High School Visit Schedule

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High School/ College FairCityDate of VisitTime of VisitAdmissions Representative
HMS High SchoolHartley, IAFebruary 5th10:00 AMLisa Story
Spencer High SchoolSpencer, IAFebruary 5th11:30 AMLisa Story
Sioux Central High SchoolSioux Rapids, IAFebruary 5th2:00 PMLisa Story
Boyden-Hull High SchoolHull, IAFebruary 6th9:00 AMLisa Story
Trinity Christian High SchoolHull, IAFebruary 6th10:00 AMLisa Story
Western Christian High SchoolHull, IAFebruary 6th11:15 AMLisa Story
MOC-FV High SchoolOrange City, IAFebruary 6th1:00 PMLisa Story
Unity Christian High SchoolOrange City, IAFebruary 6th2:15 PMLisa Story
Newell-Fonda High SchoolNewell, IAFebruary 7th10:00 AMLisa Story
Storm Lake High SchoolStorm Lake, IAFebruary 7th11:40 AMLisa Story
Carroll Kuemper High SchoolCarroll, IAFebruary 7th1:15 PMLisa Story
Carroll High SchoolCarroll, IAFebruary 7th2:00 PMLisa Story
West Sioux High SchoolHawarden, IAFebruary 8th9:00 AMLisa Story
Sioux Center High SchoolSioux Center, IAFebruary 8th10:30 AMLisa Story
Rock Valley High SchoolRock Valley, IAFebruary 8th11:45 AMLisa Story
Netherlands Reformed High SchoolRock Valley, IAFebruary 8th1:30 AMLisa Story
MMC-RU High SchoolMarcus, IAFebruary 29th10:00 AMLisa Story
Sheldon High SchoolSheldon, IAFebruary 9th11:15 AMLisa Story
Greene County High SchoolJefferson, IAFebruary 14th2:00 PMLisa Story
Washinton High SchoolCherokee, IAFebruary 29th11:30 AMLisa Story
South O'Brien High SchoolPaullina, IAFebruary 29th2:00 PMLisa Story
East Sac High SchoolLake View, IAMarch 12th10:30 AMLisa Story
Pocahontas Area High SchoolPocahontas, IAMarch 12th1:00 PMLisa Story
Osage High SchoolOsage, IAFebruary 12th12:15 PMAshley
Riceville High SchoolRiceville, IAFebruary 12th1:30 PMAshley
Decorah High SchoolDecorah, IAFebruary 13th9:00 AMAshley
Waukon High SchoolWaukon, IAFebruary 13th10:00 AMAshley
Starmont High SchoolArlington, IAFebruary 13th12:15 PMAshley
West Delaware High SchoolManchester, IAFebruary 13th1:30 PMAshley
Easton Valley High SchoolPreston, IAFebruary 14th10:00 AMAshley
Muscatine High SchoolMuscatine, IAFebruary 14th12:15 PMAshley
Benton High SchoolVan Horne, IAFebruary 14th2:30 PMAshley
Mediapolis High SchoolMediapolis, IAFebruary 15th9:00 AMAshley
Union High SchoolLa Porte City, IAFebruary 15th12:15 PMAshley
North Tama High SchoolTraer, IAFebruary 15th1:30 PMAshley
Nevada High SchoolNevada, IAFebruary 27th9:00 AMAshley
North Polk High SchoolAlleman, IAFebruary 27th2:30 PMAshley
Grinnell High SchoolGrinnell, IAFebruary 28th1:00 PMAshley
Lynville-Sully High SchoolSully, IAFebrurary 28th2:00 PMAshley
Pleasantville High SchoolPleasantville, IAFebruary 29th9:00 AMAshley
Albia High SchoolAlbia, IAFebruary 29th10:30 AMAshley
Waco High SchoolWayland, IAMarch 25th9:00 AMAshley
Louisa-Muscatine High SchoolLetts, IAMarch 25th11:00 AMAshley
Wapello High SchoolWapello, IAMarch 25th12:00 PMAshley
Wilton High SchoolWilton, IAMarch 25th1:30 PMAshley
Durant High SchoolDurant, IAMarch 25th2:30 PMAshley
Midland High SchoolWyoming, IAMarch 26th1:00 PMAshley
Anamosa High SchoolAnamosa, IAMarch 26th2:00 PMAshley
Monticello High SchoolMonticello, IAMarch 26th3:00 PMAshley
Tipton High SchoolTipton, IAMarch 27th9:30 AMAshley
Lisbon High SchoolLisbon, IAMarch 27th11:00 AMAshley
Mt Vernon High SchoolMt Vernon, IAMarch 27th11:45 AMAshley
Vinton-Shellsburg High SchoolVinton, IAMarch 28th10:00 AMAshley
Jesup High SchoolJesup, IAMarch 28th11:15 AMAshley
North Butler High SchoolGreene, IAMarch 28th1:30 PMAshley
Ridge View High SchoolHolstein, IAFebruary 19th10:38 AMLee
Griswold High SchoolGriswold, IAFebruary 19th1:15 PMLee
North High SchoolSioux City, IAFebruary 20th10:00 AMLee
Kingsley Pierson High SchoolKingsley, IAFebruary 20th11:15 AMLee
St. Mary's High SchoolRemsen, IAFebruary 20th12:00 PMLee
West Lyon High SchoolInwood, IAFebruary 20th2:00 PMLee
Maple Valley Anthon-Oto High SchoolMapleton, IAFebruary 21st9:00 AMLee
West High SchoolSioux City, IAFebruary 21st10:30 AMLee
Woodbury Central High SchoolMoville, IAFebruary 21st1:00 PMLee
East High SchoolSioux City, IAFebruary 22nd10:55 AMLee
OABCIG High SchoolIda Grove, IAFebruary 22nd1:00 PMLee
Rivery Valley High SchoolCorrectionville, IAFebruary 22nd2:15 PMLee
Central Lyon High SchoolRock Radpids, IAFebruary 23rd10:00 AMLee
George Little Rock High SchoolGeorge, IAFebruary 23rd11:00 AMLee
Akron Westfield High SchoolAkron, IAFebruary 23rd1:00 PMLee
Le Mars High SchoolLe Mars, IAFebruary 23rd2:00 PMLee
Gehlen High SchoolLe Mars, IAFebruary 23rd3:00 PMLee
Fort Dodge College FairFort Dodge, IAMarch 4th9:00 AMLee
Ogden High SchoolOgden, IAMarch 4th1:00 PMLee
Boone High SchoolBoone, IAMarch 4th2:00 PMLee
Storm Lake College FairStorm Lake, IAMarch 5th9:30 AMLee
Clarion Goldfield High SchoolClarion, IAMarch 5th1:45 PMLee
Estherville College FairEstherville, IAMarch 6th9:00 AMLee
Algona College FairAlgona, IAMarch 6th1:30 PMLee
West Hancock High SchoolBritt, IAMarch 18th9:00 AMLee
Forest City High SchoolForest City, IAMarch 18th10:00 AMLee
Northwood Kensett High SchoolNorthwood, IAMarch 18th11:15 AMLee
Newman Catholic High SchoolMason City, IAMarch 18th1:00 PMLee
Garner Hayfield Ventura High SchoolGarner, IAMarch 18th2:00 PMLee
AC/GC High SchoolGuthrie Center, IAMarch 19th9:00 AMLee
Clarke High SchoolOsceola, IAMarch 19th11:15 AMLee
Woodward Granger High SchoolWoodward, IAMarch 19th1:15 PMLee
Winterset High SchoolWinterset, IAMarch 19th2:44 PMLee
Treynor High SchoolTreynor, IAMarch 20th9:15 AMLee
Essex High SchoolEssex, IAMarch 20th10:45 AMLee
Denison High SchoolDenison, IAMarch 20th2:15 PMLee
Abraham Lincoln High SchoolCouncil Bluffs, IAMarch 21st9:30 AMLee
Glenwood High SchoolGlenwood, IAMarch 21st10:30 AMLee
Whiting High SchoolWhiting, IAMarch 21st1:00 PMLee

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