You Are a College Student Now

When you take an NCC class for college credit, you are a College Student.

You have both privileges and responsibilities.

Here are a few things to remember:

  1. You will have an NCC Student ID card and are entitled to any discounts that go with it.
  2. You can use the free tutoring services of the Learning Center and the Library.
  3. You need to follow the NCC rules for dropping/adding courses.
  4. Your grades at NCC will affect your college GPA and your ability to get financial aid in the future.
  5. Be responsible for your time. Look at your schedule of high school courses and activities to make sure you have time to do this.
  6. Contact your high school counselor to register. It is your responsibility to meet with your counselor and transfer school to determine what classes will be accepted for transfer credit.
  7. Obtain all required signatures before submitting the Registration Form (Student, Parent/Guardian and School Official).
  8. When college classes meet, you must attend. The college instructor doesn’t have to excuse you from class for homecoming, senior trip, speech contests, or any other high school activities.
  9. You must contact your instructor with questions or concerns. They will not be able to talk to your parents because of FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) regulations. This is a Federal law, and we cannot violate it.

Joint Enrollment Student Handbook 2023-2024

If you have any questions, your advisor is Sarah Breems-Diekevers.  You can call: 712-324-5061, extension 137, fax: 712-324-4136, or email Sarah.