NCC Announces NW Iowa Visual Arts Show Winners

Northwest Iowa Community College hosted the NW Iowa Visual Arts Show April 24-30, 2019 for both NCC and northwest Iowa high school students. On Tuesday, April 30, all students participating in the show were invited to the Visual Arts Invitational and Awards Ceremony. First, second, and third place awards were given in each category, with honorable mentions awarded at the judge’s discretion. Two overall awards were also given: A Best of Show award, chosen by art teachers, and a Students’ Choice award, as voted on by participating art students.

College Winners:
1st        Sara Maassen – Rock Valley                Fierce
2nd        Sara Maassen – Rock Valley                   Mustache
3rd        Brian Lauck – Cherokee                          Self Portrait

Photography/Digital Media
1st        Angel PopmaMissoula, MT                 Reckoner
2nd       Adyson Saunders – Des Moines              Into the Future
3rd       Angel Popma – Missoula, MT                 Sailing on Flathead

Photography/Digital Media – Honorable Mention

  • Taylor Schettler – Wilmont, MN          Flowers in the Smokies

1st        Naara Arizmendi – Sheldon                   Flat Pieced Bowl
2nd       Jason Stegemann – Matlock                   Lidded Box
3rd        Hunter Jager – Sheldon                        Folded Dish

High School Winners:
1st        Shantell Erickson – Central Lyon               Monochromatic Study
2nd       Oona Hinders – Okoboji                             Wolf with Patterns
3rd       Faviola De Leon – Sheldon                       Tiger

Painting – Honorable Mention

  • Emmy Nelson – Boyden-Hull              “Blue” tiful
  • Zoey Quincey – West Lyon                    Tunnel Vision
  • Maggie Grond – Boyden-Hull         Spring Florals


1st        Nicole Feltman – South O’Brien                   25 Years
2nd       Pedro Gray – South O’Brien                         Topac Shakur
3rd       Abby Arnett – MOC-Floyd Valley               Faces of the Future

Drawing – Honorable Mention

  • Miquel Guevarra – Sheldon       Remember
  • Marra Oldenkamp – Sheldon                    Untitled
  • Abby Arnett – MOC-Floyd Valley     Broken Dreams

Sculpture/Mixed Media
1st        Jessica Hernandez Vargas – Sioux Center Nature’s Stability
2nd       Alex Heikes – Boyden-Hull                       Untitled
3rd          Maria Soto – Sheldon                            Sound of Sunflowers

Sculpture/Mixed Media – Honorable Mention

  • Isabelle Heyer – West Lyon                    Dark and Alone
  • Cassidy Bollinger – Sioux Center           Brittle Bones
  • Taylor Schlenger & Gretchen Ruba – MMC-RU Walk Like an Egyptian

Photography/Digital Media
1st        Blair Davison – Sheldon                       Fox
2nd       Simon Maggert – Sheldon                     Dragon Ball 2
3rd            Clara Smith – Rock Valley                              Eye of the Beholder

Photography/Digital Media – Honorable Mention

  • Makayla Wickman – Rock Valley           Cogitantium
  • Marissa Pottebaum – Boyden-Hull      Sun dazed
  • Faith De Boer – Rock Valley                Froze in Time

1st        Carley Wells – Okoboji                           Blue Earth
2nd       Grace Eckard – Okoboji                       Bottle
3rd            Marlene Reyes – Sheldon                   Owl

Ceramics – Honorable Mention

  • Erin Van Grootheest – Boyden-Hull       Untitled
  • Bailey Nordgaard – Sheldon                 Frog
  • Shay Langenhurst – West Lyon               The Wave

Students’ Choice Award
Miquel Guevarra – Sheldon                             Remember

Best in Show
Abby Arnett – MOC-Floyd Valley                   Faces of the Future

The fifteen northwest Iowa high schools who participated are: Boyden-Hull, Central Lyon, MMC-RU, MOC-Floyd Valley, Okoboji, Remsen St. Mary’s, Rock Valley, Sheldon, Sibley-Ocheyedan, Sioux Center, South O’Brien, Trinity Christian, West Lyon, West Sioux, and Western Christian.

Photo: Best of Show – Abby Arnett – MOC-Floyd Valley High School