NCC Conducted Commencement Ceremonies Friday, July 22

Ninety-four students graduated from Northwest Iowa Community College on Friday, July 22, 2022 during commencement ceremonies held in the Northwest Iowa Lifelong Learning and Recreation Center on NCC’s campus.

A list of students who received diplomas and degrees follows:

AKRON, IA Levi H. Hemmelrick, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

ALTON, IA Elliot J. Dykstra, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology Degree.

ASHTON, IA Dawson A. Dagel, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology Degree; Brandi J. Maae, Associate of Arts Degree.

AURORA, SDSarah A. Rounds, Radiologic Technology Degree.

BLOOMFIELD, IALane E. Johnson, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree; Nicholas C. Miller, Powerline Diploma.

BOYDEN, IAAustin J. Roemeling, Diesel Technology Degree.

CARROLL, IAConnor J. Peterson, Powerline Diploma.

CHEROKEE, IAWyatt J. Pingel, Production Welding Diploma.

Kyle Hissong, Accounting Degree.

DOLLIVER, IA Jordyn S. Moore, Associate of Arts Degree.

DUBUQUE, IAKyle G. Felderman, Powerline Diploma.

Alyssa R. Zylstra, Associate of Arts Degree.

FARLEY, IARicky J. Sweeney, Powerline Diploma.

FENTON, IA – Luke D. Schmidt, Powerline Diploma.

GEORGE, IA – Matthew J. Gerken, Diesel Technology Degree.

HAMLIN, IALayne D. Borkowski, Powerline Diploma.

HAWKEYE, IA – Samuel A. Freitag, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

HOSPERS, IA – Brayden M. Anderson, High School Equivalency Diploma; Thomas J. Pohlen, Diesel Technology Degree; Brayden A. Stuit, Diesel Technology Degree; Travis J. Zevenbergen, Automotive Service Diploma.

Brendon S. Harrison, High School Equivalency Diploma; Mario A. Uscanga, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology Degree; Annie J. Vanden Brink, Associate of Arts Degree; Tyler J. Van Maanen, Diesel Technology Degree; Dalton L. Westra, Engineering Design Diploma.

HUMBOLDT, IAColby C. Clarken, Powerline Diploma.

Macy A. Nicholson, Radiologic Technology Degree.

JEFFERSON, IABrady R. Stauffer, Powerline Diploma.

LE MARS, IABennett D. Campbell, Diesel Technology Degree; Kyra L. Dixson, Radiologic Technology Degree; Anna P. Groszkrueger, Radiologic Technology Degree.

LEBANON, PALeah Moyer, Clerical Accounting Diploma.

MANCHESTER, IAMason D. Gillihan, Powerline Diploma.

MARCUS, IA Karen T. Lee, Diesel Technology Degree; Conner F. Rassel, Powerline Diploma.

MASON CITY, IA Sebastian T. Brock, Powerline Diploma.

MERRILL, IAKollin R. Danielson, Powerline Diploma.MOVILLE, IA Shawn A. Archer, Powerline Diploma.

MUSCATINE, IA Quinn D. Chalupa, Powerline Diploma; Tyler S. Justus, Powerline Diploma; Hunter L. Meyer, Powerline Diploma; Crew M. Schliesman, Production Welding Diploma.

NEW HAMPTON, IA Ryan M. Pickar, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

ORANGE CITY, IABreckin D. Bomgaars, Diesel Technology Degree; Jayden E. Hiemstra, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology Degree; Treyten C. Huisman, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology Degree; Kyle J. Oolman, Diesel Technology Degree; Madisen L. Van Hove, High School Equivalency Diploma.

OSCEOLA, IA Jace D. Rodecker, Powerline Diploma.

PLYMOUTH, IA Jaxon D. Tate, Production Welding Diploma.

POCAHONTAS, IA – Colton R. Freeburg, Powerline Diploma.

REMSEN, IA – Alexis J. Cameron, Radiologic Technology Degree; Hannah K. Loutsch, Radiologic Technology Degree.

ROCK RAPIDS, IA – Dauson D. Heitritter, Design Technology Degree; Greg J. Molitor, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology Degree.

ROCK VALLEY, IA – Raquel Flores Maldonado, Radiologic Technology Degree; Mitchel F. Fuentes, Associate of Arts Degree; Brenden K. Kreykes, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Travis J. Mulder, Diesel Technology Degree. Chris J. Van Der Brink, Engineering Design Diploma.

RUTHVEN, IA Cecelia K. Hersom, Radiologic Technology Degree.

RUTLAND, IA – Jacob M. Nilles, Powerline Diploma.

SAC CITY, IA – Collin J. Hoffard, Diesel Technology Degree.

SANBORN, IA – Chase J. Siebrecht, High School Equivalency Diploma; Karter J. Van Meeteren, Powerline Diploma.

SHELDON, IA – Ross J. Bartz, Powerline Diploma; Nathaniel L. Holtrop, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology Degree; Blerta Iafoski, High School Equivalency Diploma; Cory J. Isenhower, Powerline Diploma; Jesse D. Jansma, Engineering Design Diploma; Phillip R. Klaassen, Production Welding Diploma; Starla A. Lane, Web & Graphic Design Degree; Carolyn M. Muiruri, Associate of Arts Degree; Froilan Y. Munoz-Fraire, Engineering Design Diploma; Blaze M. Nelson, Powerline Diploma; Marialy Ocampo, Associate of Arts Degree.

SIBLEY, IACarson D. Marco, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

SIOUX CENTER, IAJade R. Cade, Associate of Arts Degree; Juan D. Gomez, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology Degree; Bryce L. Scholten, Diesel Technology Degree.

Kaleb R. Maynard, Powerline Diploma; Colby J. Wilmesherr, Diesel Technology Degree.

SIOUX FALLS, SDCaitlynn P. Fedders, Associate of Arts Degree.

SIOUX RAPIDS, IA – Trent D. Anderson, Automotive & Light Duty Diesel Technology Degree.

SOLON, IA – Jesse T. Pealer, Powerline Diploma.

SPENCER, IAAshley M. Fox, Radiologic Technology Degree.

TIPTON, IA – Payten B. Elijah, Powerline Diploma.

TRAER, IA Skyler J. Staker, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

WAPELLO, IAChase T. Witte, Powerline Diploma.

Samuel T. Dolan, Powerline Diploma.

WHITING, IA – Jayden O. McFarland, Powerline Diploma.