NCC Announces Summer Camp Offerings

Northwest Iowa Community College is offering summer camps to be held in June and July. “Our goal is to bring young students to our campus and help them with career exploration and awareness of different careers.” said Allie Mouw, Learning Intermediary Network Coordinator. Mouw went on to explain, “We understand sometimes it can be a little overwhelming when young people are trying to make career decisions.  We want to assist and connect students with career exploration and learning opportunities and let them have fun while doing it.”

Mechanic Camp
Tuesday, June 4, 9am–2PM
Learn basic car maintenance and repairs such as how to check your tire pressure and change a tire, how to jump start a vehicle and how to check your oil. This camp also includes hands-on learning with mechanics who will work alongside you while you perform the skills you learned about. We will also have a Q&A with a police officer to learn about road safety and what to do in certain situations. We’ll end the day with a competition using the skills learned throughout the day!
Age: Grades 8–12 (Fall 2019)
Registration Fee: $10

Robotics Camp
Wednesday & Thursday, June 12 & 13, 8am–noon
Learn basics of how to build a robot and the science behind robotics. You’ll get to test your robot and compete against other robots! We’ll also explore careers that this STEM activity links to.
Age: Grades 6–12 (Fall 2019)

 Agriculture Camp
Wednesday, June 19, 9am–2PM
Students will be exposed to a variety of agricultural industries: Ag Business, Animal Science, Plant Science, and Precision Ag. Opportunities will also include industry tours and hands-on activities.
Age: Grades 5–8 (Fall 2019)

Amazing Race of NW Iowa Industry
Wednesday, June 26, 9am–2pm
Experience this fun and creative way to introduce and explore the industries of NW IA based on the reality TV series The Amazing Race. Students will have an opportunity to approach these career clusters – health, manufacturing and agriculture – up close and hands on!
Age: Grades 9-12 (Fall 2019)

Art/Graphic Design Camp
Wednesday, July 10, 8am–noon
Enjoy hands-on activities that are made from basic household items. Students will bring home directions to recreate the artwork at home. Some examples include slime, snow and yarn art.
Age: Grades K–4 (Fall 2019)

Fitness Camp
Wednesday, July 17, 9am–noon
Learn sport skills, participate in some fun and technically challenging strength and conditioning activities and fire up that competitive edge with some games! Come full of energy and leave a better competitor and team player!
Age: Grades K–4 (Fall 2019)


For registration or for more information about the camps please visit or contact Allie Mouw at 712-324-5061, ext. 342 or email her at: NCC – Your Success is our Story!

Click here to register online.



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