Benefits of Joint Enrollment

NCC works with school districts to let current high school students earn college credits.

We do this so you can:

  • Get a head start on college
  • Save time–concurrent enrollment shortens the time to attain a college degree
  • Save money— joint enrollment classes are generally free to students
  • Gain college experience while in the secure environment of high school
  • Use the NCC Library, computer labs, and other support services
  • Enjoy a small faculty-to-student ratio
  • Expand your course opportunities in both college transfer and career and technical programs
  • Earn college credits transferable to a four-year institution
  • Know that grades earned through dual enrollment become part of your permanent high school and college transcripts

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Research is being done on the overall value of concurrent enrollment. The early results are encouraging.

  • According to an article in Inside Higher Education, “A new study from the Community College Research Center finds that dual enrollment programs – which have rapidly proliferated in recent years in part because of state support – are associated with positive outcomes on such measures as high school graduation and college enrollment rates, college grade point averages, and progress toward college completion.” – Inside Higher Education: The Benefits of Dual Enrollment

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