NCC Included in a National Report of Rural Community College Excellence

Northwest Iowa Community College is proud to announce its inclusion in a groundbreaking report on rural community colleges in America. This recognition highlights NCC’s commitment to supporting and empowering students in its rural area, ultimately driving positive change within their communities.

The report, entitled Rural Community College Excellence: A Guide to Delivering Strong Opportunities for Students and Communities, was conducted by the Aspen Institute and aimed to identify the key factors influencing the success and growth of rural community colleges nationwide. The report covers four main ideas: creating pathways to economic mobility, convincing students to enroll and stay in college, building strategic partnerships to promote student success, and utilizing small size as a strength. NCC’s work to build partnerships throughout the communities they serve and making data informed decisions are highlighted alongside the efforts of other outstanding rural colleges.

As part of the research process, NCC emerged as a contributor to the report due to NCC’s unwavering dedication to its students and fostering educational excellence. The report recognized NCC’s innovative solutions, collaborative approach, and positive impact on student outcomes. By tailoring solutions to the specific needs of both students and industry, NCC has cultivated sustainable growth and provided students with enhanced opportunities for success.

Dr. John Hartog, NCC President, stated, “We are honored to be included in this informative report, we are delighted to showcase our service to our rural area and to represent rural community colleges on the national level. The recognition in the report further solidifies Northwest Iowa Community College’s position as an educational leader and a valued partner for our rural communities. Rural colleges will continue to leverage our expertise, resources, and connections to advance educational excellence, foster innovation, and create a brighter future for students throughout America.” Hartog continued, “We firmly believe that education is the cornerstone of societal development, and through our collaborations with our partners, we are able to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students and their communities.”

Mariah Oliver, Grant Writer for the College, who contributed to the report said, “Through the use of data and analysis of said data it has helped NCC implement new programs and student success interventions to help the College consistently achieve high outcomes of student retention, graduation and placement in a profession with a family sustaining wage or transfer to a four-year college on the path to a bachelor’s degree. This means graduates are making our communities stronger and more vibrant.”

In a statement the Aspen Institute said, “Rural community colleges are more than education providers; they are essential hubs in their regions, generating opportunities for economic mobility and driving talent development. Dive in for examples from colleges across the country:”

The Aspen Institute is a community-serving organization with global reach whose vision is a free, just, and equitable society. For 70 years, the Institute has driven change through dialogue, leadership, and action to help solve the world’s greatest challenges. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the Institute has offices in Aspen, Colorado, and New York City, and an international network of partners. For more information, visit



Celebrate Life and Support Organ Donation at the Donate for Life Event

Northwest Iowa Community College is excited to announce the upcoming Donate for Life Event on June 20, 2023, from 5:00-7:30 PM. This event aims to celebrate the gift of organ donation, encourage individuals to register as donors, and promote the consideration of living donation.

The Donate for Life Event promises to be an evening filled with inspiration, entertainment, and opportunities for community involvement. We are delighted to have various activities lined up for attendees of all ages. Kids can enjoy coloring activities on designated tables, creating an atmosphere of fun and creativity. Additionally, we will provide registration booths where individuals can easily sign up to become organ donors and contribute to saving lives.

Highlighting the event’s program, we have organized a special Donor Walk from
5:00-5:30 PM, symbolizing unity and support for the cause. Participants can join this walk to demonstrate their commitment to organ donation and honor those who have selflessly given the gift of life.

Following the Donor Walk, a meal will be served from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM. This will be an opportunity to engage with fellow attendees and share stories of hope and gratitude. During the meal, we are privileged to have a renowned speaker, Iowa Donor Network Representative John Jorgensen, who will inspire and motivate us with his personal experiences related to organ donation.

To add an enjoyable musical touch to the event, Chewy Rodriguez, an organ recipient himself, will perform from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM, entertaining the audience with lively tunes and creating a vibrant atmosphere of celebration.

The Northwest Iowa Community College is grateful for the support and contributions of community members and organizations. The Lifelong Learning & Recreation Center, located on NCC’s campus, will provide the venue for the event, while Sheldon Community Ambulance Team (SCAT) will be overseeing the concessions, including popcorn, hotdogs/hamburgers, chips, drinks, and cookies. Their support is invaluable in spreading the word and helping with community participation.

Free-will donation will be accepted at the event for both the Donor Walk and the concessions/meal.

Organ and tissue donation are a gift that saves and heals hundreds of thousands of lives each year. It can provide comfort and solace to donor families as their loved ones leave a lasting legacy of hope and healing. For transplant recipients and patients on the transplant waiting list, the gift of donation offers a second chance at life; a chance to move forward and fulfill the legacy left behind by their gracious donor.

Despite continuing advances, the need for organs and tissue is vastly greater than the number available for transplant. Currently, there are more than 100,000 people in the United States on the transplant waiting list, including more than 600 people in Iowa. Talking to your loved ones about donation and knowing the facts is the most influential way to spread the word about the beneficial impact of organ, eye, and tissue donation.

We invite the community to join us at the Donate for Life Event and help make a difference in the lives of those awaiting organ transplants. Together, we can celebrate the individuals who have already saved and healed lives through the gift of donation and inspire others to consider becoming organ donors.

For more information please contact Kevin Miller, NCC Emergency Service Coordinator, at 712-324-5061ext. 231, or email him at

Stats and Facts:

Every 9 minutes, a new person is added to the national organ transplant waiting list.

  • An average of 17 people die each day while waiting.
  • On average, 112 transplants take place every day in the U.S.
  • In 2021, the lives of nearly 41,000 Americans were saved by organ donation.
  • One donor can save up to 8 lives through organ donation and save and heal
    50-300 lives through tissue donation.
  • Every driver’s education class in Iowa must have one educational session on organ, tissue, and eye donation for their students.

Local and National Waiting List as of 2/1/22:

  • National Organ Waiting List: 106,591
  • Iowa Organ Waiting List: 611

Iowa Organ Waiting List by Organ as of 2/1/22:

  • Heart – 23
  • Lungs – 12
  • Liver – 36
  • Kidney – 518
  • Kidney/Pancreas – 20
  • Pancreas – 2

NCC Offers Various Student Activities

Northwest Iowa Community College Offers Various Student Activities

The primary purpose of Iowa’s Community Colleges is to train Iowa’s current and future workforce. Northwest Iowa Community College has a reputation for offering high-demand, quality, affordable and accessible educational opportunities for members of its service territory – and beyond.

Today’s prospective college student has thousands of options when considering their next step after high school graduation. Students are looking to check multiple boxes during their college visits, and NCC is able to fulfill a number of these…

  • High-demand programs
  • Quality education
  • Affordable tuition & numerous scholarship opportunities
  • Excellent graduation, transfer and career placement rates
  • Safety – NCC is among the safest community colleges in Iowa

Another item that is typically toward the top of a student’s checklist is campus life. Since officially becoming a comprehensive community college in 1993, offerings outside of the classroom have continued to adapt and change with the student population.  NCC offers a variety of student activities, organizations, extra-curricular activities and intercollegiate athletics – and within the next couple of years, these offerings will expand even further.

Student activities at NCC are free, or a very small cost, for students to participate, and there are numerous activities available.  Housing & Student Activities Coordinator, Jena Schouten, stated, “One great thing about student activities here at NCC is that offerings change from year to year. Activities are planned based on current student interests and requests, so if students’ requests are reasonable, I do my absolute best to make it happen. For example, we recently took a trip to the Black Hills, South Dakota, which we had never done before.”

One annual week-long activity that is a favorite among students and employees is Days of Thunder, which serves as the College’s homecoming week. Held annually in the fall semester, the week typically begins with free donuts and commences with the NCC Thunder’s home sports shooting competition. Other activities that take place throughout the week include offerings such as Pickleball, Dodgeball, Basketball and Video Game tournaments, Puppy Therapy, Mini-Golf, Goat Yoga, Tug-of-War, Family Day and more. Programs and departments compete to accumulate points by participating in activities throughout the week. The program that racks up the most points is named the winner of NCC’s infamous “Steal Your Thunder” Trophy and gets to display the trophy in their classroom or lab throughout the academic year.

Another component to campus life is the Lifelong Learning & Recreation center, or LLRC. The LLRC has aided in giving the campus a more collegiate feel. The facility was established in 2011 through a partnership between the College and the City of Sheldon. The LLRC houses an indoor track, recreational courts, cardio equipment and a weight room for both collegiate and community use.  NCC students receive a free membership to the facility, which also includes access to unlimited group fitness classes. The facility offers students an opportunity to work on not only their physical health, but also their mental health. According to a study completed by the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association, campus recreation participation strengthens student engagement and results in positive academic outcomes. Participants report a higher sense of belonging, improved feelings of well-being, more positive psychological outcomes, higher cumulative grade point averages, and higher levels of physical health and quality of life compared to non-participants.

Greta Giese serves as the Director of the LLRC and has seen many lifelong and unexpected friendships formed under the LLRC’s roof.  Giese has witnessed college students, area high school students and community members come together for various activities. Giese stated, “Individuals visit the LLRC to work on their physical health, not realizing that they are working on so much more than that. It is gratifying to see all of the connections made and lifelong friendships established under our facilities roof. The LLRC creates even more connections between the College and the Community, and both students and community members benefit greatly from this.”

Along with student activities and the LLRC, the final component that has further enhanced campus life is the addition of intercollegiate athletics. Since August of 2019, NCC has offered Sports Shooting, which has been a great addition to student life. In their first state team competition during the Fall of 2019, the team took home 4th place team honors. Also, in 2019, two of NCC’s athletes finished in the top 10 at the Iowa Scholastic Clay Target College Championships, and three others finished in the top 20.
In the Fall of 2021, the team took home 6th place in the Scholastic Clay Target Program, or SCTP, Collegiate Trap Championship. Most recently in the fall of 2022, the team took 7th place overall out of 16 two and four-year colleges at the SCTP Iowa Collegiate Championships.

NCC’s Sports Shooting Athletes have not only found success on the shooting range, but also in the classroom. Over 80% of the NCC Sports Shooting Team members were selected as Academic All-Region Performers in the ICCAC Fall 2022 Academic All-Region. To be selected for this recognition, individuals must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above. One NCC athlete that received this recognition was Skyler Mullinix. Skyler has been competing with the NCC Sports Shooting Team since he began at NCC in the Fall of 2022. He is pursuing the Associate of Arts, or college transfer, program with a goal to transfer and pursue a degree in Chemistry. Being a local resident from the College’s service territory, Skyler chose not to live on campus while attending college. “Being an Associate of Arts student that does not live on campus can make it more difficult to meet people since all of your classes are with different groups of students. As a member of the Sports Shooting team, I have been able to make friends with students from other programs and make a lot more connections at NCC. I love the camaraderie on the team and how accessible it is to participate,” he stated.  Skyler has enjoyed his experience on the team so far, and looks forward to future opportunities that will arise through his involvement.

In the Fall of 2024, NCC will add onto its roster of athletic offerings by beginning a men’s and women’s soccer program. The College will compete with the Iowa Community College Athletic Conference as a Division 2 program.  Beginning another successful athletic program requires a lot of moving parts to come together. The College is thankful for its partnership with the Sheldon Community School District and the City of Sheldon on the turf field and digital scoreboard. College officials are also currently planning for the construction of another on-campus housing facility (Sioux Hall) to be completed by Fall of 2024. Subcommittee work is currently taking place on a variety of other items such as athletic scholarship procedures, conference affiliation paperwork, hiring an athletic director and coaching staff, and athletic recruitment. Sports Shooting has proven to be a great addition, and the College is eager to expand athletic offerings even further.

Campus life offerings will continue to adapt and change with NCC’s evolving student population.

For more information about educational opportunities at NCC, either on campus or online, call 712-324-5061, 800-352-4907, or visit
Northwest Iowa Community College – Your Success is Our Story!


NCC Launches Innovative Paramedic Program to Meet Healthcare Industry Need

Northwest Iowa Community College, a leading institution of higher education, is thrilled to announce the introduction of its newest program major, the Paramedic Program. Designed to meet the increasing demand for skilled paramedics in the healthcare industry, this comprehensive program will equip students with the knowledge, practical skills, and real-world experience necessary to excel in the rapidly evolving field of emergency medical services.

As emergencies and medical incidents become more complex, the need for highly trained paramedics has never been greater. Recognizing this, NCC has developed an innovative curriculum that blends theoretical foundations with hands-on training, enabling students to acquire the critical skills and competencies required to provide exceptional pre-hospital care.

The Paramedic Program at NCC will cover a wide range of topics essential for paramedic practice, including anatomy and physiology, medical emergencies, trauma management, pharmacology, and advanced life support techniques. Students will have access to state-of-the-art simulation labs, where they will hone their skills in a realistic environment, preparing them for the challenges they may encounter in the field.

One of the distinguishing features of the Paramedic Program is the emphasis on experiential learning. Through clinical rotations and internships, students will have the opportunity to work alongside experienced healthcare professionals, gaining invaluable hands-on experience in diverse clinical settings, such as hospitals, ambulance services, and emergency departments.

“We are excited to launch the Paramedic Program at Northwest Iowa Community College and contribute to the development of highly skilled paramedics who will make a significant impact in their communities,” said Kevin Miller, NCC Emergency Services Education Coordinator. “This program aligns with our commitment to provide a quality education that prepares students for rewarding careers and addresses the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.”

Graduates of the Paramedic Program will be well-positioned for a variety of career opportunities in emergency medical services, including employment with ambulance services, fire departments, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations. They will possess the knowledge and skills required to assess and stabilize patients in emergency situations, administer appropriate medical interventions, and provide compassionate care to individuals in need.

Prospective students interested in the Paramedic Program at NCC can find more information, including admission requirements and application details, on the college’s website at or by contacting the admissions office at or calling 712-324-5061.

At NCC – Your Success is Our Story



Spring Honor List Announced at NCC

Northwest Iowa Community College, Sheldon, Iowa, has announced the Honor List for the Spring semester. Students on the Honor List are full-time and have achieved an average grade point of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

NCC continually maintains a high presence of quality students that are represented on the Honor List. These students are to be commended for their fine performance in their respective fields. The list by city follows:

AKRON, IOWASydney Parks, Practical Nursing.
Fletcher Buss, Powerline.
Caleb Haley, Associate of Arts; Jenna Meines, Web & Graphic Design; Adrienne Zenk, Virtual Administration Management.
Talin Knobloch, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Nolan Vander Veen, Automotive Service.
Akoya Cabanas, Associate of Arts.
ASHTON, IOWA Karlie Schoo, Associate of Arts; Scarlett Vander Berg, Business.
AUSTIN, MINNESOTAGarrett Lahann, Powerline, Powerline Technology.
BLOOMFIELD, IOWAKevin Erhardt-Hansen, Web & Graphic Design.
BLUE GRASS, IOWA Jordan Jepsen, Powerline.
BOYDEN, IOWAReagan Damstra, Associate of Arts; Treyton DeRuyter, Associate of Arts; Brilen Harskamp, Web & Graphic Design; Adrianna Vander Plaats, Associate of Arts; Sherylyn Wynia, Associate Degree Nursing.
BRITT, IOWALogan Leerar, Industrial Instrumentation & Control.
BUFFALO CENTER, IOWANathan Doden, Powerline.
BURLINGTON, WISCONSINSamantha Hammiller, Agriculture.
CEDAR FALLS, IOWAClayton Petersen, Powerline.
CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWAHollie Kirsch, Health Information Technology.
Calvin Brown, Diesel Technology; Drew Kennedy, Automotive Service; Wyatt Pingel, Advanced Welding Technology.
COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA Ashley Wittkop, Medical Coding.
DANVILLE, IOWA Drake Johnson, Powerline.
DOON, IOWAAndrea Kelderman, Radiologic Technology.
EARLY, IOWA Coleton Loerts, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology.
ELLSWORTH, MINNESOTA Dalton Popkes, Industrial Instrumentation & Control.
EMMETSBURG, IOWAAllie Bigley, Associate of Arts.
Zoe Groeneweg, Accounting.
GALENA, ILLINOIS Corwin Moser, Powerline, Powerline Technology.
Claire Kramer, Associate of Arts; Lyle Moore, Automotive Service; Danae Thoene, Medical Coding; Nicholas Wyatt, Associate of Arts.
GLENWOOD, IOWASierra Coffey, Medical Coding.
GRANVILLE, IOWADominic Van’t Hof, Automotive Service.
GRUVER, IOWAGarrett Paulson, Powerline.
HALBUR, IOWACarter Drake, Welding.
Cherryenne Hibbing, Associate of Arts; Brieann Van Sloten, Pharmacy Technician; Nathan Westphal, Business.
HOSPERS, IOWABrayden Anderson, Automotive Service; Alishia Ennema, Radiologic Technology; Anna Evink, Business; Kiley Parks, Associate of Arts.
HULL, IOWAPaulina Alvarado, Associate of Arts; Nora Boogerd, Associate of Arts; Carlos Cordova, Business; Dana De Boer, Clerical Accounting; Amy Douangkhai, Medical Coding; Josie Horstman, Associate of Arts; Jennifer Luevano, Associate of Arts; Gretta Van Es, Associate of Arts; Macy Verhoef, Business.
INWOOD, IOWA Wesley Fluit, Diesel Technology.
IONA, MINNESOTARyley Thraen, Diesel Technology.
Lila Sieck, Business.
JEWELL, IOWAHeather Thelen, Medical Coding.
JORDAN, MINNESOTA Dustin Heuer, Heavy Equipment Operation and Maintenance.
Maryssa Borden, Agriculture.
KINGSLEY, IOWAGage Croxen, Welding; Deasha Goulette, Medical Coding; Shayley Haggin, Radiologic Technology.
LAKE CITY, IOWAKyler Schumacher, Powerline.
LAKE PARK, IOWADylan Meyer, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology.
LARCHWOOD, IOWAJaden Snyder, Associate of Arts; Jesse Wulf, Business.
Joshua Tejiri, Associate of Arts.
Mekhi Armstrong, Web & Graphic Design; Kade Calhoun, Heavy Equipment Operation and Maintenance; Emma Reuter, Associate of Arts.
LIBERTY, ILLINOIS Grady Kurfman, Powerline, Powerline Technology.
Tucker Wall, Powerline.
MATLOCK, IOWA Simon Maggert, Associate of Arts.
MAURICE, IOWACarson Jager, Associate of Arts
Drake Ditsworth, Powerline Technology; Grace Wintz, Agriculture.
MOVILLE, IOWAMakayla Archer, Accounting; Mary Putze, Associate of Arts; Sarah Putze, Associate of Arts.
Shannon Bladt, Health Information Technology.
Brock Mathers, Powerline Technology.
Britnie Johnson, Agriculture.
Neil Belken, Information Technology Specialist.
ONAWA, IOWACallie Shuck, Associate of Arts
Kael Arends, Associate of Arts; Ayden Klein, Associate of Arts; Jonah Nibbelink, Automotive Service; Julie Plender, Associate of Arts; Gabriela Vazquez, Business; Nikolai Wede, Associate of Arts.
OSCEOLA, IOWACasey Kindred, Powerline.
Ryan Dewey, Powerline.
Kelsey Daniels, Associate of Arts; Kyan Kruse, Associate of Arts.
Amber Woitalla, Agriculture.
Allyia Loss, Radiologic Technology.
Shelby Case, Radiologic Technology; Rosalie Jenness, Medical
Coding; Annika Wulf, Medical Coding.
QUINCY, ILLINOISJulius Prizy, Powerline Technology.
REMSEN, IOWAAbby Bohnenkamp, Radiologic Technology; Wesley Galles, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Xavier Galles, Industrial Instrumentation & Control; Jared Krug, Associate of Arts; Braden Ruba, Industrial Instrumentation & Control.
ROCK RAPIDS, IOWA Ethan Hoefert, Associate of Arts; Daniel Schriever, Industrial & Commercial Wiring.
Danika Cannegieter, Business; Ricky Koenen, Diesel Technology; Josie Postma, Accounting; Chris Van Der Brink, Design Technology; Trenton Van’t Hul, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance; Kyler Van Voorst, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Holli Warburton, Radiologic Technology.
ROCKWELL CITY, IOWA Kevin King, Powerline; Blake Mcalister, Powerline.
ROLFE, IOWA Manon Koezen, Radiologic Technology.
Faith Felos, Agriculture.
SAINT ANSGAR, IOWACade Beyer, Industrial & Commercial Wiring.
Alan Abonce, Business; Addison Douma, Associate of Arts; Taylan Elwood, Agriculture; Daniel Nyanchoga, Practical Nursing; Jordan Ortega, Associate of Arts; Nicole Wesselink, Medical Coding.
SHELDON, IOWAJessica Beldt, Practical Nursing; Shane Brouwer, Business; Savanna Decker, Associate of Arts; Kourtney Dekker, Associate of Arts; Anthony Kooiker, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Kendig Maschmann, Powerline; Vincent Muigai, Practical Nursing; Kyle Peterson, Industrial Instrumentation & Control; Colton Ritchie, Powerline; Sophia Schmith, Associate of Arts; Ethan Spronk, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Makayla Van Voorst, Associate of Arts; Esther Wandui, Practical Nursing.
Evan Heinrichs, Information Technology Specialist; Justin Heinrichs, Information Technology Specialist; Natalie Klaassen, Web & Graphic Design; Jasmine Thompson, Associate of Arts.
SIOUX CENTER, IOWAJavier Mauricio, Business; Sophia Meek, Medical Coding, Health Information Technology; Luis Ortiz Reyes, Automotive Service; Daisy Ramirez, Associate of Arts.
SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA Cesar Gonzalez, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance.
SPENCER, IOWA Allie Grimm, Agriculture; Kaylee Lowder, Practical Nursing.
SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA Emjae Fisbeck, Practical Nursing.
Ryan Gordon, Associate of Arts.
SUTHERLAND, IOWALydia Flinders, Associate of Arts.
Madisyn Kozitza, Radiologic Technology.
THOMPSON, IOWADevin Kiel, Powerline.
Matthew Mcginnis, Agriculture.
Sara Stalsberg, Agriculture.
Cade Mueller, Powerline.
Waylen Butler, Powerline.
Jesus Tinajero-Lule, Powerline.
WEST BEND, IOWAAaron Massner, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Colin Montag, Business.
Benson Fehr, Industrial & Commercial Wiring.
WINDSOR HEIGHTS, IOWAGarrett Sperling, Powerline Technology.

NCC Recognizes Makayla Davidson as the 2023 Outstanding Alumna of the Year

Each year one outstanding graduate of Northwest Iowa Community College is recognized for his or her professional and personal accomplishments. The recipient of the 2023 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year award is Makayla Davidson of Orange City, Iowa. Makayla is a 2013 Radiologic Technology graduate and is currently employed as the Radiation Oncology Manager at June E. Nylen Cancer Center in Sioux City, Iowa. The 2023 Alumnus of the Year recognition was held in conjunction with NCC’s Spring Commencement ceremony on May 12, 2023.

Makayla was raised in Le Mars Iowa, where she attended Le Mars Community High School and graduated in 2010. She attended NCC where she received credentials as a medical transcriptionist, and then entered into the Radiologic Technology program graduating with her associate’s degree in 2013.  Makayla immediately transferred to Mitchell Technical Institute’s Radiation Therapy program with the goal of providing therapy to cancer patients. During this time, she had many clinical rotations in a variety of locations, one of those being June E. Nylen Cancer Center. Makayla was hired there full-time and was able to work in different departments daily, interacting with and providing care to numerous cancer patients. In 2019, along with full-time employment, Makayla decided to continue her education even further, receiving her Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging from Mercy College of Ohio. Makayla’s ability to adapt to a variety of roles and her excellent ability to show love to patients when they need it the most led her to being promoted to her current position of Radiation Oncology Manager. Makayla has overseen many major transitional projects, including multi-million-dollar renovations, and has implemented some of the most up-to-date technology for cancer screenings & treatments to the Sioux City area.

Makayla remains connected to the College through serving on the Alumni Advisory Committee and participating in the NCC Alumni Mentorship Program where she has provided professional mentorship to current NCC Radiologic Technology students.

Makayla’s family includes her husband, Joshua, and their daughter, Charlie.

Makayla’s success is our story!

Photo: Makayla Davidson

NCC Welcomes New Member to Foundation Board

The Northwest Iowa Community College Foundation Board is excited to add John Emerick as its newest member of its board.  Emerick was formally inducted into the Foundation Board during its quarterly meeting, held on April 19, 2023.

Emerick is the Owner/President of JElectric in Hull and is a 2003 alumnus of Northwest Iowa Community College’s Industrial and Commercial Wiring program. He will be representing the Boyden Hull CSD region on the foundation board.

The NCC Foundation Board is comprised of eighteen members, fourteen of whom represent each public-school district in NCC’s service territory, two members from the NCC Board of Trustees, and multiple retired NCC Presidents.  The mission of the Northwest Iowa Community College Foundation is to attract and manage financial resources, enhance awareness of the College, and to support access to lifelong learning opportunities.

For more information regarding the Northwest Iowa Community College Foundation, contact the NCC Foundation Office at 800-352-4907.

Pictured: John Emerick


NCC Offering Welding Basics Class

This class will prepare you with the skills to pursue a welding career in the manufacturing world. It includes instruction in Shop Math, Precision Measurement, and Blueprint Reading, to best prepare you for the 30-hour classroom and hands-on welding training. Welding training will focus mostly on the gas metal arc welding process, and cover topics such as safety, intro to GMAW, intro to plasma cutting, oxyfuel cutting, and introduction to qualification testing and welding codes. You will have a chance to pass a welder qualification test towards the end of class. Successful completion of this class will result in a locally-recognized NCC completion certification.

Cost: $3,150*
*Tuition Assistance available to those who qualify. Must be an Iowa resident and 17 years old by first day of class. Contact Glenda Barrios for more information at or 800-352-4907, ext. 124.

June 6- August 2, 2023 – NCC Campus

Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 4:00-7:00 pm.

For questions or to register, please contact Kalie Kruger at or 800-352-4907, ext. 378.  



NCC Offering Childcare Provider Class

This short-term, non-credit certificate program is intended to provide you with the knowledge, resources, and confidence to be successful in an entry-level childhood career, while also preparing you with the minimum training required of a first-year child care provider. You will have the opportunity to earn certification in CPR/First Aid and Mandatory Reporter training. The majority of class will be done in online modules and will be self-paced. Additionally, this class will cover employment readiness skills.

June 1: Information & Materials Session | Location: NCC

June 2–8: Complete Modules | Online (self-paced)

June 9: Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training (self-paced)

June 12: First Aid/CPR/AED & Soft Skills | Location: NCC

Cost: $1,575*
*Tuition Assistance available to those who qualify.  Must be an Iowa resident and 17 years old by first day of class. Contact Glenda Barrios for more information: or 800-352-4907 ext. 124.

For questions or to register, please contact Kalie Kruger at or 800-352-4907, ext. 378.

NCC Welcomes New Member to its Foundation Board

The Northwest Iowa Community College Foundation Board is excited to add Kim Hicks as its newest member of its board.  Hicks was formally inducted into the Foundation Board during its quarterly meeting, held on April 19, 2023.

Hicks is a native of Northwest Iowa, and spent a majority of her career working for Dr. Roed in Paullina, IA as a dental assistant.  Hicks has extensive community college history in her family, with three generations benefiting from community colleges.  She will be representing the MMCRU CSD region on the foundation board.

The NCC Foundation Board is comprised of eighteen members, fourteen of whom represent each public-school district in NCC’s service territory, two members from the NCC Board of Trustees, and multiple retired NCC Presidents.  The mission of the Northwest Iowa Community College Foundation is to attract and manage financial resources, enhance awareness of the College, and to support access to lifelong learning opportunities.

For more information regarding the Northwest Iowa Community College Foundation, contact the NCC Foundation Office at 800-352-4907.

Photo: Kim Hicks