Being a Parent of a Joint Enrollment (JE) Student

Joint Enrollment (JE) enables your child to earn college credit while still in high school at little or no cost to you.

This means they can explore the rigor of college academics while still in the secure atmosphere of your home and their local high school. And you are an important part of their success.

You know them best, be a guide!

  • Encourage them to enroll in courses that meet their academic and personal goals.
  • Ask them if they have the time for a college course. We expect students to spend two hours studying for every hour in class.

College student first – high school student second!

Help your child understand that in these classes they are a college student first and foremost. This can be difficult to remember, especially if their high school teachers are experienced and rigorous. 

  • Encourage them to set priorities and stick with them.
    • When high school activities conflict with college classes, typically the college class must come first.
    • Students can contact their college instructors ahead of time for accommodations, but must abide by the decision.
  • The grade for the course(s) appears on their official college transcript and may affect future financial aid if they are unsuccessful.
  • Students will need to comply with college dates and deadlines for adding and dropping classes.
  • FERPA guidelines prevent us from talking directly to you about your child’s work. We do stay in direct contact with the high school guidance counselor, and we do communicate with both you and your child. However, as college students they will need to talk directly to their instructors, advisors, and other personnel.

NCC is their partner in success!

  • NCC provides additional advising to students upon request. We are glad to help them plan for future education through career exploration, assessment, and personal advising.
  • NCC provides the same services to our high school students that we do to our post-secondary students. They can use our tutoring services, library, computer labs, and may have a student ID.
  • NCC provides transcripts to students when appropriate.