NCC Alumnus Takes Non-Traditional Path to Success

Northwest Iowa Community College now has over 13,000 alumni. While a majority of graduates enter common jobs related to their program of study, a select few choose to take “the road less traveled.” NCC is proud to highlight Nick Hengeveld an alumnus that has taken a less traditional path in his career trajectory. Many programs at NCC can boast that they have a variety of career options for graduates to enter upon graduation. Nick’s story proves this to be true.

Program: Industrial & Commercial Wiring and Electrical Technology ’17

Current Position: Electronics Technician, FBI

Experience at NCC

My experience at NCC was great. I was able to live at home while attending class. The instructors were always helpful and made my education a priority. The courses were challenging and taught me a wide range of skills that I will use for the rest of my life.

Path after NCC/jobs held

After graduation, I moved to Arizona to be near my fiancé Allison, who is now my wife. I moved without getting a job, which was a major challenge and something I do not recommend. My first job was with Siemens in Phoenix as a fire alarm tech. It was not the job I envisioned, but it was a start. After nearly a year at Siemens, I worked as an electrician in Mesa for 3 months while my background check was being completed for my current job.

Current position/company

I currently work as an Electronics Technician for the FBI in Phoenix. In my position, I mainly work with radios, access control, alarm systems, and video. While there are aspects of the job that I didn’t learn at NCC, the education I received did lay the foundation for me to learn and adapt quickly. I love that every day is something new. I’ve been able to travel the state of Arizona as well as other parts of the United States. It is truly a rewarding career and one that keeps me thinking and learning every day.

What led you to your current position? As a student at NCC, did you ever imagine you would hold your current position?

It is important to make connections wherever you live. I was fortunate enough to meet someone who, after hearing about my education, encouraged me to apply at the FBI. The process took a while to complete, but I stayed patient with it. I knew there were many career paths I could take after college, but this was definitely not one I had thought of! I think it is a great career choice for someone looking to get outside of his or her comfort zone and see new places. I am grateful for the education I received at NCC, which allowed me to be qualified for this career. I would encourage students to look at to look more into this and other careers.

Any advice you have for individuals entering the electrical field?

First, go into the program with an open mind. Next, so many job opportunities exist that you have no idea about. It may take a few positions before you find the right one, like it did for me. The program allows students a wide variety of careers to choose from, so you will always have other options. The final piece of advice I have is that the Electrical Technology program is not mandatory for Industrial & Commercial Wiring students, but in my opinion, every student should complete it. I would not be where I am today without that program and it is definitely worth the extra time and effort.

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