NCC and Agrivision Equipment Group Host 1st Annual 2019 Precision Ag Expo

Northwest Iowa Community College and AgriVision Equipment Group are excited to announce the 1st Annual Agrivision Equipment Group 2019 Precision Ag Expo. The Expo will be held Monday, July 15, from 9am–3pm on the campus of Northwest Iowa Community College.

Megan Dieken, NCC’s Youth Programming Event Coordinator, explained, “This is a great opportunity for students who have interest not only in farming and agriculture but also those who are interested in the technology and business collaboration that makes it all possible. AgriVision is bringing industry leading subject matter experts to educate the students and any accompanying instructors about the latest in precision ag technology and farming equipment. Not only that, but the students will actually operate all the equipment. Everything will be hands-on so this is a perfect learning opportunity for FFA Chapters along with any student interested in agriculture at any level.”

Dieken continued, “The other exciting component to this Expo is the FFA leaders can earn Professional Development dollars, have individual time with tech experts on how to integrate this into their local chapter, and enter their group for cool prizes that they can use for later projects.”

Topics include:

  • Auto-Guidance Systems
  • GPS
  • Precision Application
  • Remote Sensing
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Data Collection/Management

Hands-on opportunities with equipment:

  • Combine
  • Tractor
  • Planter
  • Sprayer

There will be a FREE lunch, snacks, and a t-shirt for each participant. Students will also be able to win prizes for their FFA program and participate in a drone scavenger hunt.

Register now as a FFA Chapter or individually at, or contact Megan Dieken at 712-324-5061 ext. 308 or email her at:
Limited Space Available!

NCC Conducted Commencement Ceremonies Friday, May 10

One hundred and ninety five students graduated from Northwest Iowa Community College on Friday, May 10, 2019 during commencement ceremonies held in the Northwest Iowa Lifelong Learning and Recreation Center on NCC’s campus. A list of students who received diplomas and degrees follows:

ALLISON, IADalton L. Poppen, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree.

ALTON, IARuby K. Albers, Administrative Office Assistant Diploma.

ARCHER, IOWACarter J. Visser, Automotive Service Diploma.

ARTHUR, IADylan M. Wunschel, Industrial and Commercial Wiring Degree.

ASHTON, IAClarissa L. Gerken, Practical Nursing Diploma; Jed Ree, Industrial and Commercial Wiring Degree.

BOYDEN, IAMarissa L. Kracht, Accounting Degree.

CANTON, SDTrisha N. Heiskell, Practical Nursing Diploma.

CHEROKEE, IAKatrina L. Carlson, Clerical Accounting Diploma; Taylor J. Driver, Automotive Service Diploma; Christian W. Lundy, Industrial and Commercial Wiring Degree; Tyler M. Richardson, Automotive Service Diploma; Jared J. Spence, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree.

Cody J. Paulsen, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Shanda D. Schlinz, Medical Coding Diploma.

COLFAX, IAElijah D. Nikkel, Powerline Diploma.

CRAWFORDSVILLE, IALogan M. Harbison, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

DUNDEE, MNChristopher T. Vanden Bosch, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

DUNKERTON, IALevi J. Stanton, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

EVERLY, IAMeghan S. Siefken, Practical Nursing Diploma.

FORT DODGE, IATanner D. Schiltz, Powerline Diploma.

Cole M. Wellman, Powerline Diploma.

FULDA, MNCody D. Frodermann, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

GEORGE, IAAnna R. Schmidt, Associate of Arts Degree, Practical Nursing Diploma.

GRAND MOUND, IATate J. Olson, Powerline Diploma.

HARRIS, IANoah J. King, Powerline Diploma.

HARTLEY, IALarissa A. Arends, Associate of Arts Degree; Rachel L. Crist, Practical Nursing Diploma; Ashley R. Heetland, Practical Nursing Diploma; Jacob C. Moermond, Associate Degree in Nursing.

HAWARDEN, IACheryl A. De Roon, Associate Degree in Nursing.

HINTON, IARyan E. Vondrak, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

HOSPERS, IA Jennifer K. Auchstetter, Practical Nursing Diploma; Kathleen A. Chicas Izaguirre, Associate of Arts Degree.

Cara E. Balsley, Clerical Accounting Diploma, Accounting Degree; Brady M. Covey, Automotive Service Diploma; Sonia Garza Carrizales, Administrative Office Management Degree; Kendra S. Keizer, Practical Nursing Diploma; Makenna R. Kooi, Practical Nursing Diploma; Kindra R. Oostra, Practical Nursing; Jorden L. Saavedra, Automotive Service Diploma; Erica M. Tiedeman, Associate of Arts Degree, Medical Coding Diploma; Tessa N. Vanden Bosch, Clerical Accounting Diploma.

HUMBOLDT, IAJacob M. Miller, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Degree.

INDEPENDENCE, IA Michael T. Reiff, Powerline Diploma.

INWOOD, IAStacy K. Berentschot, Associate Degree in Nursing; Heather T. Hernandez, Associate Degree in Nursing; Jacqueline P. Hyronemus, Practical Nursing Diploma; Shelby L. Kelderman, Practical Nursing Diploma.

IOWA CITY, IA Evan B. Siebert, Powerline Diploma.

IRETON, IA Alex L. Gradert, Practical Nursing Diploma; Sara B. Zomermaand, Practical Nursing Diploma.

KODIAK, AK Wes T. Egdorf, Powerline Diploma.

LAKE CITY, IA Jacob E. Heim, Automotive Service Diploma.

LAKE PARK, IA Jordan R. Jones, Clerical Accounting Diploma.

Noah Simon, Powerline Diploma.

LATIMER, IA Justin L. Wenzel, Powerline Diploma.

LAURENS, IA Michelle T. Long, Associate of Arts Degree.

LE CLAIRE, IA Tyler J. Lindhoff, Powerline Diploma.

LE MARS, IA Cheyanne F. Allen, Associate of Arts Degree; LaTasha K. Dau, Associate of Arts Degree; Janet K. Lamb, Practical Nursing Diploma.

Little Rock, IA
Angela M. DeBoer, Administrative Office Assistant Diploma, Administrative Office Management Degree; Josefata D. Tulele, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

LUVERNE, MN Joshua S. Schoneman, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

MARCUS, IA Shania F. Rassel, Practical Nursing Diploma; Meranda Schwarz, Associate of Arts Degree.

Jennifer L. Chambers, Clerical Accounting Diploma; Anne M. Wynja, Accounting Degree; Kate E. Wynja, Accounting Degree; Wesley A. Wynja, Accounting Degree.

MILFORD, IAStephanie A. Hintz, Associate Degree in Nursing; Kristin J. Roth, Practical Nursing Diploma.

MILWAUKEE, WI Lucas A. Wilburn, Powerline Diploma.

MINNETONKA, MNDennis M. Gesanda, Associate Degree in Nursing.

MONTICELLO, MO John L. McCutchan, Powerline Diploma.

MOUNT AYR, IA Connor E. Giles, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

MOVILLE, IA Tanner A. Fixsel, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree.

NASHUA, IA Kyler A. Deutsch, Powerline Diploma; Shane D. Usher, Powerline Diploma.

NEW BOSTON, IL Justin T. Carey, Powerline Diploma; Robert K. Carey, Powerline Diploma; Jarrett J. Russell, Powerline Diploma.

NEW VIRGINIA, IA Dominic A. Cresta, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

NEWELL, IA Joseph J. Tiefenthaler, Automotive Service Diploma.

NORTH LIBERTY, IA Dennis W. Heal, Powerline Diploma.

Orange City, IABrenna R. Bomgaars, Administrative Office Assistant Diploma; Michael J. Broek, Construction Technology Degree; Mikkelle C. DeBey, Associate Degree in Nursing; Joel W. Degroot, Automotive Service Diploma; Allison M. De Jong, Clerical Accounting Diploma, Administrative Office Management Degree; Michael D. Dekker, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Keegan J. Erwin, Associate of Arts Degree; Mariel M. Guillen, Pharmacy Technician Diploma; Kendra J. Nieuwendorp, Practical Nursing Diploma; Amanda L. Reinders, Associate Degree in Nursing; Sara B. Smit, Practical Nursing Diploma; Jadon R. Vander Waal, Automotive Service Diploma; Klayton A. Wielenga, Associate of Arts Degree.

PAULLINA, IA Jacob R. Fuhrman, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

Jeremy R. Williams, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

PRIMGHAR, IA Ashley N. Lode, Associate Degree in Nursing; Stalin S. Wu, Practical Nursing Diploma.

RIPPEY, IA Elijah R. Muir, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree.

ROCK RAPIDS, IA Emma C. Birkeland, Associate of Arts Degree; Brenda S. Van Hofwegen, Associate Degree in Nursing.

ROCK VALLEY, IA Joel T. Baartman, Automotive Service Diploma; Karissa Maassen, Administrative Office Assistant Diploma; Maria D. Olvera Flores, Administrative Office Assistant Diploma, Jessica A. Rus, Associate Degree in Nursing; Danielle M. Strubbe, Practical Nursing Diploma; Leah E. Van Ravenswaay, Clerical Accounting Diploma; Alyssa M. Van Surksum, Practical Nursing Diploma; Mitchel R. Vant Hul, Production Welding Diploma; Trevor J. Vant Hul, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree.

SAINT ANSGAR, IATaylor J. Krahenbuhl, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree.

SANBORN, IACharity E. Bangert, Associate Degree in Nursing; Tori L. Cammann, Associate Degree in Nursing; Delmer J. Lode, III, Associate of Arts Degree; Kara L. Maranell, Associate Degree in Nursing; Meshack O. Makori, Practical Nursing Diploma; Josphat M. Matagaro, Practical Nursing Diploma; Jusper M. Nyaberi, Associate Degree in Nursing; Samson B. Nyambati, Practical Nursing Diploma; Kaitlin R. Schuler, Associate of Arts Degree; Kaley A. Tewes, Associate Degree in Nursing; David S. Van Dyke, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

SHELDON, IAFelicia N. Albee, Associate Degree in Nursing; Alexander T. Albrecht, Associate of Arts Degree; Samantha Anderson Practical Nursing Diploma; Glenda Barrios, Associate of Arts Degree; Austin J. Codner, Powerline Diploma; Dennis D. Dees, IV, Associate of Arts Degree; Arajean S. De Young Administrative Office Assistant Diploma; McKayla M. Frederick, Practical Nursing Diploma; Bradley N. Funk, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Degree; Trent M. Heginger, Automotive Service Diploma; Karly M. Honkomp, Administrative Office Assistant Diploma; Grace W. Kanini, Practical Nursing Diploma; Susan M. Kanini, Practical Nursing Diploma; Damaris W. Kuria, Practical Nursing Diploma, Associate of Arts Degree; Olivia R. Lidiak, Practical Nursing Diploma; Christina M. Mahoney, Associate Degree in Nursing; Racheal Mungai, Associate Degree in Nursing; David K. Nyaguthii, Associate Degree in Nursing; Damien D. Sawvel, Powerline Diploma; Cody W. Schwarz, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree; Hallie J. Stevenson, Associate of Arts Degree; Christopher Subart, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Jaiden M. Tebben, Associate Degree in Nursing; Fednel Themistol, Associate of Arts Degree; Loise M. Wanjiku, Associate Degree in Nursing; Eugene O. Yeboah, Associate Degree in Nursing.

Andy Champalath, Associate of Arts Degree; Jessica Corona, Associate of Arts Degree; Kelsey J. Doorenbos, Associate Degree in Nursing; Nicholas J. Hengeveld, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Brenden C. Johnson, Automotive Service Diploma; Ashton J. Reiter, Associate of Arts Degree; Skylar E. Rueter, Associate of Arts Degree; Emma J. Thies, Associate Degree in Nursing; Daniel R. Vander Ploeg, Powerline Diploma; Kelly C. Vander Pol, Associate Degree in Nursing; Allie L. Van Tilburg, Practical Nursing Diploma.

, IAJuan A. Alvarez Granados, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Jayden N. Fedders, Practical Nursing Diploma; Itzel A. Gomez, Practical Nursing Diploma; Paula J. Haan, Practical Nursing Diploma; Donovan L. Schley, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree; Paige E. Solsma, Clerical Accounting Diploma; David J. Van Dixhoorn, Associate Degree in Nursing.

SIOUX CITY, IA Michael M. Crabtree, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Degree; Ana Y. Martinez, Practical Nursing Diploma; Tessie L. Simon, Practical Nursing Diploma; Zachary M. TenHulzen, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree.

Mackenzie R. Prior, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

SLOAN, IA Jordan M. Trapp, Automotive Service Diploma.

SPENCER, IABrianna J. Adams, Associate Degree in Nursing; Austin I. Bartley, Powerline Diploma; Mercedes E. Hegel, Associate Degree in Nursing; Boun Lovan, Associate Degree in Nursing; Mikayla J. Perkins, Practical Nursing Diploma; Jayden E. Reiser-Millard, Practical Nursing Diploma. Miranda M. Scott, Associate Degree in Nursing.
SPIRIT LAKE, IAKiley M. Christensen, Associate Degree in Nursing; Lauren C. Schimek, Practical Nursing Diploma.

SUTHERLAND, IA Allie M. Lundgren, Associate of Arts Degree; Kordel R. Sohn, Associate of Arts Degree.

TAYLOR RIDGE, IL Carter T. Stewart, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

TRIPOLI, IA Cameron C. Mueller, Powerline Diploma.

VALLEY SPRINGS, SD Jenna M. Bakken, Associate Degree in Nursing.

WAVERLY, IA Matthew J. Litwiller, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

WAVERLY, NE Hunter A. Bell, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree.

WESTPOINT, IA Eric K. Rauenbuehler, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

Taylor F. Schettler, Associate Degree in Nursing.

ZEELAND, MIJonathan M. Wynia, Automotive Service Diploma.

NCC Announces Spring 2019 Honors List

Northwest Iowa Community College, Sheldon, Iowa, has announced the Honor List for the spring semester. Students on the Honor List are full-time and have achieved an average grade point of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

NCC continually maintains a high presence of quality students that are represented on the Honor List. These students are to be commended for their fine performance in their respective fields. The list by city follows:

ADRIAN, MINNESOTAJosh Zemler, Diesel Technology.
ALTON, IOWARuby Albers, Administrative Office Assistant; Adam Fedders, Welding; Thomas Holzman, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology.

ARTHUR, IOWADylan Wunschel, Industrial & Commercial Wiring.
BOYDEN, IOWAMallory Nilles, Associate of Arts.

BROOKLYN, IOWA Kendall Bunn, Powerline.

CENTRALIA, MISSOURI Tanner Church, Powerline Technology.

CHARLES CITY, IOWA Tyler Retterath, Powerline.

CHARTER OAK, IOWA Mark Morley, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance.

CHEROKEE, IOWABrian Lauck, Web & Graphic Design; Tyler Richardson, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology.

DENISON, IOWA Dalton Burk, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance.

DES MOINES, IOWAAdyson Saunders, Web & Graphic Design.

DUNKERTON, IOWA Levi Stanton, Powerline.

ELKADER, IOWA Kyle Beck, Powerline.

EMMETSBURG, IOWA Madison Olson, Associate of Arts.
Carson Gjerde, Radiologic Technology.

FORT DODGE, IOWAAdam Moore, Industrial Instrumentation & Control.

FOWLER, ILLINOISCole Wellman, Powerline.

GEORGE, IOWAAshton Reiter, Associate of Arts; Anna Schmidt, Practical Nursing.

HARTLEY, IOWA Katie Flick, Web & Graphic Design; Trinity Lux, Associate of Arts; Faith Unrau, Associate of Arts; Katelyn Vander Stoep, Associate of Arts.

HAWARDEN, IOWA Shayna De Roon, Business.

HENDERSON, NEVADACaleb Luks, Practical Nursing.

HOSPERS, IOWAKathleen Chicas, Associate of Arts; Brynn Mueller, Associate of Arts; Austin Theis, Diesel Technology.
HULL, IOWACara Balsey, Accounting; Olivia Laning, Associate of Arts; Samuel Laning, Practical Nursing; Erica Tiedeman, Associate of Arts, Medical Coding; Jorden Saavedra, Automotive Light Duty Diesel Technology; Tessa Vanden Bosch, Clerical Accounting; Karissa Wynia, Administrative Office Assistant.

INWOOD, IOWAMichelle Allen, Practical Nursing; Shanah Herman, Practical Nursing.

IOWA CITY, IOWAEvan Siebert, Powerline.

IRETON, IOWA Hannah Boehme, Radiologic Technology; Dean Ymker, Industrial & Commercial Wiring.

KINGSLEY, IOWA Mitchell Bohle, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance.

LAMONI, IOWANoah Simon, Powerline.
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA Ryhlee Lockett, Associate of Arts.

LE MARS, IOWALaTasha Dau, Associate of Arts; Jacob Hunt, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance; Deven Sailer, Industrial & Commercial Wiring.  
Morgan Randt, Radiologic Technology.

LITTLE ROCK, IOWAKaley Arends, Radiologic Technology; Angela DeBoer, Administrative Office Management; Jill Nachtigal, Associate of Arts; Carson Stave, Engineering Design; Cole Stave, Business.

MATLOCK, IOWA Jason Stegemann, Diesel Technology.

MELVIN, IOWAAnne Wynja, Accounting; Kate Wynja, Accounting; Wesley Wynja, Accounting.

MILFORD, IOWAKristin Roth, Practical Nursing.

MOVILLE, IOWA Matthew Petersen, Powerline.

MURRAY, IOWA Kaden Hewlett, Powerline.

NASHUA, IOWAKyler Deutsch, Powerline.

NEW VIRGINIA, IOWADominic Cresta, Powerline.

NORTH LAS VEGAS, NEVADAHillary Emling, Associate of Arts.

ORANGE CITY, IOWAMichael Broek, Construction Technology; Lindsay Clark, Associate of Arts; Joel Degroot, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology; Michael Dekker, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Katelyn De Kock, Radiologic Technology; Keegan Erwin, Associate of Arts; Marcus Hernandez, Welding; Jessica Jimenez, Associate of Arts; Brentyn Krohn, Diesel Technology; Troy Oconner, Pre-Professional Psychology; Kaden Pottebaum, Associate of Arts; Jolene Vander Waal, Associate of Arts.
OSCEOLA, IOWA Hunter McIntosh, Powerline.
Olivia Ahlers, Radiologic Technology; Lindsey Cundiff, Practical Nursing.
PRIMGHAR, IOWAElizabeth Warnke, Associate of Arts; Scheliena Wu, Associate of Arts.

REMSEN, IOWANicole Maass, Associate of Arts.

ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA Nicholas Poss, Diesel Technology.

ROCK RAPIDS, IOWABrenda Van Hofwegen, Associate Degree Nursing; Brianna Van Veldhuizen, Web & Graphic Design.
ROCK VALLEY, IOWASara Maassen, Associate of Arts; Maria Olvera-Flores, Administrative Office Assistant; Shannon Schaap, Health Information Technology; Samuel Teunissen, Clerical Accounting; Leah Van Ravenswaay, Clerical Accounting; Alyssa Van Surksum, Practical Nursing; Jimmy Yang, Associate of Arts.
ROCKWELL CITY, IOWA Cali Miller, Agriculture.

SAINT ANSGAR, IOWA Dylan Low, Powerline.
SANBORN, IOWA Daniel Elgersma, Diesel Technology; Verah Mochama, Associate Degree Nursing; Nelson Momanyi, Practical Nursing; Innocent Ongaga, Practical Nursing.
SAVANNA, ILLINOIS Andrew Yenney, Powerline.

SHELDON, IOWASamantha DeGroot, Associate of Arts; Karly Honkomp, Administrative Office Assistant; Tyler Johnson Associate of Arts; Austin Kavanagh, Associate of Arts; Shania Kooiker, Radiologic Technology; Annette Nungari, Practical Nursing; Hallie Stevenson, Associate of Arts; Brianne Thompson, Computer Science; Madison Uhl, Associate of Arts; Loise Wanjiku, Associate Degree Nursing.
SIBLEY, IOWAAmy Butler, Wellness Management; Andy Champalath, Associate of Arts; Nicholas Hengeveld, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Brenden Johnson, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology; Jayda Mc Carty, Associate of Arts; Skylar Rueter, Associate of Arts.
SIOUX CENTER, IOWAPayton Boone, Associate of Arts; Nicole Fischer, Practical Nursing; Garrit Kooistra, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance; Blake Meyer, Associate of Arts; Lindsay Mulder, Radiologic Technology; Sarah Nibbelink, Design Technology; Cristian Olivares, Associate of Arts; Annalise Vonk, Practical Nursing.

SIOUX CITY, IOWA Christine Cheser, Radiologic Technology; Andrea Muller, Practical Nursing.
SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTAShelby Dolphin, Practical Nursing; Madeline Manning, Associate of Arts; Amanda Reinders, Associate Degree Nursing; Kathleen Ysbrand, Associate of Arts.
Tori Cooper, Practical Nursing; Darby Erb, Practical Nursing; Chloe Mohr, Associate of Arts; Carly Wilcox, Radiologic Technology; Cassandra Winters, Practical Nursing.

TERRIL, IOWAAlisha Meyer, Health Information Technology.
Hannah Kotalik, Associate of Arts.

VALLEY SPRINGS, SOUTH DAKOTA Jenna Bakken, Associate Degree Nursing.

WAKE FOREST, NORTH CAROLINA Dominic Vidoli, Associate of Arts.

WATSEKA, ILLINOIS Dalton Grimes, Powerline.

WAUKON, IOWA Wade Wille, Powerline.

WAVERLY, IOWA Matthew Litwiller, Powerline Technology.

WELCOME, MINNESOTA Emma Behrends, Radiologic Technology.

Spring Commencement Exercises at NCC

Commencement exercises at Northwest Iowa Community College, Sheldon, Iowa will be held on Friday, May 10, 2019.

The Associate Degree Nursing Pinning Ceremony will be held in the Northwest Iowa Lifelong Learning and Recreation Center at 10:00 a.m. The Student Keynote Speaker is Jacob Moermond, Hartley, IA, Associate Degree Nursing graduate.

The Spring Commencement ceremony will also be held in the Northwest Iowa Lifelong Learning and Recreation Center at 1:30 p.m. The Commencement Address will be given by Dennis Dees IV, Meridian, MS, Associate of Arts graduate. The Outstanding Student Leadership Award will also be presented. The public is welcome to attend.

NCC Students Recognized at the All-Iowa Academic Team Recognition Ceremony

Northwest Iowa Community College had four students named to the All-Iowa Academic Team. Kathleen Chicas, Matthew Grave, Thomas Holzman, and Taylor Schettler were recognized at the annual All-Iowa Academic Team Banquet Monday evening, March 4, in Des Moines, Iowa.

The All-Iowa Academic Team award is an award that is offered through the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society in conjunction with the USA TODAY All-USA Community College Academic Team, and the Coca-Cola All-State Community College Academic Team each year.

Students who apply for this award must be meet the following criteria:

  • Be currently enrolled at their respective community college with a minimum of 36 total credits already obtained
  • Be on track to earn an Associate or a Bachelor degree with a minimum of 30 semester credits in the last 5 years
  • Must hold a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a possible 4.0 scale

Individuals from each Community College in the state of Iowa are selected by a committee on campus, to represent the College on the state level. Then from all of the Academic Teams from across the state of Iowa, 60 outstanding two-year college students are selected to proceed onto the All-USA Academic Team. This prestigious award is given each year to represent the state of Iowa at the national level.

All 60 members of the All-USA Academic Team and their colleges receive extensive national recognition through coverage in USA TODAY.  Selection to the team is based on nominations submitted by community college presidents or campus CEOs.  Phi Theta Kappa, USA TODAY, and the American Association of Community Colleges sponsor the All-USA Academic Team program annually.

The criteria are designed to find students who excel academically and demonstrate intellectual rigor in their course of study; show academic growth and potential; and use their two-year college education to better themselves, their schools and their communities. Because the team is designed to represent the diversity found on two-year college campuses, all types of students – traditional, non-traditional and international – are eligible.

Kathleen Chicas is an Associate of Arts student and will graduate from NCC in May of 2019.  Kathleen is from Hospers, Iowa.

Matthew Grave is an Agriculture student who graduated from NCC in December of 2018.  Matthew is from George, Iowa.

Thomas Holzman is an Automotive Service & Light Duty Diesel Technology student and will graduate from NCC in July of 2019.  Thomas is from Alton, Iowa.

Taylor Schettler is an Associate Degree Nursing (RN) student and will graduate from NCC in May of 2019.  Taylor is from Wilmont, Minnesota.

Photo: NCC Honorees (Left to Right): Matthew Grave, Kathleen Chicas, Thomas Holzman,
Taylor Schettler