Register §668.46(h)—Institutional security policies and crime statistics.

Students, employees, and other persons should report to the Coordinator of Residence Life if a student has been missing for 24 hours. The Coordinator of Residence Life shall immediately notify the Associate Dean of Student Services/Registrar or designee of any student who has not been seen on campus, who cannot be reached by acquaintances, and for whom concern has been expressed regarding the student’s safety and well-being by an acquaintance, for a period of more than 24 hours.

The Associate Dean of Student Services/Registrar or designee shall contact the Sheldon Law Enforcement Center to file a missing person’s report no later than 24 hours after the time the student is determined missing.

At residence life orientation, students have the option of identifying a contact person or persons whom the institution shall notify within 24 hours of the determination that the student is missing if the student has been determined missing by the institutional police or campus security department, or the local law enforcement agency. Students will be advised that if they are under 18 years of age and not emancipated, the institution must notify a custodial parent or guardian within 24 hours of the determination that the student is missing, in addition to notifying any additional contact person designated by the student; and that the institution will notify the local law enforcement agency within 24 hours of the determination that the student is missing, unless the local law enforcement agency was the entity that made the determination that the student is missing.

If a student is reported missing, the Associate Dean of Student Services/Registrar or designee shall contact the student’s emergency contact, filed in the Registrar’s Office, within 24 hours of the time the report was made that the student is missing.

Emergency Telephone

Emergency telephones for 911 calls are located:
East side of Parking Lot 1

South side of Parking Lot 5

Local Agencies

Department of Human Services (O’Brien County & Osceola County)

Department of Human Services (Sioux County & Lyon County)

Department of Human Services (Cherokee)

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Iowa Workforce Development

Family Crisis Center of NW Iowa
(free and confidential services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault)

Seasons Center for Community Mental Health, Rock Valley
800-242-5101 (24 hr. crisis line)
712-324-3263 for appointment

Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa

Cherokee County
Drug and Alcohol Treatment: Jackson Recovery

Plains Area Mental Health

Voter Registration

Students can register to vote in the State of Iowa online; click here. If you prefer to fill out a paper registration form, stop by the Coordinator of Residence Life and Student Activities Office in the Learning Center to pick up a form.

Paper registration forms can be sent to:
Sioux County Auditor
210 Central Avenue SW
Orange City, IA  51041