Northwest Iowa Community College Opens Many Opportunities for Students by Starting Their College Career with NCC

The Associate of Arts program at Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC) is a great option for students for a variety of reasons. It is an excellent choice for students who are undecided about a career and are aiming to explore college before selecting a specific program or major. Courses teach strong communication skills, cultural knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving strategies, providing students with a well-rounded foundation that prepares them for success in the workforce and at other colleges.

The program is an ideal option for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university. NCC has a history of successful student transfers facilitated by established articulation agreements with numerous institutions, ensuring a seamless transition. The program also caters to students requiring a flexible schedule. All of the courses can be taken entirely online, or the program can be completed through a combination of online and in-person courses. The overall appeal of this program lies in the flexibility and transferability it affords.

Eddie Valdes stands as one of more than 1,000 alumni who have earned their Associate of Arts (AA) degrees from Northwest Iowa Community College. Eddie’s journey to NCC began over 1,500 miles away in Florida, where he worked in production management. Seeking career advancement, he discovered limited opportunities in Florida, which led him to accept a position at Smithfield in Orange City, Iowa. He decided to move himself and his family to Iowa to begin this new venture.

Eddie eventually secured the role of Front-Line Supervisor at Tyson’s Dakota City location. During this time, he continued to apply for higher positions within the company but was constantly passed up for individuals who had completed more education. Eddie decided that the time had come for him to attend college and obtain a degree.

In his forties, with a family to support and having never been to college, Eddie knew obtaining his degree would be no easy task, but he was excited for the challenge and eager to begin. Eddie researched various options in the area and was intrigued by the Associate of Arts program at NCC. He desired an affordable program that could be completed entirely online, as quickly and flexibly as possible, and that had a great reputation.

Eddie embarked on the Associate of Arts program in the fall of 2017. He worked exceptionally hard and graduated just one year later. Motivated by his achievements, Eddie set the additional goal of transferring to earn a bachelor’s degree. Continuing his education at Fort Hayes State University, he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources. Eddie’s commitment then led him to an accelerated master’s degree program, allowing him to begin master’s courses while completing his bachelor’s program. By 2021, he officially held a Master’s Degree in Human Resources.

Eddie attributes his success to NCC and the instructors who provided him with a high-quality education that prepared him extremely well, not only for transferring to a four-year college, but also for entering his profession. He stated, “The education I received at NCC was just as good, if not superior, to the education I received while pursuing my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. I am thankful for my instructors and the knowledge I obtained at NCC.”

Eddie is currently employed as the People Operations Manager at Diamond Vogel in Orange City. In this role, he collaborates with senior management and the company’s executive team to raise employee engagement, humanize the company’s processes, and simply make employees a top priority. He and other members of his team travel throughout the Midwest to Diamond Vogel’s various locations to train employees and implement various initiatives on engagement and culture. One recent initiative carried out by Eddie’s team yielded a 50% reduction in employee turnover after just one year!

Beyond his role at Diamond Vogel, Eddie actively contributes to the education industry. He is passionate about encouraging individuals to obtain an education and seize available opportunities. He serves as an adjunct instructor for Northwestern College teaching.

Human Resources Management courses. Additionally, he provides internships for area college students, working with a handful of student-interns each summer. Finally, he is a member of the Advisory Board for Northwestern College’s Business & Economics programs. As a program advisory member, Eddie shares his real-life experiences and recommends improvements for the college’s programs.

Having spent a majority of his working years in various production positions, Eddie values his corporate-level position and genuinely empathizes with his employees. Eddie’s journey to where he is today looks a lot different than many of his peers, but he is grateful for his experiences and perspective. He recognizes the importance of treating people well and investing in them, a philosophy reflected in his daily work. Eddie’s journey is a testament to the success that can be achieved through education and determination, making his story an inspiration for others.


Eddie’s success is our story!


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Eddie Valdes

Northwest Iowa Community College is Excited to Kick Off a Great First-Year with Their Sports Teams

Let the Games Begin


For many, this moment seemed unlikely. When the idea of adding collegiate sports was first broached over a decade ago, it faced skepticism, appearing somewhat out of character for NCC. Founded as a technical school, NCC forged its path by offering high-quality skill training and has grown into a comprehensive community college offering the first two years of a bachelor’s degree. NCC is now continuing to evolve with the addition of college athletics.


Starting in Fall 2024, NCC is set to embrace a new chapter in its evolution by introducing sanctioned collegiate soccer. The timing for this move into collegiate sports aligns with a broader trend among community colleges, where athletic programs are becoming more prevalent. This shift not only provides students with increased extracurricular opportunities but also contributes to fostering a more collegiate atmosphere, potentially boosting enrollments.


The decision to adopt sanctioned collegiate sports gained momentum when the Sheldon Community School District proposed a collaborative effort, suggesting the sharing of a turf field. This partnership opportunity underscored the relevance and timeliness of expanding NCC’s extracurricular offerings. Plans to join an athletic conference and establish a sanctioned soccer team quickly gained traction.


What does this development mean for NCC? It involves hiring coaches, acquiring gear, adapting meal plans and housing to accommodate athletic needs, and, crucially, recruiting student-athletes. In a landscape where many colleges offer athletics, recruiting top talent requires coaches to build relationships, foster an appealing culture, maintain robust academic programs, and secure support and scholarship funding.



Currently, NCC awards scholarships annually to students based on their chosen program of study, academic achievements, or other distinctive qualifications that merit financial support. However, none of these scholarships were specifically designed to aid student-athletes. Recognizing the importance of attracting top players to bolster our sports programs and subsequently enhance NCC’s enrollment, there is a dedicated effort to expand our scholarship offerings.


One significant initiative was launched last August—the inaugural annual Shoot for Success fundraiser. This event marked the beginning of our commitment to generating additional scholarships tailored to support student-athletes. Looking ahead, there are more opportunities on the horizon to contribute to athletics through various means, including participating in events, attending games, purchasing apparel, or becoming a member of the Thunder Athletic Booster Club. Keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities, and let’s rally together to cheer on the Thunder! GO THUNDER!



NCC initially ventured into collegiate sports programming several years ago with the introduction of intercollegiate sports shooting to its campus. At that time, the program primarily consisted of students already enrolled at NCC, engaging in sports shooting as an extracurricular activity. Scholarships specifically tied to sports shooting were limited.


However, as the program has continued to expand and NCC has shifted its focus toward recruiting collegiate athletes, there’s a noticeable change in the Sports Shooting Team’s emphasis. The strategy now involves actively recruiting students to choose NCC for their sports shooting endeavors. To facilitate this transition and support aspiring athletes, NCC organized its first annual NCC Shoot for Success fundraising event in August 2023.


The day-long competition attracted 50 participants and successfully raised over $8,000. The entirety of these funds is earmarked for scholarships aimed at supporting students involved in sports shooting. This initiative underscores NCC’s commitment to nurturing and encouraging excellence in sports shooting among its student body.





There are many ways to support student-athletes at NCC. Fans are invited to attend any of the upcoming athletic events to show their support. Additionally, you can give a gift to the NCC Foundation, which helps cover tuition costs for these student-athletes.


Another way to help is by informing potential students about the athletic and academic opportunities at NCC and encouraging them to explore what the college has to offer. You can also become a member of the soon-to-be-formed THUNDER ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB.


We would also love for you to consider “adopting” an athlete. This may involve sending notes of encouragement, care packages, or even inviting them over for a family meal. Local support can be very impactful for students who are far from home.


For more information on any of these opportunities, contact

Kristi Landis

800-352-4907 ext. 164


Soccer poster


NCC Welcomes New Men’s Soccer Commit, Diego Alferez

Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC) proudly announces the addition of Diego Alferez to both its men’s soccer team and the Associate of Arts program. Hailing from Sioux City, Iowa, Diego brings a wealth of talent and technical skills to the Thunder roster.

Diego brings a rich background in soccer, having played as both a striker, right wing, and a left wing in high school, and competing in tournaments with the South Sioux City Diablos since he was five years old. “I am beyond excited and ready to start this new chapter in my career and am also ready to work with the guys,” Diego shared. Diego plans to complete his gen eds at NCC, and then transfer to a four-year school to further his education.

Alferez was drawn to NCC by the soccer program and the facilities that NCC has to offer. “My favorite building at NCC is the LLRC. There is everything I could possibly need there,” Diego commented. “It’s not too big, and not too small. It’s very peaceful.”

Supported by an athletic scholarship, Diego’s transition to NCC is facilitated not only in terms of athletic opportunity but also financial stability, providing relief to his family while enabling him to pursue his passion for soccer.

Jesse Kuehler, Men’s Head Soccer Coach at NCC, lauded Diego’s dynamic play and intelligence on the field. “Diego is a very dynamic and intelligent player. He played in multiple positions all across the field this past season with Sioux City East. His dedication and work rate fits the style of the squad, and he will be a great asset to the program.”

Diego is the son of Maria and Loera Fernando-Alferez of Sioux City, Iowa.

About NCC Men’s Soccer Team

Northwest Iowa Community College stands as a beacon of academic excellence and vibrant campus life. Offering a wide variety of programs and dedicated to the success of its students, NCC continues to attract individuals looking for a superior educational experience. For more information, please visit NCC’s website. Stay updated on our sports teams on X and Instagram at @ncciowa_msoccer and @ncciowa_wsoccer.

For more details about the NCC Men’s Soccer program and future team developments, please reach out to Coach Kuehler directly at, or call 712-869-0861. NCC competes in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and the Iowa Community College Athletic Conference (ICCAC).


Diego Alferez and parents Maria and Loera Alferez

NCC Women’s Soccer welcomes recruit Karla Ivette

Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC) proudly announces the addition of Karla Ivette to both its women’s soccer team and the Associate of Arts: Exercise science and Kinesiology program. Hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska, Karla brings a wealth of talent and technical skills to the Thunder roster.

Karla’s decision to join NCC was driven by the sense of community she felt on her visit, and the safety that the NCC community was able to provide for her. “I felt very at ease knowing that they take safety into consideration and have emergency buttons around campus if I were to ever feel unsafe,” Karla shared. Karla’s lifelong dream is to become either an athletic trainer, or a physical therapist one day. “I love sports and also love to learn about the way the body works so I thought it was be a great idea to pursue this as a career.”

With a strong background in soccer, Karla brings plenty of excitement to the team. Throughout her high school years, Karla has played a lot of different positions, but finds herself to enjoy center defensive midfielder and center attacking midfielder best. Her soccer journey began by playing for LARFC as well as Hawks, in her hometown, then currently playing for Sporting NE this year, where she has been able to hone in on her skills on the field.

Joining Team Thunder fills Karla with excitement as she looks forward to playing alongside her new teammates and starting a new chapter in life. She shares, “It’s a new team faces and a new environment that I am excited to explore.”

Coach Tre Thomas is thrilled about Karla’s addition to the team. “Karla is a technical player that knows the game really well and is a work horse. I have built a great relationship with her for some months now and I am greatly thankful she is going to be suiting up in Thunder gear for the next 2 years. She is a great kid that has a lot of ambition and will be great addition to the culture that I want to develop here!”

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Karla Ivette as she begins this exciting journey with the NCC Women’s Soccer Team.

About Northwest Iowa Community College

Northwest Iowa Community College stands as a beacon of academic excellence and vibrant campus life. Offering a wide variety of programs and dedicated to the success of its students, NCC continues to attract individuals looking for a superior educational experience. For more information, please visit NCC’s website. Stay updated on our sports teams on X and Instagram at @ncciowa_msoccer and @ncciowa_wsoccer.


For further details about the NCC Women’s Soccer program and future team developments, please reach out to the NCC Athletics Department or Coach Thomas directly at, or call 712-869-0862. NCC competes in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and the Iowa Community College Athletic Conference (ICCAC).


Karla Arita Commit


NCC conducted Commencement Ceremonies Friday, May 10

Two hundred and twenty-seven students graduated from Northwest Iowa Community College on Friday, May 10, 2024 during commencement ceremonies held in the Northwest Iowa Lifelong Learning and Recreation Center on NCC’s campus.

A list of students who received certificates, diplomas and degrees follows:

AKRON, IAKailey J. Jackson, Radiologic Technology Degree; Sydney R. Parks, Practical Nursing Diploma.

ALLEN, TX –    Zander D. Dowdy, Associate of Arts Degree; Angela M. Ndegwa, Associate Degree Nursing.

ALTOONA, IAGloria D. Krueger, Medical Coding Diploma.

AMES, IAJoshua C. Dietrich, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

ARCADIA, IADamon W. Ehlers, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

ARLINGTON, IABowen R. Munger, Powerline Diploma.

ASHTON, IAKaily N. Fox, Associate Degree Nursing; Dylan J. Frangenberg, Associate of Arts Degree; Noah L. Jager, Associate of Arts Degree, Business Diploma.

ATLANTIC, IAJonathon D. Friesleben, Design Technology Degree.

BOONE, IAAngelique G. Smith, Medical Coding Diploma.

BOX ELDER, SDHeather C. Brozo, Associate of Arts Degree.

BOYDEN, IABraden M. Dokter, Automotive Service Diploma; Alyssa C. Van Der Waal, Associate Degree Nursing; Adrianna A. Vander Plaats, Practical Nursing Diploma; Chad E. Zenk, Industrial and Commercial Wiring Degree.

BRIGHTON, COJonas D. Tiensvold, EMT Certificate.

BRITT, IALogan L. Leerar, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Degree.

CALAMAR, IAPhillip E. French, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

CEDAR FALLS, IADylyn M. Powell, Medical Coding Diploma.

CEDAR RAPIDS, IAKhloe Hester, EMT Certificate; Hollie J. Kirsch, Health Information Technology Degree.

CHARTER OAK, IAThomas O. Morley, Design Technology Degree.

CHEROKEE, IARyan K. Brown, Business Degree; Tanner J. Woodall, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

CLEGHORN, IAMichaela R. Thrun, EMT Certificate.

COUNCIL BLUFFS, IACarri S. Nelson, Health Information Technology Degree.

DENISON, IAGavin M. Miller, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

DENVER, IAZachary M. Miller, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree; Cooper R. South, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

DEXTER, MIAmanda K. Laroe, Agriculture Online Degree.

DONNELLSON, IAPayton C. Stevens, Powerline Diploma.

DOON, IAThomas J. Munoz, Automotive Service Diploma.

ESTHERVILLE, IA Mya M. Gjerde, Practical Nursing Diploma.

EVERLY, IASamuel J. Jorgensen, Paramedic Certificate.

FAIRMOUNT, NDTyler R. Wangler, Agriculture Online Degree.

FOREST CITY, IACarson R. Buffington, Powerline Diploma.

GEORGE, IAHaylee Martin, EMT Certificate; Alexis A. Arends, Clerical Accounting Diploma; Kally G Modder, Associate Degree Nursing.

GLIDDEN, IANoah J Feilmeier, Automotive Service Diploma.

GRAND ISLAND, NEAlexander O. Boyd, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Degree.

GRANVILLE, IACassandra J. Ackerman, EMT Certificate.

GUTHRIE CENTER, IABuck A. Marean, Powerline Diploma.

HANLONTOWN, IAHannah J. Anderson, EMT Certificate.

HARTLEY, IAKeith L. DeBoer, Practical Nursing-Extended Diploma; Abigail E. Nelson, EMT Certificate; Dalen L. Peters, Practical Nursing-Extended Diploma.

HAWARDEN, IAJacolyn A. Ballard, Practical Nursing-Extended Diploma; Tristen S. Tifft Practical Nursing-Extended Diploma.

HENRICO, VA Haylel A. Alemneh, Web & Graphic Design Diploma.

HOLSTEIN, IA Emma L. Weber, Clerical Accounting Diploma.

HOSPERS, IAAlishia M. Ennema, Radiologic Technology Degree.

HUDSON, IAMac L. Kelly, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

HULL, IA Shelby M. Andringa, Clerical Accounting Diploma; Carlos A. Cordova, Business Degree, Jakob A. Emerick, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Thayden MD. Fisher, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Kyle D. Gritters, Design Technology Degree; Jobey J. Hespe, EMT Certificate; Anneka M. Kaster, Associate Degree Nursing, Eli J. Klein, Clerical Accounting Diploma; Faith R. Kleinwolterink, Associate of Arts Degree; Kaylee J. Kruid, Practical Nursing-Extended Diploma; Skyler T. Mullinix, Associate of Arts Degree; Annie J. Vietor, Associate Degree Nursing.

INWOOD, IA Brooklyn N. Van Beek, Practical Nursing Diploma; Ethan D. Van Regenmorter, Automotive Service Diploma.

IRETON, IA Lila J. Sieck, Business Degree; Addisyn N Van Oort, Associate of Arts Degree; Sara B. Zomermaand, EMT Certificate.

JACKSON, MNJob G. Mose, Practical Nursing-Extended Diploma.

KANSAS CITY, MOAndrew H. Fleury, EMT Certificate.

KEOKUK, IACallum D. Tackes, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

KINGSLEY, IAShayley R. Haggin, Radiologic Technology Degree; Rylee A. Wright, Associate of Arts Degree.

LAKE CITY, IACali J. Miller, Medical Coding Diploma.

LAKE MILLS, IACarson J. Eaton, Powerline Diploma.

LAKE PARK, IA Hailey L. Cody, Practical Nursing-Extended Diploma.

LARCHWOOD, IA Jasmine M. David, Associate of Arts Degree, Business Diploma.

LAURENS, IA Emily J. Harrold, Business Diploma.

LAWTON, OKMelinda D. Myers, Agriculture Online Degree.

LE MARS, IA Jill, J. Lewandowski, Practical Nursing Diploma.; Dakota D. Olsen, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Degree; Erin Schroeder, EMT Certificate; Conner W. Von Hagel, Automotive Service Diploma; Mekhi P. Armstrong, Web & Graphic Design Degree; Matthew R. Bates Automotive Service Diploma; Austin T. Bergquist, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Degree.

LUBBOCK, TXChad R. Clark, Accounting Degree, Clerical Accounting Diploma.

MARCUS, IA Joseph J. Frangione, Paramedic Certificate; Eban J. Hicks, Design Technology Degree; Matthew M. Kollbaum, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Degree.

MAURICE, IA Jaycee L. De Weerd, EMT Certificate.

MELVIN, IA Jacob D. Foster, Production Welding Diploma.

MERRILL, IA Zachary M. Dempster, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

MIDDLETOWN, IA Levi D. Francis, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

MILFORD, IADrake G. Ditsworth, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree; Paige M. Hilde, Radiologic Technology Degree.

MOSCOW, IAConnor M. Bierman, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

MOVILLE, IA Cody L. Bates, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

MUSCATINE, IAGunner W. Brossart, Powerline Diploma; Lenny J. Fortenbacher, Powerline Diploma.

NEW SALEM, ND Danielle M. Hort, Agriculture Online Degree.

NEWTON, IAKallie Van Kley, EMT Certificate.

NORA SPRINGS, IA Drew R. Kelley, Powerline Diploma; Brock A. Mathers, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

OCHEYEDAN, IA Laura R. Barrie, Web & Graphic Design Diploma; Ashlynn F. Dagel, Associate Degree Nursing; Mariana Garcia, Automotive Service Diploma; Savanna J. Oostenink, Health Information Technology Degree.

OMAHA, NE Mariah G. Hargrave, EMT Certificate.

ORANGE CITY, IAMelodie K. Estes, Pharmacy Technician Diploma; Ashlyn J. Gomez, Practical Nursing Diploma Kobie J. Karhoff, Automotive Service Diploma; Jacob K. Huisman, Design Technology Degree; Carli R. Murphy, Medical Coding Diploma; Kaitlin R. Nuzum, Practical Nursing-Extended Diploma; Brittini L. Oolman, EMT Certificate; Kyle Phillips, Associate of Arts Degree; Ashley L. Strain, Associate Degree Nursing; Shandy L. Timp, Associate Degree Nursing; Kinzie L. Van Kekerix, Practical Nursing Diploma.

OSAGE, IA Cole C. Adams, Powerline Diploma.

PAULLINA, IA Kylee J. Massmann, EMT Certificate; Karlee R. Ohrt, EMT Certificate.

PELLA, IACaleb J R. Blom, Powerline Diploma.

PERRYVILLE, MOTucker J. McClure, Agriculture Online Degree.

PIERSON, IAKonnor L. Shever, Automotive Service Diploma.

PIERZ, MNAmber L. Woitalla, Agriculture Online Degree.

PLEASANTVILLE, IACody M. Metcalf, Powerline Diploma.

POCAHONTAS, IAAllyia L. Loss, Radiologic Technology Degree; Jordan S. Zuetlau, Associate Degree Nursing.

PRIMGHAR, IA Traven D. Bahrenfuss, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Taya L. Mason, Associate Degree Nursing; Eddie Millan, Automotive Service Diploma; Ashlynn M. Tjossem, Pharmacy Technician Diploma.

REMSEN, IA Abby M. Bohnenkamp, Radiologic Technology Degree; Wesley J. Galles, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Jacob R. Harwick, EMT Certificate.

ROCK RAPIDS, IA Mark Hand, Paramedic Certificate; Carter D. Spiess, Radiologic Technology Degree; Cameryn J. Van Holland, Radiologic Technology Degree; Nicholas R. Weber, Paramedic Certificate.

ROCK VALLEY, IA Rebecca A. Bakker, Practical Nursing Diploma; Aika A. Curiel, EMT Certificate; April De Kam, EMT Certificate; Erin M. De Kam, EMT Certificate; Dawn M. DeWit, Associate of Arts Degree; Brayden J. Gerritsen, Automotive Service Diploma; Nickkie Hoekstra, EMT Certificate; Lance R. Koenen, EMT Certificate; Derek W. Kreykes, Business Diploma, Autumn Laman, EMT Certificate; Steven C. Van Surksum, EMT Certificate; Anna V. Postma, Business Diploma; Jennifer S. Simpson, Practical Nursing Diploma; Clara R. Smith, Practical Nursing Diploma; Peytan J. Toering, Radiologic Technology Degree; Carson J. Van Der Weide, Automotive Service Diploma; Holli J. Warburton, Radiologic Technology Degree.

RUTHVEN, IADajsa M. Bakken, EMT Paramedic Degree.

SAC CITY, IAFaith A. Felos, Agriculture Online Degree.

SAINT ANSGAR, IACade P. Beyer, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

SANBORN, IAAlan D. Abonce, Business Degree; Evan P. Eilers, Production Welding Diploma; Cassie N. Jones, Practical Nursing- Extended Diploma; Lynette K. Matthiesen, Web & Graphic Design Diploma; Judy K. Mongera, Practical Nursing-Extended Diploma; Caleb P. Nkuna, Practical Nursing Diploma; Daniel O. Nyanchoga, Associate Degree Nursing, Marlene M. Reyes Martinez, Practical Nursing-Extended Diploma.

SANTA ROSA, CAJames G. Wainaina, Associate Degree Nursing.

SHELDON, IAEmily R. Tune, EMT Certificate; Jacob L. Andringa, Information Technology Specialist Degree; Jessica S. Beldt, Associate Degree Nursing; Ongbe C. Ble, Practical Nursing-Extended Diploma, Ellie J. Boeve, Business Degree, Business Diploma; Haley K. Christians, Practical Nursing-Extended Diploma; Alexis LD. Crawley, Associate of Arts; Noelle A. Fjeld, Associate Degree Nursing; McKayla M. Frederick, Associate Degree Nursing; Alexis D. Full, Associate Degree; Katerina B. Griffin, Associate Degree Nursing; Faith K. Kamanda, Associate Degree Nursing; Trent J. Lane, Web & Graphic Design Diploma; Jessica A. Lange, Associate Degree Nursing; Erin N. Lidiak, Business Degree;  Erin K. Meendering, Clerical Accounting Diploma; Ethan R. Mouw, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Vincent N. Muigai, Associate Degree Nursing; Martha C. Mulder, Practical Nursing-Extended Diploma; Brenda N. Mwanje, Health Information Technology Degree; Nellie W. Mwaura, Associate Degree Nursing; Elise N. Nyanjui, Associate Degree Nursing; Kyle R. Petersen, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Degree; Elizabeth G. Poppema, Practical Nursing Diploma; Keegan G. Smit, Associate Degree Nursing; Alanah A. Steeg, Practical Nursing Diploma; Angelia Sterk, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Katherine Stewart, Paramedic Certificate; Luke J. Stover, Associate of Arts Degree; Samual D. Vust, Accounting Degree; Esther W. Wandui, Associate Degree Nursing.

SIBLEY, IAElisha R. Agena, Paramedic Certificate; Conner J. Beltman, Clerical Accounting Diploma; Justin R. Heinrichs, Information Technology Specialist Degree; Mark D. Jenson, Business Diploma; Charles W. Voll, EMT Certificate; Tyler J. Woelber, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

SIOUX CENTER, IA Angelo Barron, Automotive Service Diploma; Dana M. Brummel, Accounting Degree; Blake L. Cannegieter, Associate of Arts Degree; Collin M. Den Herder, Business Diploma; Jenna R. Dibbet, Practical Nursing Diploma; Brianna L. Fedders, Associate Degree Nursing; Karter R. Hoogendoorn, EMT Certificate; Joelle K. Kieboom, Associate Degree Nursing; Samantha J. Meeuwsen, Associate Degree Nursing; Jordyn P. Postma, Practical Nursing Diploma; Ethan J. Van Middendorp, Automotive Service Diploma; Micah D. Van Middendorp, Automotive Service Diploma; Jack A. Vogel, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Sharon J. Vos, Clerical Accounting Diploma.

SIOUX CITY, IALucy Mawindo, Associate Degree Nursing.

SIOUX FALLS, SDTaylor E. Burns, Associate Degree Nursing; Deborah K. Gboeah, Associate Degree Nursing; Dana V. Sihavong, Web & Graphic Design Diploma.

SLOAN, IATy K. Harding, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Degree.

SOLON, IATyler P. Hancox, Powerline Diploma.

SPENCER, IASamuel C. Brandt, EMT Certificate; Jessica L. Curry, Practical Nursing Diploma; Allie E. Grimm, Agriculture Online Degree; Erica L. King, Practical Nursing Diploma; Kaylee J. Lowder, Practical Nursing-Extended Diploma; Karisa M. Robbins, Practical Nursing-Extended Diploma; Erin G. Strohman, Practical Nursing-Extended Diploma.

SPIRIT LAKE, IA Elli G. Carney, Radiologic Technology Degree; Amanda J. Tanner, Paramedic Certificate.

SUTHERLAND, IA Evans V. Ball, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

TERRIL, IAMadisyn R. Kozitza, Radiologic Technology Degree.

WATERLOO, IA Amina Mehmedovic, Web & Graphic Design Diploma.

WEST BEND, IA Aaron J. Massner, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

WITTEMORE, IA Benson S. Fehr, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

WILTON, IA Tyler E. Mach, Powerline Diploma.

WINDOM, MN Meryline M. Gari, Practical Nursing-Extended Diploma.

WINDSOR HEIGHTS, IAGarrett T. Sperling, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology.

WORTHINGTON, MNBekele M. Geleta, Practical Nursing-Extended Diploma.

NCC Hosts Successful High School Career and Technical Education Fair

NCC was the proud host of the Northwest Iowa Career and Technical Education (CTE) Fair, an exciting event dedicated to showcasing the talents and projects of students from northwest area high schools.

The CTE Fair provided an excellent opportunity for about 200 registered high school students to display their creativity and technical skills. Students had the chance to compete in a variety of engaging competitions such as the Nail Pound, Welding, Drill Drive, Anvil Toss, and the highly anticipated Junk Yard Wars. The Junk Yard Wars challenge required students to design and build vehicles using repurposed materials, pushing their engineering and problem-solving skills to the limit.

“The CTE Fair highlights the incredible talents and potential of our area high school students,” said Shane Peterson, NCC Dean of Applied Technology. “Showcasing their work to parents, businesses, and other students is a significant benefit. Additionally, the fair and the preparation for it provide valuable career exploration opportunities. It’s inspiring to see their dedication and innovation, and events like these truly underscore the importance of hands-on learning and technical education.”

Among the participants was Teagan Butler, a sophomore from Woodbury Central High School, who shared his experience. “I participated in the contest ‘What Can You Make with a 2×4 Stud.’ It’s been a lot of fun. I really liked figuring out what to do, how to do it, and then actually building it. I am exploring the career fields of Mechanical Engineering or Drafting/Design,” said Butler.

“The CTE Fair is an excellent opportunity for students to shine and demonstrate their hard-earned skills,” said Allie Unrau, NCC’s Work-Based Learning Coordinator. “It’s a fun, competitive environment where students can learn something new, exhibit their talents, and be recognized for their innovative efforts.”

NCC extends its gratitude to all the students, teachers, and sponsors who contributed to making the CTE Fair a resounding success. The event not only celebrated the hard work and creativity of the students but also inspired many to explore future career paths in career and technical fields.


Results include:

Division A1- Cabinet & Furniture making projects- Erica Metzger West Lyon, Eathan Outler Rock Valley, Gage Blauwet West Lyon.
Division A2 – Cabinet & Furniture making Projects- Quintan Wittrock Rock Valley, Carter Padavich Rock Valley, Tyler Friedrichsen Rock Valley.

Division A3 – Cabinet & Furniture making projects- Joseph Gettsch Rock Valley, Wyatt Ehrp Rock Valley, Gavin Shehr Rock Valley.
Division B1 – Lathe Projects- Liam Metzger West Lyon, Nick Adams Lawton Bronson, Tayton Knoblock West Lyon.

Division B2 – Lathe Projects – Kade Wright Rock Valley

Division C2 – Metal Welding Projects- Ryan Klarenbeck West lyon, Celab Hagen / Bo Bloger Rock Valley, Odin Hansen Rock Valley

Division C3 – Metal Welding Projects- Jackson Ver Meer West Lyon, Hayven Hollingshead West Lyon

Division D1 – Drafting-Mechanical Board Drawing Only- Logan Kanfam Manson Northwest Webster, Max Korte Manson Northwest Webster, Paige Lahrs Lawton Bronson

Division F1 – CAD-Mechanical Drafting Only, Lizete Hartado Ortiz Manson Northwest Webster, Cody Jondle Manson Northwest Webster, Justin Metzger Manson Northwest Webster

Division G – Furniture Restoration Aden Nelson Manson Northwest Webster

Division I1– Cutting Boards- Nick Adams Lawton Bronson, Gage Martin Rock Valley, Gage Martin Rock Valley

Division J1 – Crafts- Jaci Stubbe / Chloe Knoblock West Lyon

Division J2 – Crafts- Cody Wunschel Rock Valley

Division P2 – Manufacturing – Plasma- Ty Kammrad West Lyon, Jack Carolyn West Lyon

Division P3 – Manufacturing – Router- Shaylyn Van Veldhuizen West Lyon, Nick Adams Lawton Bronson, Max Klein Lawton Bronson

Division P4 – Manufacturing – 3D Printing- Hope DeRaad Lawton Bronson, Hope DeRaad Lawton Bronson, Paige Lahrs Lawton Bronson

Division P5 – Manufacturing – Metal Lathe / Mill- Leo Avgueta West Lyon

Division Q1 – 2×4 Challenge- Ethan Thompson Woodbury Central, Sean Z Woodbury Central, Devin Woodbury Central

Division S2 – Cake Decorating- Aden Markort Manson Northwest Webster

Anvil Toss– Furthest throw of 9# Anvil- Laurens Vander Waal Netherlands Reformed Christian School 61′-6″, Jacob Rozenboom Netherlands Reformed Christian School 59′-8″, Hayden Zant Lawton Bronson 55′-10″

JYW Race– Best time / performance (teams)- Netherlands Reformed Team1 93 laps, Netherlands Reformed Team 92 laps, West Lyon Team 24 / West Lyon Team 100 72 laps

JYW Best Engineering- Best use of materialsJYW Race Vehicle West Lyon Team 46263

Overall Best of Show- (all categories)- Quintan Wittrock Rock Valley

Overall Runner Up- (all categories)- Jackson Ver Meer West Lyon

Best of Show- Beginner / 1st Year- Erica Metzger West Lyon

Best of Show – Drafting- Lizete Hartado Ortiz Manson Northwest Webster

Best of Show – ManufacturingShaylyn Van Veldhuizen West Lyon

Best of Show – Welding / MetalsJackson Ver Meer West Lyon

BEST OF SHOW OVERALL FCS- Aden Markort Manson Northwest Webster




Schools Participating:


Woodbury Central

Netherlands Reformed Christian School


Manson Northwest Webster


Rock Valley

West Lyon


Odebolt–Arthur–Battle Creek–Ida Grove


Truck Simulation

Flag Entry

NCC Announces New Recreation and Athletics Director

Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC) announces Eric Francis as the new Recreation and Athletics Director, effective July 1.

Hailing from Pocahontas, Iowa, Eric Francis brings a wealth of experience and a robust educational background to his new role. He holds an Associate of Arts with a Business Focus and Coaching Authorization from Iowa Central Community College, and has furthered his education at the University of Iowa with courses in Business and Teaching. Additionally, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Teaching with a focus on Social Sciences from the University of Northern Iowa. He has also completed Evaluator Training by AEA and Athletic Administration classes by IHSADA.

Holding an Evaluator License and Coaching Authorization, Francis demonstrates his commitment to excellence in education and athletics. At Pocahontas Area High School, he served as Activities Director, Dean of Students, and At-Risk Coordinator. In these roles, he managed schedules, assigned officials, evaluated coaches, coordinated with the fine arts department, and handled budgets. He also addressed student concerns, deescalated situations, communicated with stakeholders, and supported at-risk students. As the Girls Basketball Coach, he managed practice schedules, communicated with players and parents, reviewed budgets, and fundraised for the program. Notably, he hosted regional and district championships for various sports.

With extensive coaching experience, Francis has spent five years as a high school girls basketball head coach (eight years as an assistant), earning the titles of Class 2A SW District Coach of the Year for 2018-2019 and Class 2A Region Co-Coach of the Year for 2018-2019 and 2022-2023. His background also includes eight years as a high school softball head coach (two years as an assistant), six years as a middle school boys track coach, and three years as a middle school football coach.

In addition to his professional roles, Francis gained valuable experience while attending the University of Iowa, where he worked in the athletic department, assisting with the setup and teardown of Hawkeye athletic events. During his time at the University of Northern Iowa (2010-2012), he participated in women’s basketball practices as a practice player, which further enhanced his understanding of athletic operations and team dynamics.

Francis is excited to bring his passion for sports and movement to Northwest Iowa Community College. “I have always been passionate about sports and movement. Growing up, I was immersed in athletics, attending games my father coached and actively participating in various sports throughout high school and college. These experiences showed me the transformative power of sports and inspired me to pursue a career in teaching and coaching. I am both excited and grateful for the opportunity to join the NCC community. I am eager to play an integral role in developing recreational and athletic opportunities for students to pursue their passions both on the field and in the classroom. I look forward to helping establish the foundational blocks for new athletic programs, enabling students to participate in sports they are passionate about.”

We look forward to the positive impact Eric Francis will bring to our college community. Join us in welcoming him to Northwest Iowa Community College as our new Recreation and Athletics Director.

Eric Francis


NCC Gives Away 27th Car Through the CHARITABLE CHARIOTS Program

Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC) proudly continues its tradition of community service with the donation of a 2008 Chrysler Sebring through its “Charitable Chariots” program. This initiative aims to provide transportation solutions to families in need while offering valuable hands-on experience to students.

The recent recipients, Bohdan and Sasha Panasovych, Ukrainian immigrants newly settled in the United States, expressed gratitude for the gift. “We came to the US with nothing,” Bohdan shared. “This gift provides us with a good opportunity for our new lives here because there is very little public transit in Northwest Iowa. We are very thankful.”

The ceremony marking the transition of ownership from the College to the Panasovychs was attended by members of the community, faculty, and students, who witnessed the impact of their collective effort. Gabriel Campbell, an Automotive & Light Duty Diesel student from Everly, IA, reflected on his involvement: “This is a very cool project. It makes me feel really good that we can help someone.”

Thomas Munoz, another student participant from Doon, IA, echoed Campbell’s sentiment, stating, “I like helping people out that need a lift up. This is my second Charitable Chariots car that I have worked on. I like learning how to take apart a car, identifying the problem, and then putting it back together.”

The Charitable Chariots Program, an integral part of NCC’s Automotive & Light Duty Diesel and Diesel Technology Programs, has now donated 27 vehicles to families in need across Northwest Iowa. Chuck Ball, NCC Automotive Instructor, emphasized the program’s broader educational goals: “We want students to be well-rounded professionals, and that includes giving back to their communities.”

For those interested in contributing to the Charitable Chariots program, please contact Chuck Ball at Northwest Iowa Community College via phone at (712) 324-5061 or email at

For more information on NCC’s various programs or to request a free copy of the NCC Viewbook, please contact the Admissions Office at or visit the NCC website at At NCC, your success is our story.

About Northwest Iowa Community College:
Northwest Iowa Community College is committed to providing high-quality education and training programs to empower individuals and communities to achieve their full potential. With over 50 programs and a focus on student success, NCC remains dedicated to serving the needs of its students and the surrounding community.

Gabriel Campbell, Thomas Munoz, Bohdan and Sasha Panasovych

Picture: L to R: Gabriel Campbell, Thomas Munoz, Bohdan and Sasha Panasovych

picture of event


Over 80 Students Engage in Hands-On Healthcare Exploration at NCC’s “Scrubs Camp”

Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC) successfully hosted its annual “Scrubs Camp” on Monday, May 13th, 2024, welcoming over 80 enthusiastic middle and high school students from thirteen area schools, including homeschool students, eager to explore various healthcare career paths.

The event, spearheaded by NCC’s Health Science programs and Sanford Health, offered 7th-12th graders an immersive experience designed to introduce them to diverse healthcare professions. Participants delved into fields such as EMS, Nursing, CNA, Radiologic Technology, Pharmacy Technology, Medical Lab Technology, Health Information Technology, and Medical Coding.

Throughout the day, students engaged in seven mini-sessions led by NCC program instructors, featuring hands-on activities tailored to each healthcare career. A highlight of the event was an emergency care live action simulation, conducted in collaboration with the Sheldon Community Ambulance Team (SCAT). This simulation showcased the real-time collaboration among healthcare professionals in managing emergency trauma scenarios, emphasizing the critical importance of teamwork in healthcare.

Kevin Miller, NCC’s Associate Dean of Health, emphasized the significance of understanding the collaborative nature of healthcare professions, underscoring the vital role each career plays in patient outcomes and overall healthcare system management. “The collaborative nature of healthcare professions is crucial. Each career contributes uniquely to positive patient outcomes and effective management. Allowing students to explore the true nature of a healthcare team is a valuable experience when they are choosing a career field.”

One participant, Kate Solsma, a freshman from MOC-Floyd Valley High School, shared her excitement about the event, expressing, ‘I’m really enjoying the day. The hands-on events are incredibly realistic. Currently, I’m participating in the CNA simulation, which has given me a different perspective. I attended because I’m considering a career in the healthcare field, with Radiology catching my interest.’

Another participant, Lily Vander Pol, also a freshman from MOC-Floyd Valley High School, echoed her sentiments, stating, ‘I also tried the CNA simulation. It truly makes you realize how much a senior citizen relies on the CNA caretaker! I came today because I’m interested in pursuing a career in healthcare, particularly in anesthesiology.’

The “Scrubs Camp” was made possible through the support of the Iowa Intermediary Network and local healthcare sponsors, offering the camp free of charge to participants.

For more information about future events or NCC’s Healthcare programs, please visit NCC offers a wide range of programs and services to meet the needs of students and the community. With a commitment to excellence in education, NCC provides accessible, affordable, and quality learning opportunities that empower individuals to achieve their goals.

Your Success is Our Story.


L to R: Kate Solsma and Lily Vander Pol

Participating schools:



George-Little Rock


Homeschooled Students


Netherlands Reformed Christian School

Rock Valley



St. Patrick’s Catholic

West Lyon

Western Christian


Spring Honor List Announced at NCC

Northwest Iowa Community College, Sheldon, Iowa, has announced the Honor List for the Spring semester. Students on the Honor List are full-time and have achieved an average grade point of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

NCC continually maintains a high presence of quality students that are represented on the Honor List. These students are to be commended for their fine performance in their respective fields. The list by city follows:

AKRON, IOWAKari Dreckman-Tomlinson, Pre-Practical Nursing.

ALTON, IOWATyra Pals, Arts & Science; John Van Wyk, Diesel Technology; Jenna Meines, Web & Graphic Design.

ALVORD, IOWA Nolan Vander Veen, Automotive Service & Light Duty Diesel; Blake Van Roekel, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Madison Van Ginkel, Radiologic Technology.

ANAMOSA, IOWAAaron Casey, Powerline.

ARCHER, IOWAAkoya Cabanas, Associate of Arts.

ARLINGTON, IOWABowen Munger, Powerline.

ASHTON, IOWA Noah Jager, Associate of Arts & Business.

AUDUBON, IOWA Jay Remsburg, Powerline Technology.

BATTLE CREEK, IOWADamon Dausel, Powerline Technology.

BAYARD, IOWAJacob Estrada, Powerline.

BOYDEN, IOWAJuan Cade, Pre-Practical Nursing; Colton Beyer, Welding; Braden Dokter, Automotive Service.

CALAMUS, IOWACole Vanderheiden, Powerline.

CHARTER OAK, IOWAThomas Morley, Design Technology.

CHEROKEE, IOWACalvin Brown, Diesel Technology; Drew Kennedy, Automotive Service & Light Duty Diesel.

CLEGHORN, IOWAKristian Stowater, Pre-Practical Nursing.

COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA Carri Nelson, Health Information Technology.

DENISON, IOWA Alexis Neumann, Radiologic Technology.

DENVER, IOWACooper South, Powerline.

DOON, IOWAKiara Hickey, Arts & Science; Thomas Munoz, Automotive Service.

EMMETSBURG, IOWA Derek Lawson, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Carson Hoffman, Powerline; Mckayla Burt, Pre-Practical Nursing.

EVERSON, WASHINGTON Mayson Mellema, Associate of Arts.

FORT DODGE, IOWA Jacob Erickson, Powerline.

FREDERICK, MARYLAND Dalena Bryant, Agriculture.

GEORGE, IOWAAudreanna Dixon, Associate of Arts; Lyle Moore, Automotive Service and Light Duty Diesel; Danae Thoene, Medical Coding & Health Information Technology; Sti-Annie Kap, Arts & Science; Alexis Arends, Clerical Accounting.

GREENE, IOWADawson Testroet, Powerline.

HARTLEY, IOWA Kirsten Vander Stoep, Web & Graphic Design.

HAWARDEN, IOWATristen Tifft, Extended Practical Nursing; Lori Janseen, Health Information Technology.

HINTON, IOWAEthen Huebner, Powerline; Levi Rice, Powerline.

HOSPERS, IOWA –– Addaly Miller, Arts & Science; Alishia Ennema, Radiologic Technology; Mason Parks, Diesel Technology; Kiley Parks, Associate of Arts; Kylah Beltman, Arts & Science.

HULL, IOWACarlos Cordova, Business; Jobey Hespe, Arts & Science; Nathan Kooima, Business; Eli Klein, Clerical Accounting; Shelby Andringa, Clerical Accounting.

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Jaspreet Nijjar, Pre-Practical Nursing.

INWOOD, IOWA Wesley Fluit, Diesel Technology; Lakia Van Beek, Business; Ethan Van Regenmorter

IRETON, IOWA Lilia Sieck, Business; Treyton Bonnema, Industrial & Commercial Wiring.

KELLERTON, IOWAAnthony Short, Business.

KINGSLEY, IOWADerek Reinking, Industrial Instrumentation & Control; Shayley Haggin, Radiologic Technology.

LAKE CITY, IOWABrody Stauter, Powerline; Cali Miller, Medical Coding.

LAKE PARK, IOWAAmanda Tanner, Paramedic.

LARCHWOOD, IOWA Jesse Wulf, Agriculture Science Technology.

LAURENS, IOWAAddison Olson, Associate of Arts; Emily Harrold, Business.

LE ROY, ILLINOISLuke Stuepfert, Powerline.

LE MARS, IOWAMekhi Armstrong, Web & Graphic Design.

LIBERTYVILLE, IOWARyan Atkinson, Agriculture Science Technology.

MARCUS, IOWA Elizabeth Pederson, Associate of Arts; Joseph Frangione, Paramedic.

MASON CITY, IOWA Will Fingalsen, Powerline; Van Wasicek, Powerline.

MILFORD, IOWALogan Duvall, Radiologic Technology.

MUSCATINE, IOWA Lenny Fortenbacher, Powerline; Gunner Brossart, Powerline.

OAK HILL, OHIOBritnie Hoops, Agriculture Science Technology.

OCHEYEDAN, IOWA Bradley Zamudio, Associate of Arts; Laura Barrie Web & Graphic Design.

ORANGE CITY, IOWA Anna Hummel, Arts & Science; Arianna Van Donkelaar, Arts & Science; Tierney Huss, Arts & Science; Payton Kleinhesselink, Arts & Science; Shandy Timp; Associate Degree Nursing; Caden Vellinga, Business; Carli Murphy, Radiologic Technology; Leah Taylor, Associate of Arts; Melodie Estes, Pharmacy Technician.

OTTOSEN, IOWAZane Zeller, Information Technology Specialist Networking.

PIERSON, IOWA Konnor Shever, Automotive Service.

PLEASANTVILLE, IOWA Cody Metcalf, Powerline.

POCAHONTAS, IOWA Allyia Loss, Radiologic Technology; Megan Sump, Radiologic Technology.

POLK CITY, IA Davis Foughty, Diesel Technology.

PRIMGHAR, IOWAJaela Anliker, Associate of Arts; Brock Riedemann, Diesel Technology.

QUINCY, ILLINOISJulius Prizy, Powerline & Powerline Technology.

REMSEN, IOWAAbby Bohnenkamp, Radiologic Technology; Danielle Toel, Associate of Arts; Mykin Youde, Arts & Science.

ROCK RAPIDS, IOWA Aaron Springer, Arts & Science; Lauren Geerdes, Arts & Science; Lilly Henry, Arts & Science; Amy Borman, Associates of Applied Sciences; Carter Spiess, Radiologic Technology; Mark Hand, Paramedic; Nicholas Weber, Associates of Applied Sciences.

ROCK VALLEY, IOWA Gertrude Wisse, Associate of Arts; Cade Tiedeman, Agriculture Science Technology; Keisha Koedam, Business; Derek Kreykes, Business; Andrea Solano, Clerical Accounting; Daniela Olmos Martinez, Extended Practical Nursing; Daniel Muniz, Welding; Carson Van Der Weide, Automotive Service; Rebecca Bakker, Practical Nursing; Jennifer Simpson; Practical Nursing; Holli Warburton, Radiologic Technology.

SANBORN, IOWA Alan Abonce, Business; Taylan Elwood, Agriculture Science Technology; Rianne VanMeeteren, Radiologic Technology; Lynette Mattiesen, Web & Graphic Design.

SHELBYVILLE, INDIANA Zaniel Balting, Agriculture Science Technology.

SHELDON, IOWA Lauren Duhn, Associate of Arts; Blake Radke, Associate of Arts; Divinah Meshack, Associate of Arts; Kaden Kamstra, Associate of Arts; Luke Stover, Associate of Arts; Timothy Lee, Arts & Science; Andreu Kolbeck, Arts & Science; Alexis Kempers, Arts & Science; Brenda Mwanje, Health Information Technology; Damon Van Beek, Powerline; Shu-Hsuan Lin, Pre-Practical Nursing; Susan Wandui, Pre-Practical Nursing; Addison Presthus, Elementary Education; Trent Lane, Web & Graphic Design; Kyle Peterson, Industrial Instrumentation & Control; Esther Wandui, Associate Degree Nursing; Tanner Holoch, Powerline.

SIBLEY, IOWAEvan Heinrichs, Information Technology Specialist; Grace Bevers, Arts & Science; McKayla Frederick, Associate Degree Nursing; Diana Sufle, Business; Mark Jenson, Business; Rylie Boer, Radiologic Technology; Elisha Agena, Paramedic.

SIOUX CENTER, IOWAAshleigh Vermeer, Associate of Arts; Bethany Huisman, Arts & Science; Sharon Vos, Accounting; Javier Mauricio, Business; Zoe Gulker, Business; Isaiah Brummel, Powerline Technology; Myka Jo Huizenga, Radiologic Technology; Miah Bleeker, Radiologic Technology; Sarah De Haan, Radiologic Technology; Jenna Dibbet, Practical Nursing; Ethan Van Middendorp,

SPENCER, IOWA Isaac Dean, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Ethan Stave, Diesel Technology.

SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA Maximus Jones, Welding; Damon Vanden Berg, Welding.

STEEN, MINNESOTAJoshua Wiersema, Diesel Technology.

SUTHERLAND, IOWASasha Green, Pre-Practical Nursing; Jalyssa Joines, Radiologic Technology.

SUTTON, NEBRASKAKaden Bradley, Agriculture Science Technology.

TAYLORVILLE, ILLINOIS Anna Cameron, Web & Graphic Design

TERRIL, IOWA Madisyn Kozitza, Radiologic Technology.

TOMAH, WISCONSINSara Stalsberg, Web & Graphic Design

WEBSTER CITY, IOWA Brody Beminghaus, Powerline.

WESLEY, IOWA Olivia Moore, Extended Practical Nursing.

WEST BEND, IOWAAaron Massner, Industrial & Commercial Wiring.

WHITTEMORE, IOWA Benson Fehr, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Jacob Zabka, Industrial & Commercial Wiring.

YUBA CITY, CALIFORNIAIvneet Sangha, Pre-Practical Nursing.