For Parents of High Schoolers

Northwest Iowa Community College provides a wide range of opportunities to high school students before they graduate. As a parent of a high schooler, perhaps you are confused about the opportunities NCC’s partnership with your child’s high school provides. The activities and opportunities your child explores may keep you busier than you want to be. We want to help!

These web pages answer the most common questions, but if you have others, please let us know. Also take a look at our information on being a parent of a concurrent enrollment student

Fast Facts

  • Your child can take NCC college courses while still in high school. As a concurrently enrolled student, they will take a college course while receiving high school credit.
  • Courses are delivered over the ICN, at your child’s high school, on campus at NCC, or online.
  • There are many Benefits of Joint Enrollment, but there are also Responsibilities you and your child need to understand.
  • NCC provides assistance to high school students with Credit Recovery. Through the Learning Center they can take an independent study course to make up a missed class or meet a prerequisite.
  • NCC also assists at-risk students through the Alternative High School Program and through 4+, a program for 5th year seniors.
  • If you would like to Schedule a Visit, please do!
  • NCC may be the right place for your child to continue their education after they graduate high school. To learn more, visit After Your Student Graduates.