Multicultural Club Secretary

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Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Assist in event planning with Multicultural Club President. Advertise, set-up, and host events. Update Multicultural Club bulletin board, wall, window, and canvas.

Job Qualifications: 

TRIO student preferred with attention to detail, available regular hours, and 3-5 hours a week.

Wage Rate:  $10.25 per hour

Length of Student’s Employment:  Students who are able to complete work-study for the entire current academic school year are preferred.

Supervisor Contact:  TRIO Multicultural/ Academic Coordinator, 712-324-5061

What is Work-Study?

  • The work-study program is a federally funded program that offers students part-time employment opportunities. Work-study positions are available on-campus and also off-campus with community service agencies.
  • Work-study eligibility is indicated on a student’s financial aid Award / Offer Letter.
  • Work-study positions are not assigned and are not guaranteed. It is the student’s responsibility to pursue the work-study opportunities of interest.
  • Work-Study opportunities may be limited for those students not residing in the NCC area during their enrollment period.
  • Students who are hired for a work-study position are paid once a month for the hours worked in the previous month. Work-study funds do not get applied directly to your bill.
  • Students may contact their instructor if they are interested in a work-study position specific to their program

How to Apply?

  • Contact the supervisor listed above to inquire about the position, discuss the application process and arrange for an interview.

Hired… What’s Next?

  • Complete I-9 and W-4 paperwork with the Human Resource Office.
  • These forms must be completed BEFORE a student may begin work.

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