Steve Waldstein Retires from NCC

Steve Waldstein, Dean of Applied Technology, has been a mainstay on campus for ten years. He has led the Applied Technology division through some of the biggest changes in the College’s history. Leading by example and a core value of student success, Steve is now retiring due to a genetic disorder that has progressed, making it hard for him to continue with the rigorous schedule his job demands.

“I was diagnosed with Spinal and Bulbar Muscular Atrophy (SBMA) which is a cousin to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). ALS is a fast-moving decline in muscle ability; SBMA progresses relatively slowly,” said Waldstein. “I was diagnosed a few years ago. I first started noticing my balance was off. I would accidently run into things and just chalked it up to being clumsy or getting older. I finally sought a medical explanation when I fell down my stairs for no apparent reason and broke my collar bone. I just knew something was off.”

Waldstein decided to take “retirement” or medical disability leave now rather than waiting until his medical condition had progressed any further. “I have my good days, but they aren’t consistent and there are fewer of them as time goes on. If I overdo something one day, it can take me several days to recover. I just couldn’t keep up the physical pace I needed at work to be successful,” stated Waldstein.

Waldstein’s career crisscrosses across the state of Iowa and, indeed, the world.  From having the opportunity to work in every state in the nation except Alaska, to far off destinations like China and Australia, Waldstein has made an impact teaching all over the globe.

He started his teaching career in Iowa at Dike-New Hartford (DNH) high school as an Industrial Technology teacher and girls’ basketball and track coach. Something that Waldstein is proud of during this time period was the development of a partnership with the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). It would bring future UNI Industrial Technology Education students to DNH for their Level 3 Field Experience class. Waldstein said, “Basically, I would assess the students and decide whether they were ready for the classroom—ready for student teaching.” He was also very proud of increasing female participation in the Industrial Technology programs.

From DNH he went to Emerson Process Management, Fisher Division, where he was an instrumentation and chemical engineer instructor. “I was able to travel the United States and the world with this job. I would trouble shoot instrumentation issues, set up flow loops, and work with chemical engineers. During that period of time I was in 49 of the 50 states. I was also able to go to Australia, where in my free time I swam the Great Barrier Reef, and China, where I was able to walk on the Great Wall.”

By this time Waldstein had a growing family and wanted to be home more. He took a job at Armstrong-Ringsted high school as their Industrial Technology teacher, varsity football and track coach, curriculum director, and website administrator, and he was in charge of all the professional development. “The trade and technology program had been closed for a couple of years and I was able to restart it. Two things really stand out about my time there: I was able to start a very active Engineering Club that attracted both males and females to engineering, and in football we went to the state championship game four times and won twice.”

That brings Waldstein to NCC. In 2012 he started as the Dean of the Applied Technology division. Waldstein took over a successful division and he knew his challenge was to make NCC’s great programs even greater. “I knew the talent and subject matter experts were at the College and the programs were great, but where I saw room for improvement were the facilities and ongoing strategic professional development. We needed the College to physically represent and look as good as the content/curriculum of the programs and the teaching that was going on inside the classrooms and labs. I also wanted to improve the professional development plans for the faculty. They were good, but I knew with strategic professional development they would go from good to great!”

Steve was a key supporter of the General Obligation Bond the College passed in 2018. He knew the facilities and the optics they showed to the community, business partners, and future students didn’t match the level of work going on in the College’s nationally award-winning programs. The teaching and program curriculum were good at NCC, but the facilities portrayed when they were built—the 1960’s. Waldstein commented. “How could we look like we were teaching state-of-the art programs if we looked like we were stuck in the 1960’s or 1970’s. It was time to improve the classrooms and labs. You never get a second chance at a first impression. The facilities and the optics they carried with it were holding us back.”

He played an integral role in the passing of the GO Bond and in the design of the new buildings. Some of the changes under Waldstein’s leadership include: the new Applied Technology Building that is home to the Heavy Equipment & Maintenance program, the Building D renovation and expansion which houses the Automotive and Diesel programs, moving the Welding program from Building D to Building C so it could be side-by-side with the other Manufacturing programs, and the creation of the Idea Lab in Building C.

Another accomplishment that holds a sense of pride for Waldstein is the development of the partnership with Snap-on Tools. “We saw over and over students who couldn’t enter the Transportation programs because of financial barriers. We developed this partnership so not only could students have access to the best tools and technology we could provide, but also to eliminate the huge expense of buying tools before they started their first class.”

Waldstein was excited that the College could find a way for students to not have thousands of dollars in tool expense before even starting the program. Financial aid cannot be used to purchase tools, so this was a financial barrier for some students. “One of the missions of a community college, in my opinion, is career exploration,” stated Waldstein. “It was hard for a student to pay thousands of dollars for professional tools just to explore a career. Now, they can take a semester or two and discover if mechanics is their passion before investing financial resources out-of-pocket for their tools.”

Another positive aspect of the partnership is how students invest each semester in a small tool fee, and then when they graduate they have a complete set of professional-grade tools waiting for them. Waldstein said, “This is a great benefit for each student—they can pay little-by-little with no accumulating interest charges. This way the students receive a complete set of Snap-on tools when they graduate with the option to buy whatever they want at a really good school discount. They are totally prepared when they graduate to enter their professional careers.”

“This really affects families”, said Waldstein. “College is a big financial burden, and this relieves a lot of stress not only for the student, but also their families. The first year we implemented this process, I had a mother of a student come up to me in tears at orientation because she didn’t know how they were going to pay for their son’s tools. This was an unexpected blessing for them and allowed the student to enroll in the program.”

Waldstein wanted to convey, “…and these are words I live by, I expected my faculty to be the best teachers they could be each day in the classroom — to do their best every day. I wanted them to keep growing, keep learning, and to keep evaluating themselves. I wanted them to make clear their passion for their subject and to let their students see it because, many times, the students will follow suit.” Waldstein finished with, “The time at NCC for me was a lot of blood, sweat, and some tears, but as a collaborative team we accomplished a lot.”

Waldstein now plans to volunteer at Sanford Senior Care as a companion and at Sheldon’s East Elementary school reading to students and helping with STEM activities in the classroom.

Accounting Scholarship Awarded

The purpose of the Accounting Scholarship is to encourage individuals to pursue a career in Accounting by enrolling in the program offered at Northwest Iowa Community College. This is a $500 scholarship. Josie Postma, Rock Valley, and Mariel Feekes, Archer, are this year’s recipients of the Accounting Scholarship.

Students Awarded the Agrivision Equipment Group Scholarship

Colton Blom, Rock Valley, and Kale Kramer, Algona, have been awarded the AgriVision Equipment Group Scholarship by the Northwest Iowa Community College Foundation. Both gentlemen are currently Diesel Technology students at NCC.

AgriVision Equipment Group is a full-service John Deere farm and consumer equipment dealer offering new and used farm equipment, tractors, combines, hay equipment, lawn mowers, skid steers and much more.  They have 17 locations to serve Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Missouri. This is a $1,000 scholarship.

Dorothy McCormack Memorial Scholarship Awarded

The Dorothy McCormack Memorial Scholarship was established to help the recipient be able to use the funds to help achieve his or her educational pursuits and have a fulfilling career. This scholarship is given to honor the generosity of Dorothy McCormack. Dorothy was a very passionate lady, who had many interests in her life and always had a desire for helping those less fortunate. This year’s recipient is Addison Metzger, Rock Rapids. Addison is a student in the Associate of Arts program at NCC. This is a $1,000 scholarship.

NCC Offering CPR Classes

Looking to learn more about CPR? Just starting out? An experienced Provider? This class will go through the steps of scene safety and assessment, CPR, AED, and team work. CPR can be a daunting task, but when the time comes for you to perform, will you be ready?

This certification level was formerly known as Healthcare Provider by the American Heart Association. The AHA no longer offers a renewal course for the BLS or Healthcare Provider level. This level of training is required for all EMS providers and many nurses, firefighters, law enforcement, and other healthcare professionals. Topics include adult, child, and infant CPR according to the revised 2020 American Heart Association standards. Tuition: $60

Upcoming Classes:

Tuesdays from 6-10pm, Room 513H, NCC Campus


To register, call Northwest Iowa Community College at 712-324-5061 or 800-352-4907 and ask for Continuing Education or register online at

NCC Employee Given Twenty Five Year Longevity Award

One Northwest Iowa Community College employee was recognized for her twenty five years of service.

The NCC employee who has been with the College for twenty five years:

Amy Bomgaars, Assistant – Enrollment Management/Health Sciences Division, Sheldon

Northwest Iowa Community College is a comprehensive community college whose mission is to be a “Progressive learning college rapidly responding to the global needs of our changing community.” NCC offers both applied technology programs and arts & science transfer courses – over 40 credit programs in all. In addition, the Continuing Education & Workforce Development departments at NCC offer non-credit, personalized training.

For more information about educational opportunities at NCC, either on campus or online, call 712-324-5061, 800-352-4907, or visit
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NCC Employees Given Twenty Year Longevity Awards

Three Northwest Iowa Community College employees were recognized for their twenty years of service.

The NCC employees who have been with the College for twenty years:

Sarah Fykstra, Assistant – Registrar, Hull
Todd Huesman, Coordinator – Financial Aid, Sheldon
Steve Pearce, Tutor/Specialist – Learning Center, Hartley

Northwest Iowa Community College is a comprehensive community college whose mission is to be a “Progressive learning college rapidly responding to the global needs of our changing community.” NCC offers both applied technology programs and arts & science transfer courses – over 40 credit programs in all. In addition, the Continuing Education & Workforce Development departments at NCC offer non-credit, personalized training.

For more information about educational opportunities at NCC, either on campus or online, call 712-324-5061, 800-352-4907, or visit
Northwest Iowa Community College – Your Success is Our Story!

Fall Honor List Announced at NCC

Northwest Iowa Community College, Sheldon, Iowa, has announced the Honor List for the fall semester. Students on the Honor List are full-time and have achieved an average grade point of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

NCC continually maintains a high presence of quality students that are represented on the Honor List. These students are to be commended for their fine performance in their respective fields. The list by city follows:

ADRIAN, MINNESOTABrandon Kramer, Industrial & Commercial Wiring.
AKRON, IOWALevi Hemmelrick, Welding.
Mercedes Rahm, Associate of Arts.
ALLISON, IOWABryce Bruns, Powerline.
Elliot Dykstra, Automotive Service; Emma Haley, Associate of Arts; Shawn Hexamer, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel; Cody Schroeder, Associate of Arts.
ALTOONA, IOWAMacy Nicholson, Radiologic Technology.
Micah Bakker, Agriculture.
ANOKA, MINNESOTAJoan Arogo, Practical Nursing.
Ramandeep Sandhu, Associate Degree Nursing.
ASHKUM, ILLINOISNolan Ahlden, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance.
ASHTON, IOWADawson Dagel, Automotive Service; Laney Rohde, Associate of Arts.
Sarah Rounds, Radiologic Technology.
BANCROFT, IOWACaden Berte, Industrial & Commercial Wiring.
BELLEVUE, IOWAJustin Carrier, Powerline; Luke Giesemann, Powerline.
BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA Rael Osiago, Practical Nursing.
BOYDEN, IOWACole Rensink, Industrial & Commercial Wiring.
BROOKLYN CENTER, MINNESOTA Divinah Makini, Practical Nursing.
BURNSVILLE, MINNESOTAJennifer Nyansongo, Practical Nursing.
BUTTERFIELD, MINNESOTABileigh Anacker, Radiologic Technology.
Sam Schouten, Associate of Arts.
CHEROKEE, IOWAAlexus Jones, Agriculture; Cameron Schueder, Design Technology.
CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEEVictor Kitchens, Agriculture.
COLMAN, SOUTH DAKOTAMaddie Rusche, Associate of Arts.
DELL RAPIDS, SOUTH DAKOTA Hunter Wirkus, Associate of Arts.
EVERLY, IOWA Jenny Hollesen, Radiologic Technology; Lucas Sindt, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel; Emily Stallman, Agriculture; Alyssa Zylstra, Practical Nursing.
FORT DODGE, IOWA Addison Lincoln, Associate of Arts; Joshua Rosenburgh, Powerline.
GEORGE, IOWAAlex Bonestroo, Associate of Arts; Matthew Gerken, Diesel Technology; Dana Kruse, Practical Nursing; Madilyn Matuska, Associate of Arts; Johnathon Schmidt, Associate of Arts.
GRANVILLE, IOWABroooklyn Dau, Business Management.
HARRIS, IOWAErica Clubs, Business Management.
HARTLEY, IOWA Dylan Miller, Agriculture; Chad Salaets, Associate of Arts; Kourtney Schnurr, Associate Degree Nursing; Kassandra Thompson, Health Information Technology.
HAWARDEN, IOWA Nicholas Abbas, Diesel Technology.
HAWKEYE, IOWASamuel Freitag, Powerline Technology.
HOLY CROSS, IOWADustin Wille, Powerline.
HOSPERS, IOWAThomas Pohlen, Diesel Technology.
HOUSTON, TEXASAmanda Huizenga, Business Management.
HULL, IOWAErin Kreibaum, Business Management; Jenna Maassen, Practical Nursing; Logan Moore, Associate of Arts; Darren Rensink, Automotive Light Duty Diesel; Mikayla Van Es, Clerical Accounting; Tyler Van Maanen, Diesel Technology; Lincoln Waldner, Practical Nursing; Emma Zoet, Associate of Arts.
INWOOD, IOWAShanah Herman, Associate of Arts; Drew Klarenbeek, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Kimberly Schelling, Associate of Arts.
IRETON, IOWA Stephanie Jimenez, Practical Nursing.
JEFFERSON, IOWAColby Aspengren, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance.
KEOKUK, IOWAMichael Glasscock, Electrical Technology.
Matthew Riordan, Industrial & Commercial Wiring.
LAKE CITY, MINNESOTACamille Plagge, Associate of Arts.
LE MARS, IOWAEvan Berkenpas, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Casey Hanson, Welding; Ayden Johnson, Industrial Instrumentation & Control; Hannah Jungers, Associate Degree Nursing; Brody Karr, Industrial Instrumentation & Control; Ellie Ludwigs, Web & Graphic Design; Matthew Tritz, Industrial Instrumentation & Control; Sara Vaske, Engineering Design.
LINCOLN, NEBRASKASheldon Isom, Powerline Technology.
Makenna Arends, Radiologic Technology; Kallie Chapa, Associate of Arts.
LONG GROVE, IOWALuke Kroeger, Powerline.
LUVERNE, MINNESOTA Tara Muck, Associate of Arts.
MARCUS, IOWA Kristina Goth, Associate of Arts; Andrew Prescott, Design Technology
MAURICE, IOWA Justin De Weerd, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology.
Donald Smith, Agriculture.
MERRILL, IOWAColin Hartman, Industrial & Commercial Wiring.
MESA, ARIZONAMary Cheshier, Medical Coding.
MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA Lucas Nyantari, Practical Nursing.
Dakota Branstad, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance.
MOVILLE, IOWAAdam Uhl, Powerline.
Miguel Mondragon, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology.
OCHEYEDAN, IOWA Christina Galvin, Radiologic Technology; Jayda Mc Carty, Associate of Arts.
ORANGE CITY, IOWABreckin Bomgaars, Diesel Technology; Emily Fischer, Practical Nursing; Jayden Hiemstra, Automotive Service; Julia Howe, Associate of Arts; Jordyn Jeltema, Business Management; Rebekah Powell, Associate of Arts; Zachary Redmond, Industrial & Commercial Wiring.
OTO, IOWARachael Swearingen, Medical Coding.asS
PATRICK SPRINGS, VA Megan Styers, Agriculture.
Braydn Jungers, Business Management; Alissa Maxwell, Business Management.
PETERSON, IOWAPrestan Samson, Business Management; Casey Tolzin, Agriculture.
Rachel Passow, Associate of Arts.
Maryssa Borden, Clerical Accounting; Alexander Chicoine, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Derkemo Scales, Associate of Arts.
RAMSEY, MINNESOTARuth Oyugi, Practical Nursing.
Lilian Mwangi, Practical Nursing.
REMSEN, IOWAHaley Delperdang, Associate of Arts; Jeremiah Okougbo, Information Technology Specialist.
ROCK RAPIDS, IOWAJazlynn Benz, Associate of Arts; Melissa Postma, Associate of Arts; Caitlin Simon, Business Management.
ROCK VALLEY, IOWASara Bennett, Web & Graphic Design; Raquel Flores Maldonado, Radiologic Technology; Cooper Schwanke, Information Technology Specialist; Hannah Van Tilburg, Business Management, Rigoberto Villalobos, Associate of Arts.
SAC CITY, IOWA Collin Hoffard, Diesel Technology.
SANBORN, IOWA Ivan Abonce, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Elizabeth Carney, Practical Nursing; Brody Elgersma, Associate of Arts; Thomas Richard, Practical Nursing; Cade Schiphoff, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Ryan Sterler, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance.s
SHELDON, IOWABenjamin Chrisman, Associate of Arts; Nathaniel De Haan, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Brandi Fuerstenberg, Business Management; Cristian Govea, Industrial Instrumentation & Control; Brooke Hatting, Associate of Arts; Austin Hofstra, Engineering Design; Nathaniel Holtrop, Automotive Service; Grace Hoogers, Web & Graphic Design; Hannah Jinkinson, Radiologic Technology; Emily Kantor, Web & Graphic Design; Jackson Kleinwolterink, Associate of Arts; Kordell Kooiker, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology; Starla Lane, Web & Graphic Design; Adam Lange, Industrial Instrumentation & Control; Nickolas Mordick, Medical Coding; Teresia Ngethe, Practical Nursing; Jade Paulson, Associate of Arts; Jeffrey Peterson, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology; Brennan Radke, Associate of Arts; Paola Ramirez Padilla, Associate of Arts; Alanah Steeg, Associate of Arts; Kaitlin Wright, Practical Nursing.
SIBLEY, IOWAEmma Cosgrove, Associate of Arts; Kelsy Keninger, Radiologic Technology; Jordan McCuddin, Health Information Technology; Megan Petersen, Associate of Arts; Denise Van Engen, Practical Nursing; Eddie Villanueva, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology; Trevin Wasmund, Business Management.
SIOUX CENTER, IOWAHailemichael Duden, Associate of Arts; Mei-Li Duden, Associate of Arts; Morgan Feenstra, Administrative Office Management; Juan Gomez, Automotive Service; Daniela Gonzalez, Virtual Administration Management; Marnix Hofman, Associate of Arts; Matthew Moline; Web & Graphic Design; Jennifer Salas Hernandez, Practical Nursing; Aaron Sassman, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Lyndsay Sassman, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology; Bryce Scholten, Diesel Technology; Travis Te Grotenhuis, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Rio Vande Vegte, Industrial & Commercial Wiring.
SIOUX CITY, IOWA Jesse Meumany, Industrial Instrumentation & Control; Colby Wilmesherr, Diesel Technology.
SIOUX RAPIDS, IOWA  – Trent Anderson, Automotive Service.
SOLON, IOWA Cole Miller, Powerline.
SPENCER, IOWA Gabriel Bennett, Engineering Design; Luc Cauthron, Associate of Arts; Emma Lowder, Clerical Accounting; Misty Spaulding, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology; Kerri Thein, Practical Nursing
SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA Brock Moffitt, Engineering Design.
STACYVILLE, IOWA Samuel Juenger, Industrial & Commercial Wiring.
Tanner Henniges, Powerline.
SUTHERLAND, IOWA Trinity Lux, Clerical Accounting.
SWISHER, IOWAWyatt Berns, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance.
WASHINGTON DCHaley Gilbert, Agriculture.
Micah Messner, Electrical Technology.
Tyler Giddings, Agriculture.

Upcoming Class! ABCs of Organizing Your Home & Schedule

Do you feel like you are busy, but never get anything crossed off your list? Feel like you waste time looking for things in your house? Is the lack of order causing tension and stress in your household? If you answered yes to any of these, this course is for you!
Stop surviving and take control of your time and space! Attendees will learn:

  • What’s getting in your way of more order and how to start seeing change immediately
  • Simple ways to approach organizing your home regardless of where you are starting
  • Practical ideas to adjust how you plan your days and to-do list
  • Creative solutions to organize any space regardless of size

After completing this course, you will know how to create a place for everything you own; solutions to maximize the hours in your days; and have the motivation to maintain it long term. This course will offer support to the busy mom, the empty nester, the farmer’s wife and anyone seeking order.

This class will be offered on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Sioux Center Library, Section# 70295. Fee: $25. Social distancing precautions and guidelines will be implemented.

Instructor Michelle Kuiken, owner of The Proper Place, is a Professional Organizer and Organizer Coach, restoring order to homes in Northwest Iowa. She works alongside women to help alleviate the overwhelm in order to create balanced and productive households. Michelle has been in business for six years and has helped women nationwide find the peace of mind they desire for their life. She is an active member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals, Iowa Professional Organizers and Faithful Organizers.

To register, call Northwest Iowa Community College at 712-324-5061 or 800-352-4907 and ask for Continuing Education or register online at

NCC Fall 2020 Enrollment

Enrollments at Northwest Iowa Community College are down slightly for the Fall of 2020 at 1,666. This represents about a 6% decrease from the record-breaking  enrollment of Fall 2019 when the headcount was 1,777.

Dr. John Hartog, Vice President for Academics & Student Services said, “While no one wants to report lower numbers than the year before, when we dig down and really analyze the numbers there are some bright spots. One of those bright spots is New to NCC Student numbers are up by just over 3.50% over last year’s incoming class. Also, when you look at the numbers historically this year’s fall class is the 4th largest incoming class overall to NCC — the largest since 2017.” Hartog continued, “This also represents an 86% overall increase in enrollments since fall of 2000 in which NCC had 897 students. That’s not bad considering some of the circumstances and challenges everyone is facing right now.”

One of the best ways to figure out if a college is for you is to schedule a campus visit. Register online at and click the link in the box labeled Thunder Fridays. This year’s dates for Thunder Fridays are: October 2, November 13, November 20: Latino Day, December 4, January 15, January 29: Latino Day, February 12, February 26, March 19: Latino Day, April 9, and May 7. You can register for a Thunder Friday at

To find out more call 800-352-4907, email, or visit our website at  At NCC – Your Success is Our Story!

Fall Enrollments:

Year Student Count   Year Student Count
2020 1,666   2008 1,256
2019 1,777   2007 1,288
2018 1,747 2006 1,224
2017 1,646 2005 1,082
2016 1,634 2004 1,081
2015 1,612 2003 1,079
2014 1,568 2002 1,018
2013 1,628 2001 1,017
2012 1,621 2000 897
2011 1,544
2010 1,654
2009 1,615