Feed the Cupboard, Warm Your Heart Project Held at NCC

The “Feed the Cupboard, Warm Your Heart” project allowed the Thunder Cupboard Committee, the Faculty Association and a variety of NCC staff, faculty, students, and others to work together to raise a total donation of $605.00. The Area IV Community College Faculty Education Association received a community outreach grant from the Iowa State Education Association (ISEA). The $250 in grant money was used as an incentive to raise matching funds for the Thunder Cupboard on the Northwest Iowa Community College Campus.

NCC Staff, Faculty, and others purchased hearts for a $5 donation, messages for our NCC community were written on these hearts, and the hearts are displayed in the hallway outside the cafeteria. The Thunder Cupboard is a food pantry providing food support for students and their families. The motto of the Thunder Cupboard is “Feeding Student Success.”

We know that “Food is as essential as pencils or textbooks. Don’t let hunger get in the way of learning.” A message from the Thunder Cupboard Committee stated, “It warms our hearts knowing we work alongside such giving and caring instructors. Thanks for all you do to support our students!” This project is truly heartwarming in so many ways. The fundraising challenge was held in February as a reminder to open our hearts, to show our love, and to be kind. Valentine’s Day is February 14 and Random Acts of Kindness Day is February 17.

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