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To Teach Concurrent Enrollment Courses: 

Steps for appointing, approving, and denying Concurrent Enrollment Instructors

Steps for appointing, approving, and denying Concurrent Enrollment Instructors

Step 1: Superintendents may suggest and/ or recommend potential concurrent enrollment instructors for appointment based on the needs of their specific school district. If a potential instructor is interested in teaching concurrent enrollment classes or has an idea for a specific college concurrent enrollment class, he or she should contact the superintendent of his or her high school.

 Step 2: Superintendents then contact either Sarah Breems-Diekevers or Leah Murphy to ensure that the potential instructor meets the credentialing requirements for the Iowa Department of Education. The requirements are that instructors teaching transferrable classes must have a master’s degree with at least 18 credits in their discipline. Career and Technical instructors must hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in a related field or 6000 hours of employment in the field in which they are teaching.

 Step 3: Potential instructors send transcripts (official or unofficial) to Leah Murphy for review. This is a way to prescreen potential applicants. Instructors will be notified whether or not they have the necessary credentials.

 Step 4: If the credentials are in order, potential instructors are instructed to fill out the employment application located on the website and request that official transcripts be sent to the HR department at Northwest Iowa Community College.

 Step 5: The employment application packet is sent to the respective dean for approval. The dean then sends notification of approval or denial to teach concurrent enrollment classes to the superintendent and the instructor.

 Step 6: If approved, the CE instructor is assigned an NCC liaison and will be invited to the new instructor orientation and training session.

To find out more information on teaching concurrent enrollment – view our Handbook.

Questions?  Please contact Sarah Breems-Diekevers or Leah Murphy

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