NCC Alum Scott Hansmann Builds his Business in Northwest Iowa

It’s funny how the little habits our parents ingrain in us can turn out to be what leads us to our dream career. This is the case for Scott Hansmann.

Scott is a 2016 alumnus of the Automotive Service Technology program (now known as Automotive & Light Duty Diesel). Not only did Scott graduate in 2016, but this is also the year he became the owner of his own repair shop, Scott’s Auto Repair!

Scott, a native of Boyden, IA, knew early on in life that a career in the Automotive Industry was his calling. His interest in the Fast and Furious movies, along with the weekly task of keeping his parents’ vehicles extremely clean, steered his interests to engines, oil, and chassis. While attending Boyden-Hull High School, Scott worked for C&K Repair, an automotive repair shop in Hull, IA, and the experiences he gained there drove his interests even further into the automotive industry.

As his high school days came to an end, Scott began to look at colleges. Although Scott had a slight interest in Law Enforcement, he saw a lot of opportunity in the automotive field. His part-time job proved he had a stronger interest in working on cars rather than pulling them over! Scott looked at multiple automotive programs in the area. He was looking for an affordable college close to home so he could keep his current job. NCC had low tuition rates, the college was close to home, and the automotive schedule would allow him to keep his current job. For all these reasons, NCC was Scott’s choice!

It didn’t take long for Scott to figure out that he made the right decision. During his first few months in class, Scott was completing projects on various types of vehicles. He was reassembling engines and learning how to make engine diagnoses and repairs. Scott credits his automotive instructors, Chuck Ball, Jim Gaard, and Mark Steinle, for being very supportive and knowledgeable. “The instructors care about your education. They don’t just want to push you through the program and only give you the most basic knowledge. They prepare you for the real world, including the world of a business owner.”

Before Scott knew it, he was graduating! For many students, the excitement of graduation can be paired with nerve-wracking feelings. This time can come with many unknown variables, such as finding a job, but this wasn’t the case for Scott. During his time at C&K Repair, Scott was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime…taking over the business once he earned his degree! It had always been a goal of his to own his own business, but he never expected it to happen so soon. Scott’s choice to attend NCC ultimately led him to being a business owner by the age of 21.

A few short months after graduation, Scott was officially the owner of his own business. It was time to put his knowledge and skills to the test. He learned very quickly that his instructors’ recommendations to keep detailed invoices wasn’t just to earn a passing grade in his courses, but a task he would use in his business. His education not only taught him how to work on vehicles, but also many other aspects of being a good technician, like having respect for vehicles and customer service skills.

As if being a new business owner is not hard enough, Scott endured an extra challenge shortly after his first year of being in business. On a Sunday morning in November 2017, he received a phone call that his building was on fire. The Hull Fire Department got there in time to put out the fire, but Scott’s Auto Repair suffered extensive damage. The entire front entrance and first stall of the shop would need to be renovated. The incident caused inconveniences over the next 6 months, but business carried on, and in May 2018, the newly renovated front entrance and shop were complete!

Since the renovation, business has continued to grow at Scott’s Auto Repair! Scott and his one employee work together on various vehicle repairs, maintenance, and service calls. Although Scott gets to do what he loves and work on vehicles all day, his favorite part of owning a business in Northwest Iowa is being an important part of his community. Scott’s motivation comes from the trust his customers have in him to get the job done right.

Scott graduated nearly three years ago, but he is still very connected to NCC. He is the first to admit that if he ever has a vehicle stumping him in the shop, he will still call one of his instructors at NCC for help. Scott also serves on the Advisory Committee for the Automotive & Light Duty Diesel program, working to ensure the curriculum and technology used in the program are relevant to industry. It is amazing to think that Scott’s entire journey began with the chore of cleaning his parents’ vehicles.

Scott is a great example of the impact Northwest Iowa Community College has on our local community!

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