Future Ready Iowa

Qualifying Programs at NCC

How do I apply for the Iowa Last Dollar Scholarship?

File the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Please go to IowaCollegeAid.gov/LastDollar for deadline information. That’s it. If you qualify for the Future Ready Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship, NCC will notify you with an award letter.

Update: Beginning with the 2023–2024 academic year, students must have an SAI at or below 20,000 to receive the Iowa Last Dollar Scholarship.

Future Ready Iowa Fast Facts

What is Future Ready Iowa?

Future Ready Iowa is a workforce initiative that connects Iowans to the training and education required for good-paying jobs and careers that improve people’s lives.


Education and training beyond high school is the new minimum in today’s technology-driven, knowledge economy. By 2025, 68 percent of Iowa jobs are expected to require training or education beyond high school.

To have the most future-ready, capable workforce we have to connect more Iowans with opportunities to obtain relevant education and training.  This will help employers and our economy as Iowans earn higher incomes and improve their quality of life.

What is the Future Ready Iowa goal?

That 70 percent of Iowans in the workforce (ages 25-64) have education and training beyond high school by 2025.

What is the Future Ready Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship?

The goal of the Last-Dollar Scholarship program is to increase the number of Iowans with education and training up to a two-year degree in occupations that are in high demand throughout Iowa.  The scholarship program will pay tuition – after applying non-repayable federal and state financial aid – for Iowans who enroll in one of the designated programs of study. If the student qualifies for LDS they will receive at least $500 even if, for example their federal Pell Grant fully covers tuition. This effort is geared toward getting more Iowans into great jobs (starting at a minimum of $14 per hour), meeting the needs of Iowa employers and growing Iowa’s economy.

For more information go to https://educate.iowa.gov/higher-ed/financial-aid/scholarships-grants/last-dollar 

What is the Future Ready Iowa Employer Innovation Fund?

The Future Ready Iowa Employer Innovation fund is a competitive grant opportunity for our partners to collaborate to carry out innovative initiatives and provide wrap-around support – such child-care assistance – to address local workforce issues. This matching grant is available to qualifying applicants. You can find more information on this website – https://workforce.iowa.gov/opportunities/grants

For general information go to https://educate.iowa.gov/higher-ed/financial-aid/scholarships-grants/last-dollar. You can contact someone via the website or call Kathy Leggett, Future Ready Iowa Policy Advisor at 515-725-3882.


Contact NCC’s Financial Aid Office at 712-324-5061 or finaid@nwicc.edu.