Shop Fabrication Welder

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Total Fire Protection

Carry, lift, or transport steel or plastic pipe and sprinkler fittings.
· Cut the pipe to various lengths called for on cut sheets.
· Layout pipe with multiple welded fittings in various locations on the pipe.
· Weld fittings to the pipe by means of Plasma Cutting Machine, Acetylene Torch, and MIG Welder as per specification.
· Test fabrication with air to ensure proper tolerances are met in the fabrication process.
· Label and place fabrication in properly assigned racks.
· Follow the direct leadership of the shop foreman.
· Must wear proper attire at all times while performing specific functions including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Full-length pants are required at all times.
Training/Certification Requirements:
· Proper use of PPE.
· Forklift training and certification.
· Safe lifting training.
· Back safety lifting and protection training.
· Common sense safety training.
· Keep work area safe/house cleaning training.
· Safety rules for power tools.
· Welding Certification (as needed).

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