NCC Conducted Commencement Ceremonies Friday, December 17

Sixty five students graduated from Northwest Iowa Community College on Friday, December 17, 2021.

A list of students who received diplomas and degrees follows:

ALTA, IAJustine N. Ryherd, Associate of Arts Degree.

ALTON, IALesley Rodriguez, Associate of Arts Degree.

ANKENY, IANatalie L. Moore, Web & Graphic Design Diploma.

ASHTON, IAKarlie E. Schoo, High School Equivalency Diploma.

BANCROFT, IACaden J. Berte, Electrical Technology Degree.

BOYDEN, IACole A. Rensink, Electrical Technology Degree.

Brittney S. Strahmann, Associate of Arts Degree; Jacob R. Zwiefel, Electrical Technology Degree.

CONVOY, OHKyle Hissong, Clerical Accounting Diploma.

DAVENPORT, IAElliott Townsend, Clerical Accounting Diploma.

DOON, IAKatie A. Keizer, Business Degree.

ELDON, IABrittney M. Fulton, Medical Coding Diploma.

GEORGE, IAJohnathon R. Schmidt, Associate of Arts Degree.

GRANVILLE, IANicholas J. Adkins, Electrical Technology Degree.

HARTLEY, IAJessica A. Greiner, Medical Coding Diploma.

HAWARDEN, IAAda A. Waterman, High School Equivalency Diploma.

HOSPERS, IA Daniel R. Ewoldt, High School Equivalency Diploma.

HULL, IAClaudia Carbajal, Business Degree; Silvestre Gonzalez Ramirez, High School Equivalency Diploma; Jordan L. Jansma, Electrical Technology Degree.

IRETON, IA Samantha J. Ten Napel, Associate of Arts Degree.

JEFFERSON, IA Amber J. Revell, Medical Coding Diploma.

LARCHWOOD, IA Isabel A. Carolan, Associate of Arts Degree.

LE MARS, IA Stephanie R. Hargens, Clerical Accounting Diploma; Devan J. Schoenewe, Electrical Technology Degree.

LUVERNE, IAAlexander E. Wilson, Electrical Technology Degree.

MAURICE, IA Brittany R. Broderick, High School Equivalency Diploma.

MERRILL, IA Colin J. Hartman, Electrical Technology Degree.

MOVILLE, IA Matthew B. Carley, Electrical Technology Degree.

OMAHA, NE Jeremiah N. Okougbo, Information Technology Specialist Diploma.

Orange City, IAMaddysen M. Caraher, High School Equivalency Diploma; David A. Dykstra, High School Equivalency Diploma; Patrick M. Muilenburg, Production Welding Diploma.

PATERSON, NJ Nathalie Pena, Clerical Accounting Diploma.

Megan E. Styers, Agriculture Degree.

Alissa M. Maxwell, Business Degree.

PRIMGHAR, IA Erin R. Kreibaum, Business Degree.

Addison R. Metzger, Associate of Arts Degree.

ROCK VALLEY, IA Nuvia J. Arroyo, High School Equivalency Diploma; Lindsay J. Koppie, Medical Coding Diploma.

Ivan A. Abonce, Electrical Technology Degree; Jamie E. Flores, High School Equivalency Diploma; Cade M. Schiphoff, Electrical Technology Degree.

Kaylie R. Chandler, Associate of Arts Degree; Nathaniel L. De Haan, Electrical Technology Degree; Grace A. Hoogers, Web & Graphic Design Degree; Andrew M. Klaassen, Information Technology Specialist Degree; Catherine M. Kooiker, Web & Graphic Design Diploma; Starla A. Lane, Web & Graphic Design Diploma; Alanah A. Steeg, Associate of Arts Degree.

SIBLEY, IAIsabelle A. Bugay, Associate of Arts Degree; Jennifer L. Chambers, Accounting Degree; Kylee K. Herrera, High School Equivalency Diploma.

SIOUX CENTER, IATara N. Raman, Associate of Arts Degree; Samuel L. Rus, High School Equivalency Diploma; Samantha J. Van Der Stoep, Associate of Arts Degree.

Jamaica Calkhoven, Associate of Arts Degree.

Jacob R. Brigham, Production Welding Diploma.

SPIRIT LAKE, IABlake J. Johnson, Electrical Technology Degree.

TEA, SD Allie L. Van Tilburg, Associate of Arts Degree.

TYLER, TXSatomi Horace, Associate of Arts Degree.

Vanessa Greco, Clerical Accounting Diploma.

URBANDALE, IA Zakk Brannen, Information Technology Specialist Diploma.

WELLMAN, IA Olivia J. Nisly, Agriculture Degree.

WITTENBERG, WITyler Giddings, Agriculture Degree.