How to Login to My Place

Where is MyPlace?

The easiest way for you to access MyPlace with the fewest amount of clicks is to bookmark the MyPlace url, Please note: You cannot click through to the MyPlace url and bookmark it because of security measures on the MyPlace page. You must copy and paste the url into the bookmark. Directions on how to bookmark the page can be found – here.

User Name and Password Format

Example:  John D. Smith
User Name: johndsmith
Password: last six digits of your Social Security Number

Student Email

All NCC students are assigned an email account. It is the student’s responsibility to regularly check his/her email account.

Faculty and staff reach students regarding classes, activities, deadlines, etc through student email.

You can access your email from any computer via My Place.

If you are unsure of your email address, user name and password, please contact Student Services.


Use this powerful tool to check final grades, class schedules, transcripts, billing information, etc. Please login to My Place to access MySelf-Service.


Your instructor will use this as an electronic gradebook and to share information with students. Canvas will also be where you will find your online courses. Please login to My Place to access MyCourses(Canvas). Your first time accessing Canvas, you will be required to set up multi-factor authentication. You can do this through texting, an app, or a browser extension. Contact with any questions.

Logging Onto Computers (On-Campus Only)

You must logon to all on-campus computers using the same user name and password that you use for MyPlace. To do this, first press CTRL+ALT+DEL on the keyboard. You’ll then be prompted for your user name and password.

File Storage (On-Campus Only)

As an NCC Student, you may use up to 2GB of storage space on your H:\\ drive.

If you need additional storage, please review the options offered at the NCC Bookstore.

How to Access Wireless Internet  (On-Campus Only)

Students can access wifi through MyWiFi guest – no password required.

Important Agreements