NCC Alumnus Follows Family Tradition

Family traditions can come in a variety of forms. Types of entertainment, holiday festivities, vacation destinations and even colleges can become family traditions. Through the years, Northwest Iowa Community College has become a tradition for many families, one being the Bohles.

Scott Bohle was surrounded by the construction industry long before he could even walk. His parents, Dean and Elaine, began their involvement in the industry in the early ’60s and established their family business, Bohle Construction, in 1972. This happened to be the same era in which Northwest Iowa Community College established a Heavy Equipment program. Being an area business owner, Dean was asked to serve as a member of the NCC Heavy Equipment Program Advisory Board.

As Scott neared his high school graduation, his parents encouraged him to look into NCC’s Heavy Equipment program. He enjoyed working for the family business and could see himself involved for the long-term, so he made the decision to enroll at NCC. Scott graduated from the Heavy Equipment program in 1992 and immediately went to work for Bohle Construction.

Scott’s son, Mitchell Bohle, was likewise surrounded by the construction industry from a young age. Also growing up as a member of the Bohle family, he was engulfed by heavy equipment, a family of hard workers and a lot of dirt.

As Mitchell neared his high school graduation, he briefly contemplated a career in Architectural Engineering and began taking various engineering related courses while in high school. Mitchell was blessed with an ability to quickly pick up any subject and performed well in school. Although he was performing very well, he lost interest in many of the engineering related courses he was taking and decided this was not his career path.

Because one of his favorite things to do was operate heavy equipment, Mitchell decided to look into the Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance program at NCC. After a visit to campus, he followed in his father’s footsteps and enrolled in the program.

Mitchell knew early on that he would be solely responsible for the cost of his college education. His plan was to take out loans as he could not afford to pay for the cost of tuition, fees, books and all of the required tools out of pocket. It had always been a goal of his to graduate from college with minimal debt.

Mitchell heard about the variety of scholarship opportunities during a meeting with his NCC Admissions representative. He remembers his expectations as he completed the application, “I thought it was a shot in the dark that I would actually receive the President’s or Foundation Scholarship, but I figured I would give it a try and apply, and I am so thankful I did!” During his final semester of high school, he received a letter that he had been selected as a Foundation Scholar and would receive a half-tuition scholarship for the entire length of his education at NCC.

With the help of the Foundation Scholarship, Mitchell achieved his goal of graduating from college with minimal debt. He graduated in February of 2020 and has since begun work as a heavy equipment operator for the family business, Bohle Construction.

Scott always had a feeling Mitchell would follow in his footsteps and shared, “Mitchell was very smart. He could have easily gone on to do anything he wanted. He showed interest in the heavy equipment field from a very young age, and I think he always knew he wanted to attend NCC.”

Although Dean Bohle passed away in 2003, Mitchell, along with Scott, Elaine and other members of the Bohle family keep the business running strong. Bohle Construction stays actively involved with NCC and the Heavy Equipment program. Scott took over his father’s position on the NCC Heavy Equipment Program Advisory Board and has been a member since 2003. They also stay connected by employing a number of students part-time and working alongside the program on live job sites from time to time.

Northwest Iowa Community College is proud that the Bohles remain connected to the Heavy Equipment program and hope to remain a family tradition for years to come.