NCC Announces NW Iowa Visual Arts Show Winners

Northwest Iowa Community College is hosting the Virtual NW Iowa Visual Arts Show May 22-June 30, 2020 for both NCC and northwest Iowa high school students. First, second, and third place awards were given in each category, with honorable mentions awarded at the judge’s discretion. An overall award was also given: A Best in Show award, chosen by the high school art teachers.

College Winners:
1st       Sara Maassen – Rock Valley             Self Portrait  
2nd        Devan Schaeffer – Sheldon              Bridge Past and Future
3rd        Sara Maassen – Rock Valley            Bloom

Digital Media/Photography
1st        Adyson Saunders – Des Moines      Anomaly Archives Podcast   
       Brianna Van Veldhuizen – Rock Rapids   Out West  

High School Winners:
Individual Media Awards

Ceramics – Decorative
1st        Shantell Erickson – Central Lyon         Skull
2nd    Salina Davis – Sheldon                            Turtle
3rd       Kourtney Engel – Sheldon                    Sea Turtle

Ceramics – Functional
1st        Faith E. Richards – Sheldon              Snowflake
2nd       Lydia Hustedt – South O’Brien          Up & Away
3rd          Cony Wilson – Central Lyon             Chalice

Digital Media
1st        Simon Maggert – Sheldon                  Hollow Knight
2nd       Chloe Bilby – MOC-Floyd Valley       Friendship
3rd            Makayla Van Voorst – Sheldon        Forest Fire Approaching

1st        Lexi Hilbrands – Rock Valley             Round and Round
2nd       Cora Schreurs – Rock Valley             Find the Light
3rd            Taylor Warner – West Lyon              Drip

Drawing – Charcoal
1st       Josie Huss – Sioux Center                   Yearning
2nd     Otto Reyna – MOC-Floyd Valley          My Viejita
3rd      Anna Friedrichsen – South O’Brien      Time Marches On

Drawing – Colored Pencil
1st        Anna Friedrichsen – South O’Brien      Cool Soda
2nd       Hannah Wiltgen – MOC-Floyd Valley    Tiger Within
3rd       Jordan Hassebroek – Sheldon                Untitled

Drawing – Graphite
1st        Josie Huss – Sioux Center                   Lady Blackbird
1st          Katie Kensack – MOC-Floyd Valley   Self-Portrait             
      Hannah Van Maaren – Sheldon          Untitled
2nd         Rachel Gapinski – West Lyon             Coffee Time
      Carma Van Ommen – West Lyon        The Girl

Drawing – Ink/Marker
1st        Abby Arnett – MOC-Floyd Valley        Me Too
2nd       Alycia Williams – MOC-Floyd Valley   Lion
3rd       Abby Arnett – MOC-Floyd Valley        Unsolicited Advice

Drawing – Pastel (Oil, Soft)
1st       Grace Dahl – MOC-Floyd Valley       Radiance
2nd       Ellie Albers – MOC-Floyd Valley      Profile
3rd       Alexis Arends – George-Little Rock In Nature

Drawing – Other
1st       Otto Reyna – MOC-Floyd Valley      Love
2nd       Ellie Albers – MOC-Floyd Valley     Lion
3rd       Kennedy London – George-Little Rock Broken

Painting – Acrylic, Tempera
1st        Farrah Lewis – Central Lyon            Oh Brother
2nd       Shania Struckman – Central Lyon    Sunset Sea
2nd       Lily Downard – Central Lyon            Bob Ross
3rd       Andraya Bahnson – West Lyon           Tom

Painting – Watercolor
1st       Brooklyn Leusink – MOC-Floyd Valley Sunflower Set
2nd       Macay Van’t Hul – Western Christian      Mountains
3rd       Rachel Jorgensen – MOC-Floyd Valley My Grandma’s Garden

Painting – Other
1st        Kaylee Kruid – Sioux Center                 My Strength
2nd       Chloe Boote – West Lyon                      Pretty Bird
3rd       Desiree Rodriquez – MOC-Floyd Valley Soccer is Life

2D Mixed Media
1st       Emily Ritz – MOC-Floyd Valley          He Calls Me A…
2nd       Rachel Jorgensen – MOC-Floyd Valley The Face of a Star
3rd       Ellie Zeutenhorst – Sioux Center          Nostalgiaa
3rd       Azenethe Reyes – Sioux Center        Baile Folklorica

3D Mixed Media/Sculpture
1st       Keziah Tea – Sioux Center                 Mother
2nd      Olivia Hulstein – Western Christian   Archer
3rd       Jessica Hernandez – Sioux Center   Floresciendo

Overall Awards – High School

1st        Shantell Erickson – Central Lyon       Skull
2nd       Salina Davis – Sheldon                      Turtle
3rd         Kourtney Engel – Sheldon                Sea Turtle
Honorable Mentions

  • Miquel Guevarra – Sheldon                  Alien
  • Faith E. Richards – Sheldon                Snowflake
  • Cony Wilson – Central Lyon               Chalice

Digital Media/Photography
1st       Simon Maggert – Sheldon                 Hollow Knight
2nd      Lexi Hilbrands – Rock Valley            Round and Round
3rd       Kaira Engelkes – Sheldon                Untitled  
Honorable Mentions

  • Hannah Van Tilberg – Rock Valley Lines
  • Makayla Van Voorst – Sheldon Forest Fire Approaching
  • Cora Schreurs – West Lyon  Find the Light

1st        Abby Arnett – MOC-Floyd Valley    Me Too
2nd       Josie Huss – Sioux Center              Yearning
3rd       Anna Friedrichsen – South O’Brien Time Marches On
Honorable Mentions

  • Ellie Albers – MOC-Floyd Valley Lion
  • Merlyn Arizmendi – Sheldon Surreal Drawing
  • Josie Huss – Sioux Center Lady Black Bird

1st       Madalyn Broesder – Central Lyon Untitled
2nd     Farrah Lewis – Central Lyon      Oh Brother
3rd     Macay Van’t Hul – Western Christian Mountains
Honorable Mentions

  • Kaitlyn Nuzum – Sioux Center Roses
  • Brooklyn Leusink – MOC-Floyd Valley Sunflower Set
  • Lily Downard – Central Lyon         Bob Ross

Sculpture/Mixed Media
1st       Olivia Hulstein – Western Christian   Archer
2nd      Claire Roemen – West Lyon   Posies
3rd        Jessica Hernandez – Sioux Center   Floresciendo

Honorable Mentions

  • Keziah Tea – Sioux Center           Mother
  • Ellie Zeutenhorst – Sioux Center       Nostalgia
  • Jolee Te Grotenhuis – Sioux Center Travel

Best in Show
Abby Arnett – MOC-Floyd Valley                   Me Too

The nine northwest Iowa high schools who participated are: Central Lyon, George-Little Rock, MOC-Floyd Valley, Rock Valley, Sheldon, Sioux Center, South O’Brien, West Lyon, and Western Christian.