High School Visit Schedule

Our Admissions team looks forward to meeting you!

High School/ College FairCityDate of VisitTime of VisitAdmissions Representative
Upper Iowa-College FairFayette, IASeptember 11th9:00 AMLisa
UNI-College FairCedar Falls, IASeptember 12th9:00 AMLisa
Kirkwood Community College-College FairCedar Rapids, IASeptember 13th9:30 AMLisa
Eastern Iowa Community College-College FairMuscatine, IASeptember 14th9:30 AMLisa
Western Christian High SchoolHull, IASeptember 15th11:00 AMLisa
Shenandoah-College FairShenandoah, IASeptember 19th9:00 AMLisa
East Sac High SchoolLake View, IASeptember 19th2:00 PMLisa
Carroll-College FairCarroll, IASeptember 19th5:30 PMLisa
Atlantic-College FairAtlantic, IASeptember 20th9:00 AMLisa
Green County High SchoolJefferson, IASeptember 20th1:00 PMLisa
Denison-College FairDenison, IASeptember 21st9:30 AMLisa
Alta-Aurelia High SchoolAlta, IASeptember 21st1:00 PMLisa
MMC-RU High SchoolMarcus, IASeptember 21st2:30 PMLisa
Central College FairPella, IASeptember 25th10:00 AMAshley
Gilbert High SchoolGilbert, IASeptember 25th1:00 PMAshley
Marshalltown Community CollegeMarshalltown, IASeptember 26th9:00 AMAshley
Waverly-Shell Rock High SchoolWaverly, IASeptember 26th1:45 PMAshley
North Iowa Area Community CollegeMason City, IASeptember 27th9:15 AMAshley
North Iowa High SchoolWinnebago, IASeptember 27th12:00 PMAshley
Lincoln High School FairDes Moines, IASeptember 28th8:45 AMAshley
East High School FairDes Moines, IASeptember 28th12:30 PMAshley
Northwest Iowa Community College-College FairSheldon, IAOctober 2nd9:30 AMLisa
Le Mars College FairLe Mars, IAOctober 2nd6:00 PMLee
Akron-Westfield High SchoolAkron, IAOctober 3rd10:30AMLee
MVAOCOU College FairMapleton, IAOctober 3rd1:30PMLee
Thomas Jefferson FairCouncil Bluffs, IAOctober 4th9:00 AMAshley
Lewis Central High SchoolCouncil Bluffs, IAOctober 5th9:00 AMAshley
Abraham Lincoln High SchoolCouncil Bluffs, IAOctober 5th1:00 PMAshley
Central Lee High SchoolDonnelson, IAOctober 9th9:00 AMAshley
Ottumwa High School FairOttumwa, IAOctober 9th10:45 AMAshley
IQCCP FairDavenport, IAOctober 9th5:30 PMAshley
Southeastern Community College FairWest Burlington, IAOctober 10th10:00 AMAshley
Louisa-Muscatine High SchoolLetts, IAOctober 10th12:00 PMAshley
Vinton-Shellsburg High SchoolVinton, IAOctober 10th1:15 PMAshley
Williamsburg High SchoolWilliamsburg, IAOctober 11th9:50 AMAshley
Solon High SchoolSolon, IAOctober 11th11:45 AMAshley
Ballard High School FairHuxley, IAOctober 12th9:30 AMAshley
North Polk High School FairAlleman, IAOctober 12th1:00 PMAshley
MOC-FV High SchoolOrange City, IAOctober 16th8:30 AMLisa
Unity Christian High SchoolOrange City, IAOctober 16th9:30 AMLisa
Sheldon High SchoolSheldon, IAOctober 16th11:15 AMLisa
South O'Brien High SchoolPaullina, IAOctober 16th1:00 PMLisa
HMS High SchoolHartley, IAOctober 16th2:30 PMLisa
Boyden-Hull High SchoolHull, IAOctober 17th9:00 AMLisa
Trinity Christian High SchoolHull, IAOctober 17th10:15 AMLisa
Rock Valley High SchoolRock Valley, IAOctober 17th11:45 AMLisa
Netherlands Reform High SchoolRock Valley, IAOctober 17th1:30 PMLisa
Sioux City North High SchoolSioux City, IAOctober 17th9:15 AMLee
Sioux City West High SchoolSioux City, IAOctober 17th10:00AMLee
Sioux City East High SchoolSioux City, IAOctober 17th10:55AMLee
River Valley High SchoolCorrectionville, IAOctober 17th12:38PMLee
Woodbury Central High SchoolMoville, IAOctober 17th1:30PMLee
Westwood High SchoolSloan, IAOctober 17th2:30PMLee
Manson NW Webster High SchoolManson, IAOctober 18th9:30 AMLisa
South Central Calhoun High SchoolLake City, IAOctober 18th11:00 AMLisa
Glidden-Ralston High SchoolGlidden, IAOctober 18th12:30 PMLisa
Coon Rapids-Bayard High SchoolCoon Rapids, IAOctober 18th2:00 PMLisa
George Little Rock High SchoolGeorge, IAOctober 18th9:00AMLee
Central Lyon High SchoolRock Rapids, IAOctober 18th10:00AMLee
West Lyon High SchoolInwood, IAOctober 18th11:00AMLee
Gehlen High SchoolLe Mars, IAOctober 18th3:00PMLee
Hinton High SchoolHinton, IAOctober 18th1:30PMLee
Sioux Center High SchoolSioux Center, IAOctober 19th8:00 AMLisa
Kingsley-Pierson High SchoolKingsley, IAOctober 19th9:00AMLee
Lawton Bronson High SchoolLawton, IAOctober 19th10:15AMLee
Ridgeview High SchoolHolstein, IAOctober 19th11:30AMLee
OABIG High SchoolIda Grove, IAOctober 19th12:30PMLee
Le Mars High SchoolLe Mars, IAOctober 19th2:15PMLee
New London High SchoolNew London, IAOctober 23rd10:30 AMAshley
Danville High SchoolDanville, IAOctober 23rd11:15 AMAshley
Muscatine High SchoolMuscatine, IAOctober 24th8:30 AMAshley
Lone Tree High SchoolLone Tree, IAOctober 24th9:45 AMAshley
Wapello High SchoolWapello, IAOctober 24th11:00 AMAshley
Waco High SchoolWayland, IAOctober 24th12:00 PMAshley
Easton Valley High SchoolPreston, IAOctober 24th2:30 PMAshley
Monticello High SchoolMonticello, IAOctober 25th10:30 AMAshley
Midland High SchoolWyoming, IAOctober 25th11:30 AMAshley
Linn-Marr High SchoolMarion, IAOctober 26th9:00 AMAshley
Marion High SchoolMarion, IAOctober 26th10:00 AMAshley
East Buchanan High SchoolWinthrop, IAOctober 26th11:30 AMAshley
Independence High SchoolIndependence, IAOctober 26th12:15 PMAshley
Jesup High SchoolJesup, IAOctober 26th1:00 PMAshley
Center Point Urbana High SchoolCenter Point, IAOctober 26th2:30 PMAshley
Spirit Lake College FairSpirit Lake, IAOctober 26th8:10 AMLisa
North Union High SchoolArmstrong, IAOctober 30th10:00AMLee
West Sioux High SchoolHawarden, IAOctober 30th9:00 AMLisa
Washington Cherokee High SchoolCherokee, IAOctober 30th11:30 AMLisa
Pocahontas Area High SchoolPocahontas, IAOctober 30th1:30 PMLisa
Estherville High SchoolEstherville, IAOctober 30th9:00AMLee
Northwood Kensett High SchoolNorthwood, IAOctober 30th1:00PMLee
Newman Catholic High SchoolMason City, IAOctober 30th2:00PMLee
Hampton Dumont High SchoolHampton, IAOctober 31st2:30PMLee
Newell-Fonda High SchoolNewell, IAOctober 31st8:45 AMLisa
Storm Lake High SchoolStorm Lake, IAOctober 31st10:00 AMLisa
Spencer High SchoolSpencer, IAOctober 31st11:30 AMLisa
Sioux Central High SchoolSioux Rapids, IAOctober 31st1:30 PMLisa
Mason City High SchoolMason City, IAOctober 31st9:00AMLee
North Iowa High SchoolBuffalo Center, IAOctober 31st10:30AMLee
Garner-Hayfield-Ventura High SchoolGarner, IAOctober 31st11:45AMLee
Belmond Klemme High SchoolBelmond, IAOctober 31st12:45PMLee
Southeast Valley High SchoolGowrie, IANovember 1st10:30AMLee
Fort Dodge High SchoolFort Dodge, IANovember 1st11:45AMLee
Humboldt High SchoolHumboldt, IANovember 1st1:00PMLee
Algona High SchoolAlgona, IANovember 1st2:00PMLee
Bishop Garrigan High SchoolAlgona, IANovember 2nd9:00AMLee
West Bend Mallard High SchoolWest Bend, IANovember 2nd10:00AMLee
Graettinger-Terril High SchoolGraettinger, IANovember 2nd11:10AMLee
Emmetsburg High SchoolEmmetsburg, IANovember 2nd1:00PMLee
Denver High SchoolDenver, IANovember 6th9:00 AMAshley
New Hampton High SchoolNew Hampton, IANovember 6th11:00 AMAshley
North Fayette High SchoolWest Union, IANovember 6th12:30 PMAshley
Tripoli High SchoolTripoli, IANovember 6th10:00 AMAshley
Starmont High SchoolArlington, IANovember 7th9:00 AMAshley
South Winneshiek High SchoolCalmar, IANovember 7th10:30 AMAshley
Kee High SchoolLansing, IANovember 7th12:00 PMAshley
Waverly-Shell Rock High SchoolWaverly, IANovember 7th2:30 PMAshley
Clarksville High SchoolClarksville, IANovember 8th8:30 AMAshley
Aplington-Parkersburg High SchoolParkersburg, IANovember 8th9:30 AMAshley
Hudson High SchoolHudson, IANovember 8th10:30 AMAshley
Benton High SchoolVan Horne, IANovember 8th12:00 PMAshley
West Delaware High SchoolManchester, IANovember 9th9:15 AMAshley
Anamosa High SchoolAnamosa, IANovember 9th10:55 AMAshley
West High SchoolWaterloo, IANovember 9th1:00 PMAshley
Griswold High SchoolGriswold, IANovember 13th10:30AMLee
Audubon High SchoolAudubon, IANovember 13th9:00AMLee
SW Valley High SchoolCorning, IANovember 13th12:45PMLee
Lenox High SchoolLenox, IANovember 13th1:45PMLee
Lamoni High SchoolLamoni, IANovember 14th9:00AMLee
Central Decatur High SchoolLeon, IANovember 14th10:30AMLee
Clarke High SchoolOsceola, IANovember 14th11:30AMLee
Creston High SchoolCreston, IANovember 14th2:30PMLee
East Union High SchoolAfton, IANovember 14th1:30PMLee
Waukee High SchoolWaukee, IANovember 15th9:00AMLee
Woodward-Granger High SchoolWoodward, IANovember 15th10:00AMLee
Murray High SchoolMurray, IANovember 15th1:00PMLee
Winterset High SchoolWinterset, IANovember 15th2:36PMLee
Perry High SchoolPerry, IANovember 15th11:00AMLee
West Central Valley High SchoolStuart, IANovember 16th9:00AMLee
Panorama High SchoolPanora, IANovember 16th10:00AMLee
AC/GC High SchoolGuthrie Center, IANovember 16th11:00AMLee
Denison High SchoolDenison, IANovember 16th2:15PMLee
Pleasantville High SchoolPleasantville, IANovember 27th9:00 AMAshley
Urbandale High SchoolUrbandale, IANovember 27th10:00 AMAshley
Nevada High SchoolNevada, IANovember 27th11:30 AMAshley
Ames High SchoolAmes, IANovember 27th12:30 PMAshley
Clinton High SchoolClinton, IANovember 28th9:30 AMAshley
Maquoketa High SchoolMaquoketa, IANovember 28th10:30 AMAshley
North Scott High SchoolEldridge, IANovember 28th11:30 AMAshley
Durant High SchoolDurant, IANovember 28th12:30 PMAshley
Calamus-Wheatland High SchoolWheatland, IANovember 28th1:30 PMAshley
Lisbon High SchoolLisbon, IANovember 29th8:30 AMAshley
Tipton High SchoolTipton, IANovember 29th10:15 AMAshley
Wilton High SchoolWilton, IANovember 29th11:00 AMAshley
Waukon High SchoolWaukon, IANovember 30th9:30 AMAshley
Decorah High SchoolDecorah, IANovember 30th10:30 AMAshley
Osage High SchoolOsage, IANovember 30th12:30 PMAshley
North Butler High SchoolGreene, IANovember 30th1:30 PMAshley
Whiting High SchoolWhiting, IADecember 4th9:00AMLee
West Monona High SchoolOnawa, IADecember 4th10:00AMLee
West Harrison High SchoolMondamin, IADecember 4th11:15AMLee
Woodbine High SchoolWoodbine, IADecember 4th1:00PMLee
Logan Magnolia High SchoolLogan, IADecember 4th2:00PMLee
Riverside High SchoolOakland, IADecember 5th9:00AMLee
Tri-Center High SchoolNeola, IADecember 5th10:30AMLee
Missouri Valley High SchoolMissouri Valley, IADecember 5th12:26PMLee
Treynor High SchoolTreynor, IADecember 5th2:00PMLee
Lewis Central High SchoolCouncil Bluffs, IADecember 6th9:00AMLee
Thomas Jefferson High SchoolCouncil Bluffs, IADecember 6th10:00AMLee
Atlantic High SchoolAtlantic, IADecember 6th11:45AMLee
Red Oak High SchoolRed Oak, IADecember 7th9:00AMLee
Orient-Macksburg High SchoolOrient, IADecember 7th10:30AMLee
Shenandoah High SchoolShenandoah, IADecember 7th12:30PMLee
Harlan High SchoolHarlan, IADecember 7th2:15PMLee

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