What is the financial aid process?

  1. After you complete and submit your FAFSA, you will receive the FAFSA Submission Summary (FSS) by mail or email.
  2. Review the information on the FSS, check for accuracy, and update information if necessary.
  3. Once the NCC Financial Aid Office begins processing applications, you will receive a letter in the mail along with a list of required forms and/or documents.
  4. Forward all requested forms and documents to the Financial Aid Office. Please respond to NCC as soon as possible with all documents.
  5. Once your file is complete and you are accepted by Admissions, the Financial Aid Office sends you an Award Letter that indicates the types and amounts of aid for which you are eligible.
  6. We strive to send you information in a timely manner. However, if corrections must be made or if documentation is required, this process may take longer. Be patient, and complete all forms in a timely manner.