NCC Alumni Become Proud Employees

It’s no secret that Northwest Iowa Community College has earned high rankings when it comes to items like program offerings, educational outcomes, graduation rates and affordability, but it is also an exceptional place to work. Numerous alumni have made the decision to continue their NCC journeys as an employee. In fact, over 1/3 of the current college employees can call themselves a proud alumnus.

The variety of programs offered at NCC allow for diverse employment opportunities. You will find alumni serving as faculty members, student services staff, administrative office professionals, maintenance and custodial staff, IT staff, department directors, coordinators of various campus departments and more.

These employees have firsthand knowledge of being a student at NCC. When asked to identify their favorite part about working for their alma mater, many similarities arose. Responses included, the excitement on the first day of the term, the fact that close bonds are formed—whether attending or working at NCC you belong to a family—having access to lifelong learning opportunities, being presented with new opportunities and challenges, having access to the latest technology and state of the art facilities, and overall, no matter what department you work in, having the same unifying goal of NCC student success.

Long-time Welding faculty member and alumnus Robert Hoting obviously has a passion for teaching welding processes and techniques, but working at NCC fulfills other passions of his as well. Hoting said, “What I love the most about my position as Welding Instructor is meeting new students each semester, working with them and expanding their knowledge to a point where they are a viable part of society as welders. It makes me very proud as an instructor when students come back and share their success stories.”

Long-time staff member and alumna Twyla Vogel shared, “Working in Continuing Education is very rewarding. My favorite part of my job as Coordinator is helping students of all ages and backgrounds gain confidence and knowledge so they can be more proficient and efficient in their educational journey, their career or life in general.”
Vogel has worked for nearly a decade in the Continuing Education Department at the College. The department’s philosophy is, “School ends, but learning never does.”

Tara Fjeld, Administrative Assistant–Student Services & Registrar’s Office, also has decades of experience as a staff member and alumna. Tara’s favorite part about coming to work every day is assisting students with their various needs. Each day is different in that a typical day consists of working with a wide range of student needs. Tara may start the day in her Academic Advising role and assist students in getting registered for classes. Then she may move on to assisting alumni in obtaining a transcript to transfer to another college or apply for a job. What Tara loves most is working for an institution that offers a variety of options for a diverse body of students. She shared, “NCC allows our students the opportunity to get a great job immediately after college, like myself, or allows our students to transfer to another institution. NCC saves students time and money, and it is rewarding to see the numerous alumni success stories as a result of that.”

“As an alumna working for my alma mater, I can personally attest that it is a special and unique experience, especially when my position directly involves working with all NCC alumni, both internal and external. My favorite part about serving as the Foundation & Alumni Relations Coordinator is witnessing future alumni success stories in action every day on campus, meeting numerous alumni from a variety of backgrounds who are doing great things in their respective industries, and witnessing our outstanding alumni right here on campus to assist our future alumni on their path to success. Here at NCC, we are fortunate to have a large amount of faculty and staff that have chosen to continue their NCC journey as employees, and their success is our story!” added Morgan Granstra, Foundation & Alumni Relations Coordinator.

Are you an NCC Alumnus who would like to work for your alma mater? NCC loves to hire our own, and we offer various career opportunities.

Here is a list of available positions:

  • Executive Director of Operations & Finance
  • CNA Compliance & Education Specialist
  • Medical Lab Tech Program Director
  • Evening Custodial Employee

Please visit: for more information.

NCC Alumni & Employees:

Bryce Anderson, Instructor—Powerline; Chuck Ball, Instructor—Automotive; Mark Bohnet, Instructor—Electrical; Janet Boone, Instructor—Administrative Office Management; Kevin Connor, Custodian; Jennifer Dokter, Administrative Assistant—Applied Technology; Sheila Drenkow, Instructor—Accounting; Aaron Dvorak, Instructor—Powerline; Nate Engelkes, Instructor—Diesel Technology; Tara Fjeld, Administrative Assistant—Registrar; Sarah Fykstra, Administrative Assistant—Registrar; Russ Gaalswyk, Instructor—Industrial Instrumentation & Control; Sonia Garza, Data Entry Specialist; Tracy Gorter, Coordinator—TRIO Student Support Services; Morgan Granstra, Coordinator—Foundation & Alumni Relations; Byron Groen, Groundskeeper; Robert Hoting, Instructor—Welding; Aimee Jaynes, Career Coordinator for Special Needs Students; Robbie Jungers, Accounts Payable/Production Technician; Henry Keizer, Custodian; April Klein, Administrative Assistant—TRIO Student Support Services; Troy Klein, Instructor—Electrical; Andrew Koenen, Instructor—Heavy Equipment; Milet Kracht, Instructor—Powerline; Ken Kramer, Instructor—Diesel Technology; Gladys Kroeze, Accounts Payable/Production Technician; Byron Krull, Instructor—Electrical; Jacob Laubach, Supervisor—Custodial; Brian Lauck, Coach—Sports Shooting; Phil Louters, Instructor—Electrical; Megan Lovan, Administrative Assistant—Continuing Education & Business Services; Allie Mouw, Coordinator—Learning Intermediary Network; Laura Nachtigal, Executive Assistant & Board Secretary; Samson Nyambati, TRIO Student Support Services Multicultural Leader; Michael Oldenkamp, Director—Technology & Information Services; Eric Ortner, Network Administrator; Rae Paulson, Systems Integration Specialist; Stephanie Peterson, Administrative Assistant—Arts & Sciences/Business & Health; Willis Radtke, Instructor—Design Technology; Kelsie Rieck, Coordinator—Simulation; Sharon Schneidermann, Administrative Assistant—Healthcare Programs; Angie Shilling, Instructor—Nursing; Karri Spanjer, Parts/Service Store Associate; Ryan Steffen, Instructor— Engineering Design; Rebecca Stofferan, Instructor—Nursing; Kelsey Van Beek, Instructor—Radiologic Technology; Rachel Van Briesen, Instructor—Nursing; Logan VanDenBerg, Computer Support Technician; Steve VanDenBerg, Custodian; Sheila Van Engen, Administrative Assistant—Institutional Advancement & External Affairs; Twyla Vogel, Coordinator—Continuing Education, Help Desk.