Construction Update

The voters in Lyon, O’Brien, Osceola, Sioux, as well as the Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn-Remsen-Union (MMCRU) School District in Cherokee County (Area IV) voted on April 3rd to approve a 14.1 million dollar Referendum for Northwest Iowa Community College. The referendum passed at nearly 74% and will ensure NCC’s ability to continue to offer a high-quality, accessible, and affordable education to our community members.  


The referendum will support key infrastructure upgrades that are needed in order to expand high demand programs.


Nursing/Healthcare Training: NCC already averages 150 nursing students on campus, and demand is growing so fast we turn away many qualified applicants. The bond will help NCC meet the demand to train more nurses and other health professionals, new career training resources, high school career partnerships, and enhanced services for military veterans. 


New Career Training Resources: NCC is a key part of the area economy, providing customized training for our local workforce. This referendum will help NCC expand job training in agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation sectors, where prospective student interest is high.


High School Career Partnerships: NCC will increase partnerships with local high schools that give students access to better career-technical training and education. This will save families thousands of dollars in future college costs and better prepare students for working in our communities.


Enhanced Services for Military Veterans: At NCC we value the contribution and sacrifices of our nation’s service men and women. The referendum will provide additional resources and educational opportunities for America’s veterans.


Dr. Alethea Stubbe, NCC President, expressed her gratitude by saying, “We take the trust you have placed in us seriously. The passage of this referendum is an investment in the future of the college and in the future of Northwest Iowa. These funds will enable NCC to meet our mission as the region’s workforce trainer, career builder, and life changer.” Stubbe continued, “We have conducted a needs assessment of the community, developed a facility plan, and an overall strategic plan. The foundation is laid. The next steps are to bring stakeholders together and start to develop how we will achieve our specific goals and timelines. This is a great time in NCC’s history and we thank the community for the support and promise to move into the future with the community needs at our core. Your Success is Our Story – thank you for giving us the opportunity to write more stories of success about our community members.”


Keeping families in Northwest Iowa and providing training is important and NCC is here to serve. NCC has a powerful impact in our area: 4,331 alumni living in Lyon, O’Brien, Osceola, Sioux, Lyon, and Cherokee counties; 688 area high school students taking college credits semester; 6,656 area emergency services and health professionals being trained last year, and 11,297 residents taking continuing education classes.


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